There Is No Need To Be Obsessed

There Is No Need To Be Obsessed is a popular light novel written by Yun Yeo-eum . The story is translated to English and covers Fantasy, Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of There Is No Need To Be Obsessed and can be read for free.


I was killed again.

Then I opened my eyes as a fallen noble, Eureia Cracia.

Normally, you’d be embarrassed in a moment like this, but… I was familiar to this situation, to this world.

Because I’ve lived here and been murdered by unknown people.

“I don’t want to die again!”

Eureia, who knew this world and was a hard-working adaptable person, wanted to regain her position at the top, which was hers, and get rid of her debts.

Seven years ago, the head of the Chesire business suddenly disappeared, and her men gathered again at Eureia’s side.

“You look a lot like someone I know.”

“You seemed to pierce me like her.”

“I feel uneasy. I’m afraid the master will like him more than me.”

Eureia, surrounded by obsessed men, approached the shocking truth that killed her seven years ago.