The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 446: 446

On the 26th of January, Xu Tui was administered with the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir. Both the preparations before the injection and the various tests after the injection consumed a large amount of his mind power. His mind power had almost dropped to 10%.

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Therefore, no matter how anxious Xu Tui was, he had to sleep soundly and recover his mind power. Fortunately, Instructor Lu Kang had called Xu Tui and asked him to focus on improving himself. He would give Xu Tui additional lessons regarding the actual training on Mars.

However, he had to participate in the class on the morning of January 28. He also had to participate in the training of the team on January 28. This was because this concerned the difficulty of surviving on Mars.

Choosing a teammate was very important!

Therefore, Xu Tui only had one day to support himself.

On the 27th, Xu Tui had to complete the second injection of the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir. He had also thought about whether he should wait until he returned from Mars before injecting the bottle of elixir.

However, Instructor Lu Kang’s words reminded Xu Tui.

As long as it was not limited by the conditions, he should inject the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir as soon as possible to improve himself. If he could increase his strength in the extra-terrestrial, he would do so as soon as possible.

Don’t hold it in. He had to be careful that he would not have a chance to improve if he held it in too much.

In the morning, Xu Tui, who had slept for nine hours, noticed an unread message on his communication device.

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It was from Luo Murong.

“Yan Lie wants to be my teammate?”

This made Xu Tui’s heart skip a beat. Could first-year students form teams of different ages during actual training? Since Yan Lie asked, it should be possible. However, Xu Tui still did not know the specific mission content of the Mars training. He did not know the requirements for the formation of the team or the mission goal.

Xu Tui could not make a decision immediately. He first thanked Luo Murong.

Then, Xu Tui sent a message to Yan Lie. “I have something on today so I didn’t get to understand about forming a team.

“If you can wait, I can give you an answer tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll wait!”

Yan Lie’s reply was concise. His personality was almost the same as the cultivation direction he chose. He said little and went straight to the point.

Yan Lie did not think too much about it. If Xu Tui was willing, they would form a team and act together. If that did not work, he would continue to be a lone wolf. In any case, he had been alone for two years.

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After breakfast, Xu Tui thought about it several times and finally made up his mind. In any case, he had already done CPR. He was really doing CPR with the mentality of saving someone. He did not have to feel guilty because he was nervous.

Saving people with CPR was very normal!

Therefore, Xu Tui confidently called An Xiaoxue.

“Miss An, I have a few important questions that I want to discuss with you.”

As Xu Tui had expected, An Xiaoxue agreed to let him go to her dormitory. It had to be said that a girl’s dormitory was indeed different from a boy’s dormitory. Although it was only nine square meters, An Xiaoxue’s dormitory had a faint sweet fragrance.

The moment he entered, Xu Tui remembered the smell of CPR yesterday.

Xu Tui rejoiced under An Xiaoxue’s burning gaze. Fortunately, he also had a mind power domain. Now, An Xiaoxue could no longer see through his thoughts. Otherwise, a tragedy would really happen today.

Xu Tui’s heart raced when he thought about the smell of CPR.

“You scammer! You enjoyed it. Now,you have a guilty conscience, and your heart is beating faster. You caused me to become a dog. I’ll find an opportunity to plead with Xiaoxue!” Ah Huang’s depressed voice sounded.

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An Xiaoxue’s orders were carried out extremely thoroughly by Ah Huang, who had the highest authority. It had become a pendant dog the size of an egg. It was transformed from a simulated mechanical reconnaissance dog. It could only be hung at Xu Tui’s waist and could not move by itself.

“Which genetic ability chain should I use the second bottle of Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir on? I have to be careful about this!”

“Many geniuses only have one chance to be injected with the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir in their lives. Occasionally, there would be extremely lucky geniuses who would be injected twice. That was already their limit. You have to choose carefully for your second injection.”

After knowing Xu Tui’s intentions, An Xiaoxue focused on helping Xu Tui understand the situation. She did not feel as awkward as yesterday.

“Do you think that strengthening the three genetic ability chains of Time Distortion, the Mountain Formula, and Spiritual Radiation is more useful and enhanced?”

An Xiaoxue roughly understood what Xu Tui meant after she communicated with him.

“It seems that what you want to strengthen and mutate the most is the Time Distortion ability,” An Xiaoxue asked.

Xu Tui nodded.

“Then have you thought about the enhancement possibility of the genetic ability chain after being injected with the Origin Enhancement Targeted Mutation Elixir?”

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“Enhancement possibilities?”

“Yes, the Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir doesn’t give you a powerful ability out of thin air. On the basis of your original ability, you can strengthen or derive an ability with a new characteristic. Your mental hammer is like that.

“However, no matter how many changes there were, it would not deviate far from the source. No matter how mutated it is, it can’t do without the essence of the genetic ability chain,” An Xiaoxue said.

Suddenly, Xu Tui understood.

“Miss An, you don’t recommend me to mutate the Time Distortion ability?”

“That’s right. The benefits are too low. The greatest possibility of strengthening and mutating the genetic ability chain of reaction speed is to increase your reaction speed and overall reaction speed again, increasing the duration of your Time Distortion.”

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