Nan Wan said, “Three is enough, right?”

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Shi Xi paused. She really didn’t expect Nan Wan to say such a thing.

Bai Cangyang pondered and said, “I think at least five is needed, right? Are four colors enough?”

“It is impossible to construct five or more two-connected areas in a two-dimensional plane, so five colors are enough,” Professor Qiao said. “Predecessors used computers to prove the four-color theorem, but there is no simpler written proof. If I can prove this, maybe I can try to compete for the Fields Prize next year.”

Nan Wan asked in a daze, “What prize?”

“The Fields Prize is equivalent to the Nobel Prize in Mathematics,” Professor Qiao said.

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“Then why don’t you compete for the Nobel Prize in Mathematics?” Nan Wan thought she was humorous. “Is it because you don’t want to?”

Shi Xi scooped up a few balls for herself and the corners of her mouth twitched. “It’s because the Nobel Prize in Mathematics didn’t exist.”

Nan Wan: ??!

Chang Qiwen changed the topic and said, “Nan Wan’s hot pot dipping sauce is really delicious!”

Nan Wan forced a smile. “This is my exclusive recipe!”

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Professor Qiao said, “It’s just some soy sauce, millet pepper, vinegar, sesame paste, sesame oil, and oil consumption. It’s not considered a secret recipe.”

Nan Wan: “…”

Gao Tingyu asked, “Professor Qiao studied so well and even got double doctorates. How did you do it? Do you have any experience?”

Professor Qiao: “Probably because my talent is amazing.”

Everyone: “…”

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Bai Cangyang: “I remember there’s coconut milk in the kitchen. Which one of you wants to drink it?”

Everyone raised their hands.

With Chang Qiwen and Bai Cangyang changing the topic from time to time, this hot pot meal was still quite enjoyable.

Of course, some people were eating very angrily.

Nan Wan had been observing Shi Xi the whole time. Seeing that she did not have any reaction, her brows furrowed tightly.

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Could it be that Shi Xi was not allergic to seafood?!

Or could it be that the amount was too small and did not cause Shi Xi’s allergic reaction at all?

Regardless of the situation, Nan Wan was not convinced.

She looked at the shrimp on the table that was slippery and secretly picked it up, preparing to enter the hotpot.

“Wait, let’s put the shrimp in at the end,” Bai Cangyang said. “I remember that Teacher Shi Xi is allergic to seafood. We’ll put the shrimp at the end.”


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