The colonel frowned. “Miss Miao Yin can’t leave. During this period, she can’t step out of Yuqiong Pavilion.”

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Jing Yun gritted his teeth and said, “Everyone is waiting to see what will happen to Miss Miao Yin now. No one will come to ask her for help.”

Today’s Yuqiong Pavilion was in stark contrast to yesterday’s.

Jing Mu said calmly, “If you’re worried, you can come with us. It’s only a few days before the second of April. At that time, everyone will know the truth. I hope everyone will come to the prayer meeting to pray for your family.”

After saying that, Jing Mu extended his hand towards her. “Miss Miao Yin, please.”

The colonel reached out to stop her. “Miss Miao Yin, why are you wearing a black gauze veil? Please take it off.”

She was covered from head to toe in black gauze. Was there something she needed to cover? Was she starting to decay now?

The colonel’s words made everyone nervous. Everyone had the same thought.

Jing Mu frowned. Jing Yun clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “You’re too much.”

Miao Yin raised her hand. “Master Jing Yun, don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Miao Yin’s eyes were filled with hatred. She swallowed the dried flowers in her mouth before slowly taking off the veil.

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Her delicate and beautiful face was revealed to everyone. Her snow-white skin was like beautiful jade, without any flaws. Her pair of eyes that seemed to be able to steal souls were cold. Her red lips were pursed tightly. Without a smile, she was filled with coldness that scared everyone off from approaching her.

She was still as beautiful as ever. Her coldness and nobility were like a flower in the mountains, and the colonel could not take his eyes off her.

Jing Yun sneered. “Can you let Miss Miao Yin come with us now?”

Jing Mu extended his hand. “Miss Miao Yin, please.”

She smiled. At this moment, she still had the looks of a goddess.

Miao Yin placed a fair hand in Jing Mu’s palm. Jing Mu held Miao Yin’s hand devoutly and slowly walked towards the carriage.

After Miao Yin got into the carriage, Jing Mu and Jing Yun sat outside. “Let’s go back.”

The colonel immediately followed with a group of soldiers.

Guarding Miao Yin was the mission given to them by the General. No matter whether Miao Yin had changed or not, they could not disobey the order.

When Miao Yin left Yuqiong Pavilion, everyone was curious. When the women watching from the window saw Miao Yin’s beautiful face, they were green with jealousy.

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The bawd was also a little regretful. If Miao Yin turned out to be fine this time, she would have lost a chance to befriend the goddess.

After Miao Yin got into the carriage, she put the gauze veil back on. She opened her mouth and could smell a faint stench. Her expression turned sinister. She had worked hard to get to this point. How could she let all her efforts go to waste?

The Cloud Breaking Sect was the number one sect in the Mystic World. They would definitely have a way. Miao Yin clenched her fists tightly, and a trace of ruthlessness flashed across her eyes.

She took out a handful of fragrant dried flowers and put them all in her mouth to suppress the stench coming out due to her decaying internal organs.

The carriage soon arrived at a small house. Jing Yun and Jing Mu jumped out of the carriage. Jing Yun said, “Miss Miao Yin, we’ve arrived.”

Miao Yin slowly got out of the carriage.

Through the black veil, she looked at the house. “Thank you for taking me in. I’m very grateful.”

Jing Yun smiled. “Miss Miao Yin has a divine voice. It’s the cleanest voice in the world. Those people will definitely regret it.”

Miao Yin smiled. “Master Jing Yun, you flatter me. If you don’t mind, I’m willing to sing two songs for you every day.”

Jing Yun quickly waved his hand. “Of course, we don’t. We’re more than happy to hear your voice.”

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Jing Mu couldn’t help but say, “Miss Miao Yin, you don’t have to do that. We offered you a hand because we believe in you.”

Miao Yin smiled. “I’m not forced. I’m sincerely willing to sing songs for you.”

Jing Yun said, “Jing Mu, Miss Miao Yin is kind-hearted. We have to respect her choice.”

Miao Yin’s voice was gentle. “Master Jing Yun, you are my soulmate.”

Jing Yun looked at Miao Yin. Although he could not see Miao Yin’s expression because of the black veil, he blushed. He was very lucky to be able to become the goddess’s soulmate.

Jing Mu smiled. “Miss Miao Yin, please come in.”

Miao Yin slowly walked into the house. Jing Mu and Jing Yun followed behind her. Jing Yun turned around and looked at the soldiers coldly before closing the door.

The soldiers immediately surrounded the house. Their mission was only to keep an eye on Miao Yin. As long as she did not come out after entering and stop others from entering to look for her, their mission would be considered successful.

Jing Mu and Jing Yun entered a small courtyard and gave the best room to Miao Yin.

The room was very clean and well-decorated. There were Daoist scriptures on the bookshelves, and a faint incense was burning.

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Jing Yun said, “Miss Miao Yin, you can stay here. There will be servants bringing you three meals a day. If you need anything, feel free to tell me.”

Miao Yin shook her head. “Thank you, Masters. I don’t need anything else. I will never forget your kindness.”

Jing Mu pulled Jing Yun. “It’s getting late. Miss Miao Yin, rest early and well.”

Jing Mu and Jing Yun left. It was already late, so it was not the right time to talk.

When they left, they closed the door.

Miao Yin sat quietly for a while before taking off her veil. She stood up and walked towards the mirror to examine her face.

She was relieved to see that there were no signs of decaying yet.

The thick stench in her mouth made her break down. The bloody sins were coming back to her, corroding her internal organs bit by bit and making her slowly rot.

She was still beautiful and had fair skin, but her organs had already started to decay. One day, this skin would not be able to hold back the stench from coming out. At that time, everyone would know that she was evil. Liu Sanniang’s prediction about her would all come true.

At this rate of decay, she would not be able to last until the second of April. What would happen if Jing Mu and Jing Yun found out the truth before that? She would definitely be kicked out.

So, she must wait. She must hold on until the second of April. Miao Yin took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror. Her red lips moved as she said to herself in the mirror, “I’ll definitely win in the end.”

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