After seeing that Su Mumu was safe and sound, Lin Ye immediately used a thunderous method to destroy the ten waves of summoned creatures produced by the summoning portal and broke the black barrier that prevented him and Su Mumu from escaping.

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The surrounding environment changed greatly.

The originally boundless darkness had turned back into the desolate city ruins, surrounded by the broken walls of high-rise buildings covered with green mosses and algae. From time to time, a small animal’s head would pop out, peeping at the commotion.

Meanwhile, Wang Machao had also descended from the sky on that huge black pterosaur.

“Lin Ye…” He said, his tone apologetic, “I’m really sorry…”

“I saw the two otherworldly creatures that created this barrier, but I couldn’t stop them and let them escape.”

“I’m too useless…”

“Brother Chao,” Lin Ye said calmly, “It’s okay.”

“First, tell me what the situation is.”

With that, Wang Machao told him the whole story. From the memory of the people who were guarding the college entrance exam, the Fallens who deliberately let the dark wave appear, to the two otherworld creatures who introduced themselves and claimed that they were Priests from the Church of Healing…

And the fact that they came to this world to observe Lin Ye and Su Mumu’s combat data.

After listening,

Lin Ye fell into deep thought.

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‘If I guessed correctly, these two should be here for the “Bionic Tear”, just like that big-breasted silent witch.’

‘Because the Tree Guardian had absorbed the Campfire Explorer’s power and suddenly evolved into a 1-Star Platinum creature that she entered the secret dungeon in Yanan Forest. After seeing the Tree Guardian and little Mumu, she decisively chose to leave.’


‘Why do these two want my battle data?’

‘Could it be because I have the Hive-like entry pass, which has the same origin as the Cursemancer?’

Lin Ye couldn’t think too much about it. The more he dug deeper, the more questions he had instead. All he could do for now was to remember this “Church of Healing” and the two high and mighty Priests.

Judging from the current situation, these two people were not enemies to him and Mumu, but they were also not allies.

They did not intend to kill him and Mumu.


For high-level existences like them, even if they were not hostile to human beings, they would indirectly kill countless people because of their ‘unintentional actions’.

For example, that Kro angel could have killed the undead creatures himself, but he had to put on an air of God and let the Holy Knights who believed in him to do themselves, causing many human Knights who could have been alive to have to sacrifice themselves unnecessarily.

This attitude…

Lin Ye didn’t like it. Not at all.

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Although Huang Shaofeng also had this kind of arrogant attitude that deserved a beating, but despite the fact that he was just a human like him, and had gone through so much that made him become the way he was now, he would not betray humanity, nor would he casually harm other people’s lives.


Lin Ye was only unhappy with his personality.

He would not list him as an enemy.

As for the two Priests from the Church of Healing and the sixth Angel from Holy Kingdom, Lin Ye had labeled them as “enemies” in the depths of his heart. He was always on guard against their every move.

Some people might call this double standards. Why can’t you treat them like Huang Shaofeng, treating the Church of Healing and the group of angels as naughty children with bad characters?

But Lin Ye didn’t care.

After all…

His position was clear.

I’m a human, and the people important to me are also humans. My human parents sacrificed their lives to protect me, and so did the Professionals in Jiang City.

That’s why I will mindlessly protect the interests of all mankind.

If one day, humans annoyed these high and mighty creatures or obtained a treasure that they drooled over, this group of proud guys would not hesitate to use all their strength to eliminate humans.

And I would unhesitatingly use my reversal Skill on them.

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Destroy all of them.

Not to mention.

The two Priests of the Church of Healing had treated him as a lab rat and conducted experiments on him without a care, almost killing tens of thousands of students and ordinary people in the college entrance examination venue.

They even put Su Mumu in a dangerous environment for their experiments, which almost killed her.

This had already touched his nerve.


‘The Church of Healing?’

‘I don’t know if you’re like the angels of the Holy Kingdom, but you also have the power to transform ordinary attacks into Skills, and yet you won’t be able to cancel my passive ability.’

As he continued to think,

Wang Machao suddenly asked, “Lin Ye.”

“What do you plan to do next?”

Lin Ye looked at Su Mumu, who was hugging his arm and clinging to him tightly with tears still on her face.

“I’m going home,” He said decisively.

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“Brother Chao, can we trouble you to give us a ride?”

Wang Machao nodded his head.

“Of course.”

“It wouldn’t be problem,” he said.

When they got home, Lin Ye helped Su Mumu to the sofa and asked Bai Zhi to take care of her, who was also quite frightened. He then went to the kitchen to make tea and cut fruits for everyone.

Shangguan Yan followed behind him and leaned against the kitchen door.

“What happened?” He asked with a serious expression.

“It’s nothing,” Lin Ye said instead. He didn’t want to answer Shangguan Yan’s question.

“It’s just that a group of otherworldly creatures came to find trouble with Su Mumu. In the end, they were discovered by Brother Chao and the others, and then they were persuaded to leave.”

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