In the backyard, a black tiger named ‘Cat’ devoured raw meat. It seemed to reflect my preference for grilled meat over sashimi topped with sesame oil and seasoned with sesame seeds.

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“Lacius, Lacius,” 

I raised my hand toward Lacius as I was regaining my body temperature by drinking hot coffee at the simple table set in the sunny garden, when I suddenly thought of a question.

“I want to brag about ‘Cat’ to the Princess, but I can’t just go there recklessly. How should I proceed?”

Lacius, who was looking at ‘Cat’s’ teeth and claws, responded softly to my question.

“I can meet you in the waiting room after I attend the morning assembly* tomorrow.”

*(It is similar to the morning roll call of the army. But in this situation, it seems like it can also refer to a morning sparring/training of the knights.)

“Eh? Can morning assembly be over so quickly?”

“It could happen tomorrow.”

He appears unconcerned, but I don’t believe there is anything to be unconcerned about. Something appears to be happening tomorrow.

That, after all, is the purpose of the Morning Assembly. It involves punches and kicks but he claims that it will end quickly tomorrow?

“Great. Then I’ll stay in the waiting room.”

“At most, it’s an hour. It’ll be a relief if it lasts an hour.”

Lacius was quite chic. I placed a wager after finishing all of the hot coffee without spilling a drop.

“I’m sure it’ll be over in ten minutes.”

“Then I’ll place a wager in fifteen minutes.”

“How can we both bet that none of them will last more than 30 minutes?”

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Lacius smirked and looked me over his shoulder as I grunted.

“It has to be because we both dislike losing bets.”

The late afternoon sun shone down on Lacius. For a brief moment, it appeared as if sunlight was falling like a waterfall all over his body, harmonizing with his high-purity blonde hair.

For a brief moment, I was at a loss for words because of his handsome appearance, which seemed to reflect the sun behind him.


He’ll hate it if I say it aloud, so let’s just admire him in silence. After staring at Lacius for a long time, I couldn’t stop myself from yawning.

I can’t look in the mirror, but I think I have dark circles down to my chin now.

“You appear tired.”

“I indeed in dire need of sleep.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to sleep in the bedroom than here?”

“Yes. But I’m exhausted. hmmmm.”

My head is spinning. I believe my body temperature has dropped slightly, but it does not appear that my life is in danger; I simply need to rest. With a blanket wrapped around my shoulders, I stood up. My vision blurred with each blink of my eyes.

‘Oh, I have to go……’

My steps staggered as soon as I stood up. I stood there holding my head for a while, trying to regain my consciousness.


But at the very moment I heard Lacius’s worried voice.

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My field of vision blacked out.

* * *

“How is the lady doing?”

“She appeared to be very ill.”

“I was taken aback. She must be very ill.”

In the bedroom, with the curtains drawn to keep the sun out.

On the bed, a woman with red hair is groaning. Her brows furrowed, and the sound of pain leaking through her slightly gaping lips indicated that she wasn’t just acting. Shay’s condition was being monitored by Theobalt and Lacius.

“I warmed the bed, but is it true that no medicine exists to treat these symptoms?”

“That’s right, My lord.”

“It’s worrying.”

Lacius had his hand on the thick wool blanket. His heat warmed her blanket, making her a little warmer.

Theobalt, who was standing next to him, felt her forehead and nodded sadly.

“I just hope that this method raises her body temperature. I could make her a cup of hot tea if she were awake, but she isn’t…”

“She was completely unconscious.”


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The two men appeared solemn.

In fact, they were both taken aback by this occurrence.

First and foremost, they had never witnessed anyone pass out. Second, they have no knowledge of these symptoms.

Lacius has never had a personal doctor because he has been sick only a few times since birth. His predecessor’s attending physician has long since died, and no replacement has been appointed yet.

As a result, they had no reliable doctor to turn to.

They can’t explain her sudden hypothermia this spring, so they can’t just bring someone in to check on her. Otherwise, her secret identity as a painting wizard will be revealed.

“I never thought people could collapse, but I think I’ll start believing it now.”

“Um, yes. The lady appeared to be in good health, but she is actually quite frail.”

Shay groaned, tossed and turned.

Even after seeing this, it would be natural for him to dismiss it, but why does he feel sorry for her?

“How about the drugs in the warehouse?”

“Unfortunately, all of the drugs in the warehouse are antipyretic… They’re all for lowering and relieving heat, so nothing can be used for the opposite symptoms.”

Lacius listened to Theobalt and placed his hand on Shay’s brow. Perhaps her coldness is more noticeable because his skin is hot.

By touching her ice-cold cheeks, Lacius attempted to convey the heat as directly as possible.

“But we can’t leave her like this…… Hide yourself away and go get some medicine that can raise one’s temperature.”

“I understood. Please, Master, remain by the lady’s side.”

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“I will.”

He did have few things to do, but Shay is far more important. He was hesitant to touch a ‘woman’s’ body, but not a ‘patient’s.’

Theobalt rushed away, and Lacius hoped that the cold air leaking from Shay’s mouth would warm up even slightly.

‘Seeing you in such distress…..’

He was distressed too. She was fine creating and summoning other things, so why is summoning the black tiger a problem?

‘Was it because she gave birth to life? Or was it just because of its size? Or was there a distinction based on the complexity of the painting?

Perhaps the persistence of the summoned image makes the difference.

‘I’ll have to write everything down.’

It will help her later if he writes down when and how much it hurts. He can’t tell how much pain she was in, though.

If she has this information, she will be able to manage her ability even if she needs to live alone after the contract expires.

Shay won’t be with him at that point, so she should pay more attention.

‘No. It would be preferable to send a doctor. A doctor who will monitor her health and inform him of any developments.’

He doesn’t believe Shay would look after herself.

With that in mind, Lacius stood up and went to Shay’s desk to retrieve a quill and parchment. As she was a painter, parchments piled up in a corner which immediately caught his attention. It was when Lacius, who had taken one of them in his arms, turned around—


Shay, who had just been lying in the bed, was now standing in front of him.

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