Ch51 - O won’t lose to A (6) —— The Most Simplest Method

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Su An was dragged by Yuri all the way to the front of the dormitory. He was confused: “Sir?”

Yuri stood up straight, looking straight at the door in front of him, and he looked a bit silly. 

Su An: “…” Pfft.

He’s so fucking adorable.



He looks like a tiger, but in some ways, he’s like a little rabbit who jumps high when teased. As a result, Su An especially liked to tease Yuri seriously, and he was very happy to see Yuri At a loss.

Feeling bad, Su An turned to open the door. His back was slightly bent, and he turned his back on Yuri defenselessly. Yuri glanced down at him, and suddenly remembered the words of the two soldiers who he had taught a lesson once. 

“Buying a grocery with your butt sticking up like that.”


His expression remained the same, but he shifted his eyes hastily.

The always upright admiral was ashamed in his heart. Although it was not his intention to peek, he still stood behind the omega and peeped at his beautiful body, just like those inferior alphas.

Su An smiled inwardly, “System, is he peeking at me, ah?”


System: “…yes.”

Sigh, sure enough, no matter how innocent a good man is, he will become a pervert when he comes to Su An’s side.

Su An opened the door, then he looked back and smiled, “Sir, please come in.”


Yuri grabbed the omega and said in a muffled voice, “Colonel, why don’t you come to my house?” 

The two of them were neighbors, isn’t it the same wherever they go?

Su An was a little confused, “Okay.”

Admiral Yuri is a bachelor, and his home is a pretty straightforward reflection of that. The furniture is simple, the decoration is simple, and there’s no hint of attractiveness at all.

Sitting on the sofa, Su An only felt that the sofa was also hard. He looked around and looked back. Yuri took off his jacket stiffly and unbuttoned his shirt. 

The beautiful chest muscles were slowly exposed, Yuri lowered his eyes and dared not look at Su An, but he was keenly aware of the eyes of his subordinate staring at him. Those eyes were looking directly at him, circling around his chest and abdomen, making Yuri feel that the place he was looking at was hot. His face turned red, his fingers stiffened, and he buttoned the button in a panic.

The system said with pity: “In a panic, he looks like a girl who was taken advantage of.”

Su An smacked his lips regretfully.

If the admiral is compared to a beautiful leopard, his fur pattern is really gorgeous and flamboyant. He has a slender body, with a lazy atmosphere, and every inch of his skin is full of implicit strength under the fire of war. 

“Admiral, are you hot?” He asked thoughtfully, his eyes were turning. Then the admiral said in a muffled voice: “It’s okay.”

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Thinking of covering his body, Yuri stood up abruptly, “Colonel, wait a moment.”


He stepped into the bathroom.

“How cute.” Su An sighed again. 

“He has a huge chest, with a childish countenance,” the system said faintly, “How wonderful it is, host. He’s blushing, while fucking you.”

Su An blushed, “You really understand me.”

System: …acquiesce and concede.

As long as the host thinks less of these mosaic things, it also doesn’t know much of that either. 

Yuri washed his face with cold water and stood blankly in front of the mirror, not knowing what to do. Then his communication sounded, and Yu Xiu winked in front of him. He whispered, “Admiral, I brought you some meals and a few bottles of wine and put them at your door. How about that, is that good enough for you?”

Yuri breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you.”

He went out and took the things in. The food was placed on the table, it was still warm, and Yuri poured two glasses of wine, “Is the Colonel used to living here?”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Vtfc Ve’jc rwlifv ilutais: “Pa’r atf rjwf fnfgsktfgf.” 

Lf vgjcx akb uijrrfr bo klcf lc j gbk, jcv yfobgf Tegl rabqqfv tlw, j atlc ijsfg bo yiert jqqfjgfv bc Vtfc Ve’jc’r ojmf. Ktfgf kjr j rwlif lc tlr fsfr. Vfflcu atja, Tegl’r bearagfamtfv tjcv delmxis rtgjcx yjmx jr lo la kjr rmjivfv.

Forget it, take the afternoon off today, he can drink if he wants.

The system reminded: “Host, your pheromone is unstable. If you drink again, you will be in false heat.”

Su An was pleasantly surprised: “Is there such a good thing?” 

So he drinks more cheerfully.

When Yuri realized it, Shen Su’an was already dizzy.

He subconsciously felt that something was wrong, when a sweet smell came from the omega in the opposite.

The smell was a little bland at first, but quickly became stronger.  Yuri only took a few breaths, and felt a fire rising inside his body, and vaguely felt hot. 

Intuition tells him that this omega is in heat.

Yuri stumbled to his feet, hurriedly turned on his protective gear, and closed the doors and windows to prevent the omega’s pheromones from scattering.


Su An’s breath had become hot, and he only felt his internal organs were very uncomfortable as if they’re on fire. His limbs were weak, and his head felt dizzy.

The strong alpha breath in the house only made his reaction stronger. Su An was lying on the sofa, and wanted to look up at Yuri. While Yuri ran around and lost his calm. 


Terrible, is this the omega’s estrus?

Su An wanted to get up, but the moment he got up, his legs softened, and he slammed back on the sofa with a muffled sound.

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Yuri finished fixing all the doors and windows and hurried to Su An. But before he got close, the sticky omega pheromones in the air made him almost breathless. 

A lot of information flashed through his mind in an instant.

“The omega’s estrus needs alpha or beta pheromone to appease.”

“Colonel,” Yuri stopped at the edge of the living room, he clenched his fists and asked in a husky voice, “Do you need an alpha? I’ll bring him over.”

Beads of sweat dripped from Yuri’s neck. 

His voice had almost become hoarse and unpleasantly smoky.

As a powerful alpha, he was extremely sensitive to omega’s pheromones, not to mention that Shen Su An’s pheromones were so sweet, almost all to his liking.

Yuri has always known that omegas are weak and frail, and how dangerous omegas in heat represent.

Shen Su’an’s toughness made him ignore that he was also an omega. But now that he thinks about it, on the battlefield where Shen Su’an differentiated into an omega, his pheromones attracted a large number of soldiers into a manic period. 

Since he’s an omega, he needs an alpha. Yuri’s brain is confused, which alpha should he go to?

Shen Su’an stifled a grunt and forced himself to sit up, fanning his reddened cheeks with his hands.

The blood under his skin seemed to boil, and he forced himself to calm down: “Sir, can you get me some cold water?”

Yuri went to get him cold water, Shen Suan drank half of it and poured half of it on his head, but he still felt hot, and felt an itch like ants scratching him from the inside. 

His face was getting redder.

Yuri said stiffly: “Colonel Shen Su’an, who do you need to call?”


Su An was about to curse. he glanced at Yuri out of the corner of his eye, and thought to himself, are you fucking impotent? Breathing heavily, he said: “Admiral, I don’t need an alpha.”

The future light of the alliance, who has not yet adapted to the status of omega, closed his eyes. He bit his lip to the extreme, intending to force his way through it. 

Yuri’s body was tense, his face was ugly. He suddenly opened his brain, looking for the inhibitor used by an omega when they’re in heat.

Finally, he found an answer. If it’s a pseudo-estrus, then an inhibitor can be used.

Yuri took a step forward, how to determine if it was a pseudo-estrus?

The result: If the genital cavity is not opened, then it is pseudo-estrus. 

After Yuri determined that Su An was in false heat, he immediately flew to bring Su An’s inhibitor from next door. After the injection, Su An’s face flushed, and the hot breath gradually became calm.

Yuri hid in the bathroom in embarrassment. 

In the mirror, the admiral as handsome as Apollo has lost his usual calm and alienation. Yuri’s eyes turned red and looked at himself in the mirror, his expression gradually becoming complicated. The stickiness on his fingers was washed away a little by the water, but he still smelled of omega. Yuri closed his eyes, he had clearly crossed the line, which was not right.

His subordinate is an excellent omega, and there will be countless alphas and even betas to accompany him through his estrus, but none of these people should be him.

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When Yuri opened his eyes again, he had made up his mind, and his face turned cold and stiff.

Su An lay comfortably on the sofa, “…so comfortable, ah.” 

His whole body is still a little weak, but his soul is about to fly to the clouds.

His face is even hotter than before, how should he face Yuri in the future?

The two have crossed the line, and this relationship can’t be pure anymore, can it?

The sweet pheromone made Su An feel sweet in her heart. He rubbed his face, tidied himself up a little, and saw Yuri come out of the bathroom. 

Shen Su’an’s face flushed, and he coughed awkwardly in a low voice, “Sir.”

He restrained his hands on himself, but with the spring brought by passion, it was obvious what beautiful things he have gone through.


Yuri took a breath and said solemnly, “Colonel, you’re in false estrus.”

“Yes,” Shen Su’an tried his best to be as calm as usual, but his eyes were dodging, his face flushed and his sweat smells sweet, “I’m disturbing you, sir.” 

“After the omega’s false estrus, it means that the maturity period is about to come,” Yuri calmly read the information he just found, “In less than a month, you will really usher in the estrus period.”

Shen Su’an felt like he was on pins and needles, “Yes, that’s true.”

He glanced at Yuri out of the corner of his eye, with some imperceptible shyness. Yuri saw his expression clearly, his fists clenched and his face became even colder, “Colonel, I hope you can find an alpha who can mark you before the real estrus comes.”

Shen Su’an: “…” 

The man who was blushing and carefully examining him just now by his side has changed his appearance, coldly pulling away his relationship with Su An.

“There’s not much time left, Colonel,” Yuri added, “If you don’t have a suitable alpha by your side, I will do my duty to select the most suitable alpha for you.”

“You can only return to the military after you have passed the estrus period safely.”

Yuri’s attitude towards Su An suddenly cooled down, as if suddenly, the little cutie had become an aloof goddess. 

Maybe this is Yuri’s normal attitude? After all, he is a person with O anorexia.

But Su An was a little confused.

“Sir, I——” Shen Su’an stood up anxiously.

Yuri interrupted him and said lightly: “Colonel, what kind of alpha do you like?” 

Su An was silent for a while. The silent atmosphere drove people crazy, and he suddenly said calmly: “No need, Admiral. Please rest assured, I will find someone to mark me before the real estrus comes.”

Yuri pursed his lips silently, “The alpha who marks you will spend the rest of your life with you, and you can’t just deal with it. I can…”

Su An had already opened his door, and said with a distant attitude: “No need, Admiral.”

The door was closed. 

The afterglow of the setting sun entered the room and shone on the table with the messy cups and plates.

Drinks were dripping down, chairs were tripped over, and the bathroom was a mess.

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Yuri leaned against the door frame, lowered his head, and his suppressed aura spread throughout the room.

After a long while, he dialed Yu Xiu’s communication. 

Yu Xiu smiled, “How did it go, did you succeed in getting him?”

Yuri said coldly: “Send me all the marriageable alpha data of the alliance.”

“Huh?” Yu Xiu buckled his ears, “What?”

Yuri: “In an hour.” 

He hung up the communication and started to tidy up the cluttered house. However, when throwing the garbage into the trash can, it was not aligned and all the garbage fell with a crash, once again soiling the ground.

Yuri was stunned, he sat on the sofa, and the sunset hit his curved back.

There was still the smell of omega on the sofa, Yuri just stared blankly for an hour, and then Yu Xiu sent him a file.

This file is very large, and Yuri was stuck for a long time when he opened it. Yuri looked at the lagged symbol, and for a moment he had the thought of “get stuck, keep getting stuck”. 

After a while, all the marriageable lists of alphas in the alliance were presented on his light brain.

Yuri looked at each of them expressionlessly.

Those with poor physical fitness are not good, those with bad personality are not good, those with complicated family backgrounds are not good, and even less acceptable are those macho alpha.

Yuri read one and eliminated the other, but he only felt upset. Yu Xiu came to him from downstairs and found that the door was unlocked, and when he came in, he saw Yuri looking through the documents with a cold face. 

Hesitating: “What happened to you?”

Yuri’s face was ugly, as if a storm was about to come, he suddenly stood up and knocked down a file, shattering his light brain.

Yu Xiu was so frightened that he took a step back and hit the door.

Yuri looked at him gloomily, “Use my authority to conduct a higher-level alpha screening, and find the best thousand alphas in all the lists.” 

Yu Xiu stammered, and his heart almost stopped: “What, what are you going to do?”

“Find a suitable alpha for Shen Su’an,” Yuri said, “I want to find the best alpha for him.”


Shen Su’an is his most favored subordinate.

His estrus period will happen a month later, and he will definitely find the best alpha for Shen Su’an. 

That’s how it is, and it’s the easiest and most effective way.

The author has something to say:

Su An sneered: Very good, I will not accompany you

Sunnyshies: Aww, an ML with a low self-esteem, hahaha. 

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