When Beauty Meets Beasts

Chapter 435: 435

Huanhuan carefully tried to peel the hide.

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There were a few times when she did not pay attention to her strength and tore the entire prey in half.

At first, she was frightened.

After a while, she got used to it.

She finally succeeded in peeling off a complete piece of bear skin. Unfortunately, there was no needle and thread. She could only wrap the entire bear skin around her body. The huge bear head hung on her shoulder, and its eyes were wide open. It looked very mighty and domineering!

Huanhuan pulled out a beast tendon and used it as a belt to tie her bear fur coat.

She did the same thing all over again and made herself a pair of leather boots.

Although she called them leather boots, she was actually just using animal hide to wrap it around her feet before tying animal tendon around her ankles.

With the bear fur coat and leather boots, Huanhuan felt much better.

She was on a snow mountain, and behind her was a very large ice cave.

Looking into the distance, all she could see was snow.

The sky was extremely bright under the snow. It hurt her eyes to look at it for too long.

Huanhuan asked, “Where are we?”

The system said, “This is the Snow Region, also known as the Extreme North.”

Huanhuan had heard of this place. She frowned and said, “Why did I come to such a remote place?”

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“The original owner of your body felt that this place was very quiet and specially chose to sleep here.”

Huanhuan asked, “Who’s the original owner of my body?”

“Her name is Yu Tian. She was once a demigod.”

Huanhuan was shocked. “A demigod?!”

“Yu Tian has been shockingly talented since she was young. When she was very young, her beast soul reached 10 stars. Back then, when the demons invaded the beast continent, the demons fought with the beasts. At the critical moment, Yu Tian burned her life force and forced her beast soul to advance to the demigod realm. She expelled the demons from the beast continent with her newfound strength. She’s a famous hero.”

At this, the system sighed. “Unfortunately, her demigod body only lasted for a day before disappearing. When the war stopped, she refused the prophet’s invitation to stay. She dragged her injured body to the Snow Region alone and started living here.

Huanhuan was very stunned.

Earlier, when she was getting dressed, she realized that she had a lot of scars.

So those scars were from the war.

She didn’t expect to occupy the body of such a powerful hero. She couldn’t help but feel a little terrified. “Is it appropriate for me to suddenly occupy her body?”

“Yu Tian’s soul has long disappeared. She made an agreement with the prophet in the past. As long as anyone can fulfill her two last wishes, they can obtain the shell she left behind.”

Huanhuan understood. So this was the reason why the system said that she had to fulfill the owner of the body’s last wish to be revived.

The system said, “Her first wish is for you to find her people and bring them back to her hometown.”

“What tribe is she from?”

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Huanhuan rubbed her ears. “What? Say that again. I must have heard wrongly!”

The system was very calm. “You heard me right. They’re the kind of dragons that can fly, breathe fire, and especially like to collect treasures. Their hometown is called Dragon Island.”


Huanhuan silently touched her face.

This was the body of a dragon!

Even a fingernail on this body would be a treasure!

The system sighed. “There were dragons on the beast continent in the past. Later, because of the laws of nature, they gradually disappeared. I don’t know how many dragons there are on the beast continent now. Perhaps there are none left.”

Huanhuan blinked. “If the dragon race is extinct, how can I fulfill Yu Tian’s last wish?”

“Yu Tian specially instructed that if the dragon race is indeed extinct, you can go to Dragon Island and sink it to the bottom of the sea. Never let outsiders enter.”

Huanhuan clicked her tongue. “They can sink an island so easily. The dragons are really willful.”

“Yu Tian’s second wish is for you to remember that you’re a male beast.”

Huanhuan was dumbfounded. “A male beast?!”

The system explained, “Yu Tian’s father was the leader of the dragon race. She was supposed to be the next leader. The leader of the dragon race can’t be a female, so she was raised as a male beast since she was young. As time passed, her understanding of her gender became obstructed. Until her death, she firmly believed that she was a male beast.”

Huanhuan almost went crazy. “Damn his gender cognitive impairment!”

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“Calm down.”

“I’m clearly a girl. Why did I suddenly become a masculine woman? Do you want me to grow a penis too?”

The system coughed lightly. “That’s not necessary. You just have to act like a male beast in front of others. Don’t let anyone recognize you as a female.”

“But aren’t beasts’ noses very sensitive? They can recognize a female or a male just by smelling them. How can I deceive them?!”

“It’s okay. You have a strong scent of male hormones. No one will be able to detect your true gender.”

Huanhuan: “…”

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She didn’t know whether to be relieved or tearful.

She said, “But I don’t have an Adam’s apple.”

The system said, “No, you have an Adam’s apple.”

Huanhuan touched her throat. She actually touched her Adam’s apple!

She casually grabbed a handful of snow and smeared it over her face to calm herself. “Why does a female have an Adam’s apple?”

“Not only do you have an Adam’s apple, but you’re also flat-chested.”


Huanhuan held her forehead. “Stop it. I want to be alone. Don’t sing ‘Mr. Lonely’.”

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The system was speechless.

Huanhuan squatted on the snow mountain and looked at the white snow in the distance. The wind whistled past her, and she felt her heart turn cold!

The system sighed. “I didn’t expect my daughter to become a son in the blink of an eye. Things are really unpredictable!”

Huanhuan was very sad. “Tell me the truth. Will I grow a beard in the future?”

“That won’t happen.”

Huanhuan was comforted. “That’s good.”

“But you’ll grow a lot of leg hair.”


Huanhuan: “…”

She suddenly had the urge to jump down and die!

Perhaps the despair on her face was too obvious, but the system couldn’t bear it and comforted her hypocritically. “You don’t have to be too pessimistic. Even if your leg hair grows out, you can shave it off. After that, you’ll be a handsome strong woman again! Back when Yu Tian was still alive, he had a large number of fangirls!”

Huanhuan slowly held her forehead. “Stop it. My heart is so tired.”

She sat in the snow and pondered for a long time. In the end, she was frozen and had to return to the ice cave to seek shelter.

She was unconvinced. “I’m a powerful dragon. Why am I so afraid of the cold?!”

The system said, “Maybe it’s because you’re old. After all, Yu Tian’s body is already thousands of years old. Coupled with the fact that he has been sleeping here for many years, his body has become much weaker. It’s normal for him to be afraid of the cold.”


Huanhuan: “…”

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