Worldwide Simulation Era

Chapter 363: 363

Lin Qiye acted as if he was an honest and trustworthy young man.

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“Chief Zheng, you don’t want me to be a person who doesn’t keep his word, right?”

Chief Zheng: “…”

How could he not know the underlying meaning?

He’s an old fox. He could understand Lin Qiye’s intention clearly.

Wasn’t this a classic case of extortion?

Chief Zheng grumbled in his heart, but on the surface, he said very sincerely, “Mr. Lin, I’m willing to pay 50 pieces of platinum-tier weapons as a reward. Mr. Lin, please help us in advance.”

Chief Zheng extended five fingers.

Lin Qiye glanced at him.

50 pieces?

Is he trying to send a beggar away?

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Lin Qiye had an uninterested expression on his face. “I’ve said it before. I’m a person of integrity. If I promise something to someone, I must act according to the rules.”

Chief Zheng: “…”

Like hell, he’d believe Lin Qiye!

He promised the Seven Cities Alliance Army that he would use 70 million points to catch the demons for them.

And in the end, he took 10 million more from Alliance Leader Wang, an extra 5 million from the other families, and many gifts.

Lin Qiye doesn’t have integrity! He only wants more benefits!

Chief Zheng was speechless.

The other Science and Technology Association experts also had gloomy expressions, but they could only swallow it.

They were the ones asking for help now.

Chief Zheng took a deep breath. He gritted his teeth and probed, “Then how about 100 platinum-tier weapons> How about it? Can Mr. Lin agree?”

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A hundred platinum-tier weapons were already worth a billion.

If that weren’t enough, Lin Qiye would be doing daylight robbery!

Regarding this, Lin Qiye shook his head with an indifferent expression.

“Chief Zheng, this isn’t a matter of quantity. Credibility is the most important!”

“I, Lin Qiye, am an honest and trustworthy person. I keep my word, and I abide by the rules. The reason why I agreed to meet with you was out of respect for Little Baishi.

“After all, I don’t want to rashly agree to the Science and Technology Association because the demons in your association are the most troublesome. I need to rest for a few days before I can make a move.”

Lin Qiye shook his head. He looked like he wasn’t strong enough.

Chief Zheng was shocked. The experts behind him also felt their scalps go numb.

“Mr. Lin, what did you say?”

“The demons in our Science and Technology Association are the most troublesome?”

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“Could they even parasitize peak Diamond Practitioners?”

Hearing these words, Chief Zheng was also shocked.

“Mr. Lin, is it true?”

Lin Qiye nodded. “Yes. It’s very troublesome! Let me rest for a while first.”

Chief Zheng quickly said, “Mr. Lin, how about 200 platinum-tier weapons and one diamond-tier armor? I know you’re lacking armor!

“A diamond-tier armor is worth tens of millions. If it wasn’t our association, nobody else could take it out so easily!”

Lin Qiye was expressionless.

And behind him, Qi Baishi was stunned.

“Chief Zheng, don’t force me. To me, catching demons is not that easy.”

Seeing that Lin Qiye could reject 200 platinum-tier weapons and one diamond-tier armor, Chief Zheng’s heart sank.

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He knew that he had met an opponent.

Lin Qiye’s appetite was too big.

But in the current situation, even if Lin Qiye was too greedy, he could not do anything to him.

Chief Zheng looked behind him.

“Let us discuss it. What do you think?”

Lin Qiye waved his hand, indicating for them to do whatever they wanted.

And so, the group of people walked out of the villa.

Chief Zheng took out a light ball and opened the anti-eavesdropping shield.

They started a heated discussion inside.

“Should we increase the stakes?”

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