Shen Yijia choked. She clearly didn’t expect Song Jingchen to bypass her most difficult question so easily and ask about something else.

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She scratched her head and said uncertainly, “Potatoes, I think.”

It wasn’t like this before she went to bed.

Song Jingchen didn’t know how to describe his current mood. He could only sigh at how omnipotent this demonic wife of his was.

“Did you plant it?” Song Jingchen tried his best to keep his tone calm.

Shen Yijia curled her fingers. “I think so.”

Song Jingchen took a deep breath. He was very sure that he had only been gone for half a day, not half a year.

He leaned closer and reached out to touch the withered leaves. They were indeed real, and not an illusion.

After a long time, he found his voice and asked, “Did it succeed?”

Shen Yijia said, “Maybe.”

Shen Yijia’s eyes were constantly paying attention to the change in Song Jingchen’s expressions. She realized that there was no fear in his eyes. While she heaved a sigh of relief, she wanted to tell him everything.

She was just a soul that had transmigrated from somewhere else and lived in this body.

With the spiritual liquid in her body, her physique was slightly different from others. What was there to be afraid of?

Song Jingchen seemed to have seen through her thoughts. He raised his hand and rubbed her head. The corners of his mouth curled up as he said slowly, “Don’t think too much. Keep your secret. I won’t ask about it.”

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Shen Yijia suddenly felt depressed. It turned out that her beautiful husband knew everything. However, it made sense. He was so smart that it was not difficult for him to notice her abnormality.

She muttered, “Don’t you want to know?”

Song Jingchen pursed his lips and said seriously, “At first, I was indeed quite curious and wanted you to say it. However, the more I understood, the more glad I was that you knew how to keep a secret.”

If she didn’t tell him, she probably wouldn’t reveal anything to anyone else. This was for the best. Otherwise, he was really worried that this girl would be harmed before she met him.

“Do you still want to know now?” Shen Yijia looked up into his eyes and asked.

If her beautiful husband wanted to know, she would tell him everything.

Unexpectedly, Song Jingchen shook his head. “It’s fine now.”

He knew what Shen Yijia meant. As long as he said he wanted to, she would really say it. He could also promise that he would always keep her secret and never betray her.

However, the human heart could not withstand a test, especially under the temptation. He was afraid that in the future, he would become unrecognizable in order to take revenge. He might even use everything he could to forget his promise not to reveal her secret.

If that day really came, he hoped that this silly girl would have a trump card to protect herself.

“Alright.” Shen Yijia was a little disappointed to hear that he didn’t want to.

It was like when you finally made up your mind to put down all your defenses and said, “Come, let’s be honest with each other.”

Only for the other party to wrap you up in a blanket and stop you from revealing anything.

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“Do these potatoes grow in the soil?” Song Jingchen changed the topic and asked. After asking, he realized how stupid his question was.

Shen Yijia puffed up her cheeks. “Yes, but this is my first time planting it. I don’t know if it’s grown.”

Seeing her like this, Song Jingchen pinched her cheek in amusement. “Then I’ll dig it up.”

Shen Yijia glanced at the pot of potatoes. After all, this was her first time planting them. She was looking forward to it.

Although she didn’t actually do much. She just dug up some soil and buried the things in it. Then she watered them.

But she was the one who planted it.

Therefore, as soon as Song Jingchen made this suggestion, Shen Yijia hurriedly nodded. Her sadness from before was swept away, and she looked at Song Jingchen’s actions expectantly.

Because she had just put the soil in and added a lot of water, the soil was loose. There was no need to dig at all. Song Jingchen pulled the branch of the potato and got up.

Looking at the potatoes hanging from the root, Song Jingchen was stunned on the spot. He didn’t expect this yield.

Shen Yijia also looked up at him with sparkling eyes, looking for praise.

There were about four to five potatoes in this bunch, as well as many small potatoes that were not much bigger than a thumb.

Shen Yijia guessed that this flower pot was too small. Otherwise, it would definitely grow more.

“Let’s plant more.” Shen Yijia suggested eagerly.

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After being shocked, Song Jingchen quickly calmed down. It was naturally good to be able to solve the food problem of the citizens of Xunyang City.

However, all of this was too unbelievable. If he accidentally exposed Shen Yijia and caused her to be injured, he would rather not care about the lives of those people.

He did not answer immediately. It was rare for Shen Yijia to be smart. She could tell what he was thinking and said indifferently, “It’s fine as long as no one sees us. Let’s plant some in this courtyard.”

“Then secretly transplant them into the mountains. You can bring those people to dig them up.”

She didn’t believe that Song Jingchen couldn’t think of a way to hide it. However, he was too nervous about her and wasn’t willing to take the risk of exposing her.

Song Jingchen frowned and still didn’t answer.

Shen Yijia couldn’t help but walk up to Song Jingchen and wrap her arms around his neck. “You’ll protect me, right?”

Song Jingchen lowered his head and met her eyes. Shen Yijia’s eyes were filled with trust in him.

In the end, Song Jingchen nodded and said, “Okay.”

Song Jingchen agreed, but he had no intention of letting Shen Yijia plant crops in this residence. Although there weren’t many servants in this residence, one more person meant one more source of danger.

Therefore, he told Shangguan Han that he wanted to move out the next day.

Shangguan Han was stunned. “Cousin, why are you moving out for no reason? The residence is so big. If you don’t like that courtyard, you can change it. If you don’t want those servants, you can just send them away.”

Shangguan Han was about to cry as he spoke. He was the only master in the residence.

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It wasn’t easy for them to have two more. Although they rarely ate together, something felt different.

Song Jingchen only said, “It’s not appropriate to continue living in the prince’s residence. It’s easy to be suspected.”

He was talking about his status. Shangguan Han recognized it and his shoulders slumped.

If that was the case, he really couldn’t force him to stay. If he caused his cousin to fall into danger again.

Then it would be unforgivable even if he were to die ten thousand times.

Song Jingchen moved out immediately. On the same day, he got the servants in the residence to clean up a two-in-one residence under Shangguan Han’s name.

The next morning, they moved in. Of course, Rooster, South Wind, Mo Yuan, and Furball were also with them.

When Shen Yijia left, she did not forget to take the flower pot with her.

Uncle Yang was also in Xunyang, but it was unknown where he had been sent by Song Jingchen. After the Hun army retreated, Shen Yijia didn’t see him again.

However, someone had always stayed in the residence to protect Shangguan Han.

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