Wei Zhigao and Wei Zhicheng couldn’t help but say worriedly, “Mother.”

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Mrs. Wei raised her hand slightly. “I’m fine.”

She shouldn’t have had this pair of legs in the first place. She was being too greedy and hoped too much.

It was only normal to return what didn’t belong to her.

Her legs gradually became numb. They turned into two pieces of wood that were attached to her body and would never move, and the muscles on them atrophied too.

After all, she had been paralyzed for many years. Even though there were servants massaging her every day and taking good care of her, her legs were still shrinking day by day. If not for the fact that she was well off, she couldn’t have survived until now.

She was loved and doted upon by her husband despite having a pair of crippled legs. How could she possibly ask him to give up his life so that she could walk again?

Liu Sanniang opened her palm and revealed a soul. Mrs. Wei’s eyes blurred from tears as she called out softly. “Husband.”

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao looked at the soul in disbelief. Why did this soul look so much like their father?

Liu Sanniang extracted the bloody sin from Wei Nanxie’s soul. His soul was in extreme pain, but soon, a drop of black blood was separated from it. This drop of black blood disgusted people and made them want to stay away from it. No one wanted to touch it.

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Mrs. Wei was in disbelief. This was extracted from her husband’s soul. She asked in a trembling voice. “What… what is this?”

Liu Sanniang replied calmly. “A bloody sin.”

Mrs. Wei grabbed her chest tightly.

What Goddess? She was clearly a demon covered in sins.

Liu Sanniang flicked her finger and the black blood disappeared. She returned Wei Nanxi’s soul back to him. Mrs. Wei turned to look nervously at the person on the bed.

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao watched intently as well. They had personally examined the corpse. It showed no signs of life. Would he really come back to life?

Liu Sanniang explained to them. “Life and death are irreversible, but that’s not the case for the commander. His life was taken away by force, so there will be a chance of survival for him. This chance of survival was in the hands of Mrs. Wei.”

People changed easily. Perhaps Mrs. Wei did not want the life of the person she loved the most in the beginning, but after standing up again, she was tempted and changed her mind. Would she choose her legs or loved one?

Clearly, Mrs. Wei chose her loved one.

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Wei Nanxi’s chest began to heave. He slowly opened his eyes and said with a puzzled look, “What’s going on? Why am I still alive?”

He raised his hands with difficulty and frowned at the shroud he was wearing.

Mrs. Wei threw herself beside him and cried. “You knew it already. You knew it already.”

Her doubts were true. He had known that he would die for her recovery, but he did not say it. He was using his life to help her.

Wei Nanxi sighed. “Your legs.”

Wei Nanxi looked at her useless limbs. The legs that had recovered were stiff and motionless again. He felt terrible and even a little angry. “Who did it?”

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao were puzzled. “Dad, what’s wrong?”

Why did they feel that their father was not happy at all to have come back to life?

Liu Sanniang didn’t understand either. “This is your wife’s choice.”

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Wei Nanxi looked at Liu Sanniang. “Miss, what do you know? My wife was paralyzed because of me. All these years, she had been tortured. I finally found a way to help her. Why did you stop me? This is my own choice. Why did you ruin my plan?”

Mrs. Wei cried. “Husband, don’t blame Miss Liu. Without you, how long do you think I can live? Once you are gone, my heart will die and I won’t have long to live.”

Wei Nanxi looked at his wife whose face was dripping with tears. He reached out to touch his wife’s old face and said with resignation, “I won’t just be gone. I’ll continue to stay by yourself but in a different way. Why are you so stupid?”

Mrs. Wei cried out loud. “You are the stupid one.”

Wei Zhicheng and Wei Zhigao choked. Their wives were sobbing. They had always known that their father-in-law loved their mother-in-law, but they did not know that he loved her to such an extent.

It was normal for men to have concubines, but as a woman, who would want their husband to have other women? This kind of monogamous companionship was what many women dreamed of. When their husbands took in one concubine after another, they could only hold back the grudge and continue to live with a broken heart.

Liu Sanniang felt Chu Yan squeeze her palm. She smiled at him and the two of them left the Commander’s mansion silently. She wanted to return all the sins Miao Yin spread out, back to her.

After Wei Nanxi came back to life, the mourning hall was closed.

The outsiders were all puzzled. Wasn’t he dead? How did he suddenly come back to life? However, the door of the commander’s mansion was tightly shut. No one was allowed in or allowed out.

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The faster Shen Yin could save people, the faster she could kill people.

At the same time, people began to look forward to the second day of April. Would Miao Yin really start to decay?

She was so beautiful and her voice was so heavenly. If she decayed, what would she become?

No one dared to imagine it.

When Liu Sanniang and Chu Yan arrived outside the city gate, they saw the beggars leaning against the city wall, wailing in pain. After being cured by Miao Yin, they all had paid a hefty price. Some lost their legs and some arms.

They were beggars. They had nothing to lose except their life. An incomplete body meant that their life would be even more miserable. They stretched out their hands into the air, as if they were looking forward to something.

Liu Sanniang watched quietly and thought that they were probably expecting the goddess to come again and save them.

If she didn’t interfere, Miao Yin would definitely take action. She would soothe all their pain, but at the same time, she would take their lives.

When they had nothing left to pay, what they had to give in exchange would be their lives.

Liu Sanniang released her power and forcefully extracted the bloody sins out of these people. They rolled on the ground in pain and hit the wall with their heads. Countless drops of black blood flew out of their bodies and flew in one direction before finally disappearing.

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