After the pain, there came ecstasy.

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“Ahhh, my hand is fine again. It’s growing back.”

“So is my foot. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

When the night fell, Liu Sanniang and Chu Yan returned to the city silently. These beggars were different from the people in the city. What they wanted from Miao Yin was only to eliminate the pain from their bodies.

They had no families. The only thing they could lose was their life. Therefore, after a short period of comfort, they would be in eternal pain.

Chu Yan held her hand and said gently, “Sanniang, you did a great job.”

Liu Sanniang pretended to be calm. “Thanks.”

On the surface, she was still calm, but in her heart, she was screaming crazily.

The sapling in her heart seemed to have been nourished by the rain and began to grow crazily.

Yuqiong Pavilion was already heavily guarded and no one could enter or leave the place.

People discussed the topic hotly among themselves. Not long after the news that Miao Yin was a goddess spread, it was debunked. Everyone was waiting for the second of April to arrive.

The bawd in Yuqiong Pavilion felt troubled. There was nothing she could do now. The girls in the brothel were all clamoring to chase Miao Yin out. They did not want to live with a monster. If she really decayed one day, it would be terrifying.

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The bawd knocked on the door gently. “Miao Yin, are you resting? If not, I have something to tell you.”

Miao Yin was wearing a black gauze dress and a long gauze hat that covered her from head to toe. Her voice was a little hoarse. “Come in.”

Under her sleeve, her slender fingers were clenched tightly. She kept muttering to herself. “Why did Liu Sanniang ruin my plan? Why didn’t she just die?”

These people were all a bunch of brainless idiots. They were the ones who were lustful and greedy, but they ended up blaming her. She had never said that the price was money. They said so themselves.

When the door opened, the bawd felt a strong fragrance of flowers. She waved her handkerchief and looked at Miao Yin, who was wearing a black dress and a gauze hat to cover herself from head to toe. The bawd panicked a little. Did something really happen to her? Otherwise, why did she wrap herself up like that?

Miao Yin asked coldly. “Why don’t you come closer?”

Though the gauze hat blurred her vision, she could only see a figure standing not far away. She knew why the bawd didn’t dare to approach without needing to think.

The bawd mustered her courage and walked in. “Miao Yin, don’t take what those people said to heart.”

Miao Yin sneered. “I can’t be bothered to care about them. Do you?”

The bawd hesitated for a moment and shook her head. “Of course not. It’s just that Minister Wei is too much. He has mobilized the soldiers to surround Yuqiong Pavilion layer by layer. Don’t you think that’s unnecessary?”

Now, everyone was terrified. It was impossible for anyone to come to ask Miao Yin for help.

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It was hard to imagine that last night, Yuqiong Pavilion was still packed with people. They were all here for Miao Yin. They called her a goddess and were intoxicated by her voice. However, in just a day, they changed and avoided her like she was a plague.

People were fickle-minded. They would change their mind faster than flipping a book. Perhaps one second, they would be in love, and the next, they would fall apart.

However, the bawd couldn’t help but wonder if Miao Yin’s beautiful face had already started to decay. Otherwise, what was the point of bundling herself up like that?

Miao Yin stood up. “I understand. Since you can’t keep me here, I’ll leave.”

She walked out with the bawd following behind. “Miao Yin, where are you going? I have a house. Why don’t you stay there?”

The Third Prince had instructed her to protect Miao Yin no matter what.

The bawd did not dare to disobey the Third Prince.

Miao Yin did not speak. Instead, she walked out. Others might suspect her, but two people would definitely not. They would believe her and always support her.

It was about time for these two people to come forward. She would meet them when she went down.

Miao Yin ignored the bawd, who was shouting nervously. “Miao Yin, I’m doing this for your own good.”

Miao Yin slowly went downstairs. There was no one in sight, but she knew that everyone in Yuqiong Pavilion was watching her in the dark. They wanted to know if she had started to show signs of decaying.

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Before Miao Yin left, she heard people arguing outside.

“What a joke. Miss Miao Yin is a rare chosen one. Her divine voice can save people. How can she harm anyone? Move aside and let us in.”

“I don’t care what you say. I’ll always believe Miss Miao Yin. Her voice can’t lie. How can you ignorant mortals know what it means to have a divine voice?” Jing Yun said angrily.

Jing Mu did not speak, but his expression was cold. It was obvious that he was very displeased.

The colonel guarding Yuqiong Pavilion was Fu Gui’s subordinate. He argued with Jing Yun hotly. “If our general says she’s evil, then she is. Enough of this nonsense. No one is allowed to enter Yuqiong Pavilion.”

Jing Yun was furious. “Who is your general?”

“Our general is General Fu,” the colonel replied coldly.

Jing Yun said, “Didn’t Miss Miao Yin cure your general’s arm? How can he repay kindness with ingratitude?”

With a creak, the door opened and the beautiful figure dressed in a black dress appeared.

Jing Yun immediately shouted. “Miss Miao Yin.”

Jing Mu looked at Miao Yin and his expression softened. “Miss Miao Yin.”

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“Masters, currently, everyone is pointing a finger at me and wrongly accusing me. You shouldn’t come to look for me.”

In Jing Mu and Jing Yun’s ears, her voice was still beautiful and divine.

Jing Yun said, “Miss Miao Yin, how are you?”

Miao Yin’s voice trembled slightly. “Thank you for your concern, Master Jing Yun. I’m fine.”

Jing Yun and Jing Mu could tell that Miao Yin was sad. Jing Yun looked at the bawd behind Miao Yin and thought that Miao Yin was leaving. His heart ached. “Miss Miao Yin, are you going out?”

Miao Yin paused and stammered. “I…”

Her unfinished sentence contained countless grievances.

Jing Yun gritted his teeth and pointed at the colonel, then at the bawd. Although he did not speak, everyone could tell that he was very angry.

Jing Mu said calmly, “Miss Miao Yin, I would like to discuss the prayer meeting on the second of April with you. If you don’t mind, you can stay temporarily at our residence.”

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