Trash of the Count’s Family

Chapter 623: Will never be seen in the world a

“Choi Han is here too! He came as if he had teleported!”

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“He suddenly showed up, nya!”

Raon was laughing out loud as he moved his wings as strongly as possible.

Unfortunately, it was still just a flutter.

Hong was jumping up and down in joy next to him.

“Everything go smoothly?”

“Yes, Cale-nim.”

Choi Han, who was standing there looking the same and wearing the same clothes he had been wearing in the other world, smiled gently back.

He had suddenly appeared looking completely the same.

Cale wondered what Choi Han and the God of Death might have chatted about but didn't ask after seeing Choi Han just smiling and not saying anything.

Instead, Cale started to look around to see where he was right now.


He was lying on a grassy field.

‘A grass bed?’

The grass he was on was much taller than the rest of the grass, tall enough to reach an adult's knee.

“Human! Do you like the grass bed? I don't like altars so I put the black orb on top of a grass bed!”

Cale started to speak.

“…I don’t see the black orb.”

“That’s right! We just saw what happened! The black orb suddenly disappeared and left you behind! You looked terrible!”

“The black orb disappeared without a trace, nya!”

“It’s gone so we can't see it nya!”

Cale ignored the ramblings of the children averaging nine-years-old and looked around.

The black orb was gone, however…

"What is this?”

He could see numerous half-transparent barriers surrounding him instead.

Black, white, gold, and red.

Four different colors were mixed together to surround Cale.

“No wonder everything looked weird.”

Raon, On, and Hong were outside those half-transparent barriers and Raon was rubbing his chubby steamed bun-like cheeks on the barrier.

Hong was moving in circles around Choi Han while smiling.

It was at that moment.

“I want to know if you are okay, nya.”

Cale lowered his head after hearing a quiet and calm voice.

On was looking at him from just outside the barrier.

Cale answered her cautious question without any hesitation.

“I'm always okay.”

On’s ears twitched and Raon started to shout with vigor.

“I knew you would say that human! Did you completely crush that test or whatever?”

“Of course.”

His calm response made the children averaging nine-years-old look at him with admiration.

“As expected of our human!”

“He’s good at crushing things, nya!”

On quietly nodded her head with a satisfied expression on her face.

Cale chuckled while looking at Hong and Raon being excited at his response and On moving to join them, before turning toward the direction of footsteps.

Ron, Beacrox, Eruhaben, Lord Sheritt, Rosalyn, Lock, Mary, etc.

His friends were all quickly approaching with happy expressions on their faces.

Cale nonchalantly commented while looking at them.

“It really is home.”

He was getting emotional.

That was why he got up from the grass bed and started to walk toward the barrier.

He wanted to greet his friends too.

Cale took a few small steps toward the barrier.

“Young master Cale!”

Rosalyn called out to him louder than ever before.

As a gentle smile was about to appear on Cale’s face…

Rosalyn shouted even louder.


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As Cale flinched…

“You’ll die if you touch the barrier!”

“…Excuse me?”

Eruhaben urgently shouted as well.

“Cale! Stop moving! Stop moving if you don’t want to die!”

‘…What the hell?’

Cale stopped and looked at the large dome barriers surrounding the grass bed.

He subconsciously made a comment.

"What the hell did you guys do?”

Raon and Hong excitedly responded back.

“The black barrier is the work of the great and mighty Raon Miru! If you touch it in the wrong way, hundreds of black arrows will attack you!”

“The white one is Sheritt-nim's, nya! You'll be squished to death by a shield if you touch Sheritt-nim’s nya!”

Cale flinched.

On calmly continued to explain.

"The gold one is Eruhaben-nim’s, nya, you’ll probably turn to dust if you touch that one, nya. The red one is big sis Rosalyn's masterpiece and you will mm, leave this world by being melted by lava if you touch that one nya.”

On then added on.

“They’re the attack spells they placed to protect you and to attack any enemies who tried to touch the black orb, nya.”

“Of course, it shouldn't harm you at all since you are inside the barrier, human! The gentle Rosalyn probably told you to stop just in case something goes wrong! You can just walk out!”

Cale stood firmly without moving.

He had no intentions of moving.

“Young master Cale, we’ll undo them right away.”

Rosalyn walked over and got rid of her red barrier.

Eruhaben and Sheritt then removed their barriers.

“You unlucky bastard. It must have been hard on you.”

“Are you okay? I'm sure the test of a god would not have been easy. Good job.”

They then saw Cale’s eyes moving toward Choi Han.

“Choi Han.”

Ron had a benign smile on his face but his gaze was vicious as he looked over Choi Han's condition from head to toe.

He then started to speak.

“Looks like you returned alive without getting hurt.”

Choi Han made eye contact with Ron without saying anything.

Ron patting Choi Han on the shoulder once before walking past him toward Cale.

“Get some rest since you're back home now.”

Of course, Choi Han started to smile after hearing those words from Ron.

But that smile quickly disappeared.


Beacrox clicked his tongue as soon as he saw Choi Han.

Alberu started to speak with a stiff expression on his face.

"What is it?”


Beacrox clicked his tongue once more before taking out a completely white handkerchief without a single blemish out of his pocket and tossing it to Choi Han.

“At least wipe your face.”

Beacrox then walked past Choi Han as well. Choi Han started to speak.

“I'm hungry.”

“…There are things for you to eat.”


Choi Han started to smile. He looked a bit more relaxed as Lock and Rosalyn then walked up.

Actually, Choi Han and Cale… Their friends were surrounding both of them as they took turns sharing their happiness.

“You have returned. I am happy.”

“Mary. I heard you were the one who stole me from the White Star.”

“Yes sir. You are correct. I grabbed you and flew away.”

Cale didn't recognize the stiff tone in Mary's voice and continued to speak.

“You’re the best. Totally amazing.”

“Yes, sir. I am the best. I am amazing.”

Cale looked around after his short conversation with Mary. He then walked over to Choi Han.

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Once everybody's gazes were focused on them… He opened his mouth to speak.

"We made it back safely.”

Cale’s heart slightly stirred with emotion as he said that.

It wasn't a bad feeling, in fact, the warm feeling made Cale smile as he looked toward Choi Han.

“Isn’t that right, Choi Han?”

“Yes, Ca-”

As Choi Han smiled and tried to respond…

“That doesn't seem to be true, young master-nim.”

They heard Ron’s extremely benign and gentle voice.

Cale flinched as Ron's voice became scarier the more benign it was.

He then looked into Ron’s eyes.


Cale curled up internally after seeing Ron’s firm gaze.

At that moment…

"Both of you are extremely skinny.”


Choi Han and me?’

Eruhaben nodded his head with a serious expression as Cale looked back and forth at Choi Han and himself.

“Yes. The unlucky bastard must have received nutrients inside the black orb somehow since he is still alive after a few months but he doesn’t look good at all. Choi Han must have been through a lot during the test as well since he is much skinnier.”

Cale turned toward Choi Han and asked.

“…Did you not eat properly?”

Choi Han answered without any hesitation after seeing the serious expression on Cale’s face.

“My weight has not changed.”

Cale looked down at his wrist as well.

“…It’s the same as before.”

It didn’t look any different.

But none of the others were listening to the two of them.

"I’ll be heading back first.”

Beacrox took out a pair of white gloves from his pocket and returned to the black castle looking ready to battle.

The others followed behind him as well.

Ron walked up to Cale as he blankly watched them leave.

“Young master-nim, his highness has asked for a video call.”

Alberu had headed back while Cale was unconscious after killing the yellow head.

He had no choice as he was busy and he had headed toward the Roan Kingdom’s palace as soon as he returned.

Cale started to speak after seeing Alberu’s face appear on top of the video communication device’s screen.

“Your highness, it’s been a while since I've seen your face.”You-

Alberu hesitated with a tired expression on his face before he started to speak again.You're eating very well as soon as you got back.

“Yes, your highness. It is delicious.

A piece of the Beacrox special steak went into Cale’s mouth.

Alberu smiled brightly while looking at Cale who was sitting with a feast in front of him.You never change.

“That is my forte. Your highness, how are things going?”


A piece of apple pie was placed on top of Cale’s steak plate as he asked.

Naturally it was from Raon.

He then started to build a cookie tower on top of Choi Han’s plate of cookies he brought out from his spatial dimension.

Alberu observed all of this and picked up a file without taking a second glance.We’ve sent a special brigade of mages and searchers to Puzzle City.

Puzzle City, the discarded city.

The place that was famous for building rock towers and breaking them down.We’ve also stationed three 1000-men brigades at the outskirts of Puzzle City.

These forces would instantly enter Puzzle City if the special brigade noticed anything weird.

"What about the residents?”Of course we created a manual for the residents in case they need to escape. We have stealthily been moving the residents who have difficulty moving to other cities.

"So that the White Star doesn’t notice?”That's right.


Alberu slammed the file down.We will chat about the details once you come to the palace.


Cale put the fork down and started to speak.

“The palace?”

‘Do I really need to go there?’

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Cale's lack of interest was visible on his face.

‘Can’t we just do it over a video call?’

Cale, who had planned on stopping by the Henituse Duchy before heading toward Puzzle City or the Eastern continent to scope out what the White Star was planning, wondered if he really had to go.

His thoughts were clearly visible on his face.

Alberu just looked toward Rosalyn who was eating with a relaxed smile on her face. Rosalyn smiled at him after noticing his gaze.

Alberu hesitated for a moment before starting to speak again.The representatives of different kingdoms are planning on having a grand assembly at the Roan Palace regarding a plan for peace throughout the continent.

‘A grand assembly?’

Cale started to think about people such as Litana and Toonka who would show up as the representatives of the Western continent.

All of them were gathering at the Roan Palace?

It must be related to the White Star and Puzzle City.

Cale casually commented.

“What about it, your highness?”Are you really going to act like it's someone else's business?

“…I guess I must be there?”Isn’t that obvious?

Alberu gently added on.Work hard a little longer and then get as much rest as you want.

Cale looked toward the crown prince.I'll let you be a slacker. Don’t worry.


Cale started to smile.

“I have faith.”


Alberu chuckled as he was reminded of Joo Ho-Shik.

‘I guess he had a decent farewell.’

He was slightly relieved after seeing the expressions on Cale and Choi Han’s faces.

Even he was disappointed to leave and he had just a short meeting with all of them. How bad would it be for those two?

He watched the two of them eat well with satisfaction.

It was at that moment.

“Your highness.”

He then heard Cale’s voice.

“Then I will head to the palace right away after stopping by the Duke’s Estate. I should be there by tomorrow morning.”…You’re visiting the Henituse family?

“Yes, your highness. It is only fitting.”

Cale looked toward Alberu after saying that.Uhh… mm.

Alberu's reaction was a bit odd.

"What is it, your highness?”…Mm.

A bright smile appeared on Alberu’s face.

It was an extremely radiant smile that reminded Cale of the radiant sun, but it seemed quite forced.Just go there first.


Then he hung up the call.

‘What is going on?’

Cale got the chills for some reason.

However, he finished up a few things at the black castle and immediately headed for the Henituse territory.


“Yes, young master-nim.”

Cale was at the city walls not too far away from the forest where he had just come from. He quietly looked at the city walls protecting Rain City, the capital of the Henituse territory.

“Were the walls of our territory always this thick and threatening?”

Ron smiled and answered him.

“They were recently upgraded. In addition, we are currently installing magic devices throughout the Henituse territory and the most magic devices are going in Rain City as the Lord’s Castle and the Duke's Estate are both here.”

He continued to speak with a satisfied expression on his face.

“That is the reason the flow of mana is unstable right now, which is why you had to teleport outside the city walls instead of directly into the castle, young master-nim.”

“I did hear about that part.”

Cale pointed at the large number of soldiers walking into the city.

“Uhh… Mm…. What is that army?”

“They are here to protect the Henituse Duchy.”

Ron benignly answered back.

And then…

“This much is to be expected for a Duchy.”

Beacrox seemed oddly proud.

Cale suddenly remembered Alberu’s overly radiant smile.

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“Young master-nim, shall we go? Everybody is waiting for you.”

Cale nodded his head and pushed the hood of his robe down.

The Duke couple and his two younger siblings.

They were enough reasons to start walking.

“Let’s go in quietly.”

He didn't like loud and chaotic situations.

He planned on quietly getting past the city gates and heading toward the Duke’s Estate.

Cale stood in line behind the people trying to enter the city and waited for his turn. It was finally his turn and he walked up to a soldier standing outside the gate.

He stepped forward leaving Ron and Beacrox behind him.

‘It should be enough if I show him my face.’

It would be quick, very quick.

The soldier should let him through as soon as he showed his face.

“Please show your Proof of Toll. What is your name and where did you-”

Cale slightly lowered his hood so that only the soldier, who had been repeating the same thing like a robot, could see his face.

The soldier’s eyes opened wide and he stopped talking.

Cale put on a gentle conversational smile as it looked as if the soldier had recognized him right now.

“I want to quietly vis-”

Cale was trying to tell the soldier what he was planning on doing.

He wanted to be let in quietly as he was secretly visiting.

However, he could not finish his sentence.


The soldier dropped the pen and papers he was holding.

“Y, y-”

He then stuttered for a bit before barely managing to speak.

“Y, y-”


As Cale asked back in confusion…

The soldier didn’t even pick up the pen and papers before lifting up both arms and starting to cheer.

“Y, young master-nim! My goodness, the young master-nim is back alive!”

Cale became anxious at this extremely intense reaction.

‘What the hell?

Why is he acting like this?!

I was just trying to enter quietly!’

Cale's shock made him subconsciously let go of the hood he was holding back to show the soldier his face.


A gust of wind blew over at that moment and pushed against the hood that it came off before Cale could do anything.

His sunset red hair became visible for everyone.

Everybody focused on the red hair that stood out.

As Cale flinched after seeing all of the gazes being focused on him…

Once silence filled the area for a moment…


The knight in charge of the city gate dropped the large spear in his hand to break the silence.

Numerous voices filled the area outside the city gate at that moment.

“Young master-nim! My goodness, our young master-nim!”

“Oh, lord! Thank you for returning our hero to our side! Thank you looooord!”

“The young master-nim, the shield young master-nim is back!”

The knight who had dropped his spear started to shout to the soldier next to him.

“Immediately head over to Interim Territory Lord Violan-nim!”

His face was full of admiration; his voice was full of joy and pride as he gave the order in a vigorous voice.

“The pride of our home, the hero of the continent has returned! Inform Violan-nim right away!”


The hero of what?’

Cale heard the invisible Raon's voice in his head while his pupils were shaking in shock.Human! They all seem so happy to see you return! Hehe!



On and Hong meowed with joy in Beacrox’s arms.

A chill that Cale did not get even when he was face to face with the sealed god swept over him.
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