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Chapter 375: Chapter 375 The Story That Should

…I looked at her standing outside the door.

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The world around me fell silent, but the space around me shrunk. Everything other than me and her expanded and contracted on their own.

I wondered if I was dreaming.

My body refused to move in shock.

This wasn’t reality.

Thinking so, I closed my eyes.

Hoping that she wouldn’t disappear and praying that I wouldn’t find myself on top of my bed, I opened my eyes.


She was standing in the same spot.

I really, really couldn’t think of anything. The huge shock seemed to have fried all my brain cells.

So I stayed still. And I just stared at the woman standing in front of me.

Suddenly, I got cold feet.

What if she was here to acquire my pills like all the other visitors? She should have forgotten about me, so did I have to treat her like a stranger?

…But at that moment,

“I told you before, didn’t I?”

An unbelievable voice flowed into my ears.

“That I would never forget.”

Her eyes shone like jewels.

She was crying.

This was the first time I was seeing her cry.

“…I told you I won’t forget.”

She sobbed.

I didn’t know what to do. I could tell tears were flowing down my cheeks. Her crying was just as shocking as her coming to find me.

Should I comfort her first? Or should I silently embrace her?

If I were to comfort her, what was I supposed to say?

If I were to embrace her, to what degree?

While I stood around hesitating like an idiot, she approached me and walked into my arms.


A short mutter escaped my lips.

Her scent tickled my nose.

Our clothes touched.

I felt like I was going to faint, but I desperately moved my arm and supported her waist.

“Kim Hajin.”

She said my name.

Yi Byul said my name.

With her hands on my chest, looking up at me like a kitten.

“I remember you.”


I smiled.

A droplet of leisure fell inside my heart.

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This person remembered me.

Now, Yi Byul would not leave me.

“Thank you. Really.”

I embraced her tightly.

She also dug into my embrace.

A smile of satisfaction bloomed on my face.

This wasn’t a dream, and I was with her.

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My smile froze.

What if the co-author suddenly appeared?

What if he said there was an error and took away her memories again?

I looked at Yi Byul who was in my arms.

She was rubbing her face on my chest. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to wipe off her tears, or if she was simply too happy.

Well, it was probably the former. The Boss I knew would die from embarrassment knowing she cried.

Ah, she just blew her nose too.


I just wanted to live in this moment.

Without worries, idle thoughts, or concerns.

In the story I finally took back, just the two of us, forever.

…But it seemed my prayers were useless.

I felt another presence approaching the cabin.

No, it couldn’t be called a presence, as it was simply a fierce shouting.


The cry of an eagle echoed out.

I looked up at the cabin ceiling while still holding onto Boss. It was a habit from when I still had the ‘Master Sharpshooter’ Gift. After all, I could see through objects with that ability.

Of course, I couldn’t see what was beyond the ceiling now, but I had an idea.


Yi Byul left my arms and stood next to me. It looked like she wanted to greet the person coming here.

Even though she was crying just a moment ago, she was now standing with dignity, like when she was Boss.

She turned her head and looked at me. I could still see traces of tears around her eyes.


I tilted my head. She let out a couple of dry coughs before speaking proudly.

“I’m the first one who came to see you. Remember that. Yep, I’m the first. The first… ufufu.”

She then made a pure smile, one that was mischievous and genuinely delighted.

With a smile, I kissed her.



When the two hugged, Jin Sahyuk furrowed her brows. As someone who hated tears and touching reunions, Jin Sahyuk hated having to see something like that.

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Of course, she had the sense of mind to not bother them. No matter how unsightly she found them to be, it was still the scene of a human triumphing over the world.

“…I didn’t even need to help.”

Jin Sahyuk muttered quietly.

Without a doubt, the existence known as ‘Kim Hajin’ had been erased from this world. No one remembered Kim Hajin, and no records of him remained. Kim Hajin had been banished to isolation.

From this point onward was Jin Sahyuk’s uncertain deduction. She guessed that, although Kim Hajin had been erased, ‘Kindspring’ inside him remained. As such, people involved with ‘Kim Chundong’ possessed the potential to remember Kim Hajin.

That was why Jin Sahyuk came here.

To let Kim Hajin know of that ‘potential’ and receive information about Kindspring.

But… by the looks of it, it seemed she didn’t need to do a thing.

Thinking about it, it was obvious. The ‘Kwang-Oh Incident’ was deeply related to Kim Chundong, so those who knew about the incident should have been able to recall Kim Hajin from Kim Chundong’s past.

Of course, denser people like Kim Suho and Shin Jonghak would never be able to remember Kim Hajin. Because they didn’t have any point of connection with Kim Chundong, although they might realize something was off and recall a tiny bit with their sharp senses, they would never be able to regain full memory of Kim Hajin.

“…What an unstable world.”

Jin Sahyuk sighed with a hint of self-deprecation.

How could a ‘world’ be so full of loopholes? And how pitiful was it that she was an existence in such a world?

—What are you going to do from now on?

At that moment, a voice rose from Jin Sahyuk’s heart. It was one filled with resentment and coldness.

“Mm, that’s what I wanted to ask him. And also what happened to Kindspring and what will happen to my world?”

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Jin Sahyuk closed her eyes and looked into her inner mind. Inside a room decorated with care, the frozen Puharen was staring at her.

“After all, he’s the one who created this world.”

—Then why aren’t you asking him?

Puharen learned how to talk. But that didn’t mean he was completely healed. And it certainly didn’t mean he forgave Jin Sahyuk. If anything, it meant he was now able to attack Jin Sahyuk more directly.

“…I thought he was abandoned by this world, but it turns out there’s someone in an even worse situation.”

Jin Sahyuk smirked.

As one could see, although the world might have abandoned Kim Hajin, its people remembered him.

With this, Kim Hajin should be able to live a calm, peaceful life.

But that wasn’t the case for Kindspring.

Kindspring was born on this Earth without parents and lived a life of solitude before being transported to Akatrina.

Although the deep darkness inside him was partially rooted out while he served Prihi as his lord, in the end, even Prihi had abandoned him.

He had been abandoned in two different worlds.

And he disappeared without being remembered by anyone.

Jin Sahyuk couldn’t accept that.

As such, so that his name could be remembered forever as her most loyal servant, she planned to erect a statue of him after reconstructing her kingdom. And along with her name, she planned to inscribe his name onto the first page of Akatrina’s history book.

No. Before that, Jin Sahyuk believed Kindspring was alive. She believed that she would have a miraculous reunion once she returned to Akatrina.

“Alright, let’s go back home.”

—…Are you really trying to go back there?

Puharen asked.

—You will die if you do. You know what’s in that place.

“I won’t die.”

Jin Sahyuk retorted lightly and opened her eyes.

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Puharen’s cold voice came back.

—But I will kill you.

“…It doesn’t matter. If I was going to die by your hands, I wouldn’t have made it here in the first place.”

—And that’s okay with you? Don’t you have lingering regrets in this world?

Jin Sahyuk flinched.

Puharen was right about that.

“Lingering regrets, you say….”

That was an emotion Jin Sahyuk didn’t want to admit to. But she couldn’t trick Puharen. If Puharen said it existed, it must. After all, he could search her inner mind to his desire.

“I’ll deal with it. In my heart, there isn’t a regret bigger than Plerion.”

With a grin, Jin Sahyuk grasped the Dimension Stone.

Puharen spoke once again.

—Then what is Bell doing? Is he in Akatrina?

“No. Bell… is doing something to try to get back to his world.”


He made Jin Sahyuk speechless every time she thought about him.

He had used Baal to revive the world Baal destroyed. Jin Sahyuk wasn’t sure if he had planned for it to happen or if things just turned out that way, but given how clever and scheming he was, she believed it was the former.

“But Puharen, you found out about Bell already?”

—Yep. I will reach the deepest part of your mind soon.

“That might be a bit dangerous.”

—Dangerous? I told you. I will kill you.


Just as a portal was created next to Jin Sahyuk…

A red-haired woman appeared from the wavering portal. It was Shimurin, who promised to be Jin Sahyuk’s supporter.

Woong— Woong— Shimurin waved a staff she purchased from the market.

“Are you ready?”

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Jin Sahyuk nodded her head before handing the Dimension Stone to Shimurin.

The Dimension Stone she got from Baal was extremely unstable. It could transport only one person to Akatrina, so Shimurin’s help was vital.

“Alright… Jin Sahyuk.”

Before using the Dimension Stone to produce a [Dimension Portal], Shimurin asked once again.

“Are you sure you won’t regret it? If you leave, you won’t be able to come back.”

“No need to ask again.”

Jin Sahyuk raised her eyebrows imposingly.

“I am a king. No one can stop a king from making her return.”


Shimurin shrugged and activated her dimensional travel grand magic.

The mystical stone fused with her magic power, emitting a purple glow. Then, it shook violently before scattering into dust. The tiny specks of the stone rose into the air with Shimurin’s magic power.


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The stone and magic power formed an oval shape wavering with purple light.

Shimurin grinned.

“Now then, King, move your baggage through first.”

“Getting a bit cheeky there with your tone.”

“Didn’t I tell you? That a grand magician has the same rank as a king.”


‘Would it kill you to treat me with more respect?’

Jin Sahyuk clicked her tongue grumpily. Then, she threw in eight magic bags filled with food, robots, weapons, armors, and other daily necessities.

“Then should we go in too?”

Shimurin spoke as she looked into the portal.

The portal still had enough energy. Even after moving so much baggage, it could still carry two people over. Shimurin smiled in satisfaction from her perfect calculation.

“Yes. Let’s go, Shimurin. To Akatrina.”

Just like that, Jin Sahyuk was about to step into the portal.



Jin Sahyuk paused sensing a sudden presence. They really appeared out of nowhere.

Shimurin and Jin Sahyuk stopped and stared towards the cabin.


An eagle was circling the sky above Kim Hajin’s cabin. It was almost as if it knew Kim Hajin was there. And many people were walking up the Alps’ mountain path.

Jin Sahyuk’s shoulders trembled.

Jin Sahyuk was well acquainted with most of them. Despite not liking them, they had been through thick and thin with her. To put it more grandly, they were heroes who fought against the world and triumphed.


Jin Sahyuk chuckled as she stared at them. Yet, she didn’t leave any words behind for them.

But a single whiff of wind blew and shook the Alps’ grassy field.


The northern wind swept away the things that were there previously.

Silence descended in an instant.

The portal wavering with purple light and the woman delicately smiling in front of it both disappeared. Only the footsteps left on the grassy field served as evidence that they existed.

However, it wasn’t lonely on the grassy field.


With a deep breath, more footsteps were soon inscribed.

These footsteps had a clear goal. Their owners had remembered the person they had forgotten about and were here in search of that person.

“Let’s go. There’s no need for us to make a big deal out of it.

A voice rang out, seemingly filled with pleasant nervousness.

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The wind seemed to carry a blue hue, and a beautiful sunset was cast over the sky.

Next up… was a reunion with someone they had forgotten about.

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