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She had too many merits and was as dazzling as a pearl.

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He just wanted to hold her in his hands and monopolize her himself. Of course, he knew that this was just wishful thinking because she deserved a wider world and more prosperous scenery.

So if he could only choose one, wasn’t it obvious?

As long as she stood here, she would win. Why waste any more effort?

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue’s eyes flickered. She had to admit that it was always easier for this man to move her heart when he said such things.

“Cough!” Shangguan Jing, who had been ignored, coughed hard. He vaguely began to feel that he had made a mistake in coming along.

The two of them had clearly not done anything. They only looked at each other a few times and talked to each other.

Him putting his arm around her waist was even the most intimate action between the two of them in a while. He was really restrained and polite.

However, Shangguan Jing still felt that among them, he was very, very unnecessary. What a miscalculation!

Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue looked over.

At the same time, Rong Xiu’s fingertips gently rubbed her lower back twice before he tactfully retracted his hand.

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Chu Liuyue: “…”

She gave Rong Xiu a warning look. “Control yourself!”

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows. Haven’t I restrained myself enough?

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

Shangguan Jing looked up at the sky. “Ah, cough. I think it’s about time. We can prepare to enter the Red Soul Woods, right?”

The weather was clear and cloudless.

The Red Soul Woods—which had seemed especially sinister and strange in the darkness last night—looked much more normal now.

There were black trees everywhere, and occasionally, thick roots that were completely black would appear.

The red leaves swayed in the wind, like the end of autumn. However, the strange thing was that there were no fallen leaves on the ground in the forest—not a single one.

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A normal forest would have thick layers of fallen leaves, but this place was flat and clean. It was inevitable that people would find it strange.

“Let’s go!” With that, Shangguan Jing took the lead and entered.

Chu Liuyue glanced at the swaying red leaves and narrowed her eyes slightly before walking in.

Shangguan Jing led the way, followed closely by Rong Xiu, who was one step behind Chu Liuyue.

The soil on the ground was reddish-brown and very soft. When they stepped on the ground, it basically made no sound.

The forest was very quiet. Apart from the rustling of leaves, there were no other sounds.

They could even hear each other breathing.

“In the Red Soul Woods, you can’t use force or fly. You can only walk forward step by step.” As Shangguan Jing walked, he patiently talked about some things they needed to pay attention to. “It’s a lot slower, but it’s safer. It’ll take about four hours to cross the Red Soul Woods on foot. We can basically get out of here before the poisonous gas spreads again.”

Listening from behind, Chu Liuyue nodded obediently and couldn’t help but ask, “Ancestor, you’ve been to the God-Killing Tumulus before. Why… have I never heard you mention it?”

Crucially, it seems like he knows this place better than normal. What has he experienced here in the past?

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Shangguan Jing pondered for a while before speaking again. “Actually, there’s nothing I can’t say. It’s just that the last time I was here, the memories I left here weren’t very good, so I didn’t mention it to you.”

Nobody was willing to take the initiative to recall and mention those unhappy memories. If Chu Liuyue hadn’t been forced here by the other party, he wouldn’t have said this.

Chu Liuyue tightly furrowed her brows. I have almost never seen Ancestor like this. It should be… What happened here is indeed difficult for him to let go.

“Ancestor, if you don’t want to say it, actually—”

Shangguan Jing waved his hand and suddenly laughed. “It’s nothing. It’s been so many years…”

He paused before continuing, “Before I went to the Flood-Desert Northern Region back then, the last place I stayed was the God-Killing Tumulus.”

Chu Liuyue was slightly shocked. Doesn’t this mean that Ancestor went to the Flood-Desert Northern Region from here? However, these two places are famous dangerous places in the God Residence Realm. Why did he—

“Back when I entered the God Residence Realm, I came from no sect but was arrogant. After challenging seven supreme Armory Refinement Masters in a row, I was even more famous. I attracted many people to follow me and also attracted much resentment.”

“Since I had already established Tianling, I naturally couldn’t be bothered to establish a sect here. I wanted to be alone, so I rejected all the people who followed me. I only met a friend in the middle whom I could chat happily with.”

“He’s not an Armory Refinement Master, just an ordinary true god warrior with ordinary aptitude. He had stayed in the God Residence Realm for many years but still hadn’t broken through. However, I admire his open-mindedness. I heard that he was also from outside the God Residence Realm. He came here alone, so we cherished each other, and I treated him as a confidant.”

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“Later, he heard that there was a supreme treasure at the God-Killing Tumulus that could help him break through, so he was a little eager to try. I heard that this place was dangerous, so I decided to go with him. If I could help him break through, it could be considered resolving a knot in his heart.”

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue vaguely guessed something.

As expected, Shangguan Jing sighed. “I treated him like a close friend. Unfortunately… he was just using me. After we came here, we experienced many difficulties and obstacles before finally finding that thing. However, he—”


Suddenly, the wind blew!

A miserable whimper sounded from the Red Soul Woods!

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