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Chapter 1415: 1415

Chapter 1415: A Supreme Doctor

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The news of Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha joining the Logistics Division sent shockwaves through the entire training camp.

Division Head Lu Xiangyang practically burst into smiles when he heard, personally bringing Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha in to register, and also having them meet the entire staff of the Logistics Division along the way. The teachers were all very courteous as well, each of them greeting the two cadets with very charitable faces.

After entering Lu Xiangyang’s office, the Division Head smiled, “I’m really happy that the two of you have chosen to join our Logistics Division. We have always been viewed as a weaker choice all these years, and all the talented young cadets will all be snatched away by the other divisions. I find your arrival to be very welcoming!

“But I wonder what plans you two have when it comes to the direction of your studies from here on out?”

Traveling Buddha glanced at Xia Fei. Sure enough, he was right; the Logistics Division was in desperate need for talent, so while the other divisions kept assigning their cadets compulsory courses, barely giving them any space to breath from all the pressure, Lu Xiangyang was instead very courteous, asking the two promising cadets what they wished to learn. Traveling Buddha was really fond of this attitude he was being shown.


Xia Fan chuckled, “Division Head Lu, Traveling Buddha and I had already discussed this beforehand. Given how the Logistics Division seeks to achieve a comprehensive balance in every avenue of study, we will act in accordance withthe wishes of the division and work hard on every subject.

“Our only request is to have a more liberal approach to course arrangements.”

Lu Xiangyang nodded. “That’s only natural. Given the talent you two possess, there’s really no need for you to attend every class. The division plans to teach you two in accordance with the aptitude you demonstrate, going by a case-by-case basis. We’ll arrange for a few key courses, especially in the practical classes. After all, no matter how much theory you end up doing, it will be no different from discussing military strategies on paper. Only with real world practice will you be able to hone your skills.

“What are either of your thoughts if we set it to be two classes a day? You’ll be free to rest with the remaining time as you see fit, or you could seek out teachers from the other divisions for more lessons if you so desire. I dare say none of them would reject you.”

A lesson in Blue Boiling Point Training Camp was two hours long. That was to say that, aside from the four hours of classes Traveling Buddha and Xia Fan would be expected to attend, they would be free to do whatever they wanted with the rest of their time. That was indeed a rather liberal arrangement!

Xia Fan would definitely do additional lessons outside of these two classes, but what mattered was that he had been given the freedom to decide what he wanted to study and learn. As for Traveling Buddha… he would probably spend half a day learning, and use the rest of his time to wander about by himself. In any case, the freedom they would both enjoy would be much greater than if they were in any other division!

“One final thing,” After Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha agreed with this arrangement, Lu Xiangyang addressed them very seriously, “I hope that when the two of you represent the Logistics Division to participate in all sorts of competitions, you will do everything in your power to fight for the glory of the division!”

“But of course,” Xia Fan beamed as he gave his answer. “You can leave that to us!”

The competition between the divisions of Blue Boiling Point was intense. The Logistics Division often found themselves severely oppressed by the other divisions; Lu Xiangyang was really hoping to be able to perform well while Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha were with them. It was the greatest expectation he had of the two lads, and the rest was easily negotiable.

Leaving the office building of the Logistics Division, Traveling Buddha stretched out and said, “I feel so much more relaxed now. Only two lessons a day, and we have the final say on when we need to attend the lesson? Sure enough, the Logistics Division is best suited for someone with an indolent attitude like mine!”

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“You’re really quite the character,” Xia Fan reached out to pat his shoulder and said, “I’ve made arrangements to visit Camp Commander Blue at his house to treat him. Are you tagging along?”

Traveling Buddha shrugged, “Sure. Let’s head over to Old Blue’s place for a visit.”

The two took a hovercar and quickly reached Blue Shield’s home. They noticed that there was already another car parked outside the courtyard, as if they had guests over.

The old servant of Blue Shield let Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha into the garden for some tea while they waited. Xia Fan could hear the suspicious voice of Blue Shield coming from the living room, “Is what you said true?”

“But of course. Mr. Shui is someone I’ve invited from the Wocca Star Region. He’s a descendant of the King of Medicine, Shui Tianyi!”

“I am of course aware of the famed Shui Tianyi. Skies, clouds, and sea, renewal in a single stroke; it was said that any rare or incurable disease anywhere in the world would all be healed in one stroke by Shui Tianyi. It is just that I’ve already promised my cadet Xia Fan that I would let him give it a try, so why don’t we let this Mr. Shui wait a bit. If Xia Fan’s methods fail, I’ll seek the counsel of Mr. Shui afterwards.”

“Father! Have you gotten more confused as you got older?! This Xia Fan is just some child that barely has any hair above his lips, whose words can hardly be depended on. How could he be capable of treating your Golden Featherflight poison! Where is he now? Let me see this outrageous and shameless brat for myself!”

‘That man is badmouthing me.’ Xia Fan knit his eyebrows as he inhaled sharply. Traveling Buddha had his legs crossed, looking like he was here to watch the show and not in the least bit bothered by what was happening while he sniggered to himself.

The old servant of the Blue Clan arrived with tea for Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha, letting out a soft sigh. “Young Master Blue Arrow is back. He has sought plenty of famed doctors on behalf of the old master out of the kindness of his own heart. It is just too bad that all those doctors could do nothing about that strange poison.”

Xia Fan could see a tall and skinny middle-aged man with dark skin and slender hands standing beyond the courtyard, taking in the scenery around him. It seemed like that must be the famous doctor that Blue Arrow had hired this time, Mr. Shui!

As he mulled over this thought, Blue Shield and his son Blue Arrow came walking over from the living room. Blue Arrow looked quite like his father, a bit older than middle-aged and fairly unremarkable. He was the sort of person that people would have trouble picking out immediately when thrown into a crowd, aside from that Special Bureau badge he was sporting on his chest.

“Oh, Xia Fan, the two of you have come!” Blue Shield approached Xia Fan with a genial smile. Xia Fan nodded, while Traveling Buddha continued to sip on his tea as if nothing had happened.

“You’re Xia Fan?!” Blue Arrow saw just how young Xia Fan looked, how he was dressed as a cadet from the Training Camp, and instantly became incensed. He pointed his finger at Xia Fan’s nose and demanded, “Just how old are you this year? To think you’d dare make a boastful claim that you could treat my father’s Golden Featherflight poison? Do you know who my father is?! Could you bear the responsibility if the slightest harm were to come to him?!

“Tell me, how did you delude my father, such that he would actually believe the words coming out of a brat like you?”

Blue Arrow was very fierce, making Xia Fan frown. He did understand the emotions Blue Arrow must be feeling. After all, in just four and a half years’ time, the Golden Featherflight poison would activate and no matter how talented Blue Shield was, there was no way he could flee his coming doom. The anxiety that his son Blue Arrow must be experiencing was to be expected.

Xia Fan characteristically revealed his radiant smile as per usual and said, “Please do not misunderstand. I really did not delude Camp Commander Blue. He’s willing to give it a try purely of his own volition.”

Blue Shield also hurriedly tried to explain, “That’s right. I think that there’s some logic behind Xia Fan’s method.”

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“If there’s any logic behind using Blood Leeches to suck out the poison, then why do we need doctors?” It was at this time that the person who went by Mr. Shui chimed in, entering the courtyard from outside.

He made a bow to Blue Shield and said, “Elder Blue, this one is named Shui Jing; my grandfather was Shui Tianyi. I only hurried here from distant lands with Brother Blue Arrow on account of the renown of your name in the Union. I hope that the elder will not listen to the lies of some scam artist. While being scammed isn’t a big deal, it could very well endanger your life in certain serious cases.”

Turning his head around, Mr. Shui asked Xia Fan in a disdainful tone, “Young man, whether toxicology or pharmacology, what matters is one’s teacher. My teacher is my grandfather, the famed supreme doctor Shui Tianyi. May I learn the name of your teacher?”

“My teacher was Chef Grandpa!” Xia Fan replied with a smile.

Mr. Shui and Blue Arrow were first startled, but soon grew even more enraged, with the latter pointing at Xia Fan once more, “Did you hear that, father? You heard it with your own two ears! This brat had actually learned his medical skills from some chef! How could you believe such a person?!”

Xia Fan felt helpless. Chef Grandpa was not really a chef, but a master poisoner! As for what his actual name was, Xia Fan really had no idea, either. The people under the sky dome had shared no names, and referred to each other solely by their nicknames.

Mr. Shui no longer looked at Xia Fan, most likely deciding that any further chatting with him would just be a disgrace to him, and merely chuckled mirthlessly.

Blue Shield’s face went blank. “All my life, I’ve always been someone that keeps my word. Enough talk, Xia Fan, come with me. I’ve already had people send over the Blood Leeches you wanted.”

“Father!” Blue Arrow shouted. His voice was already trembling.

Xia Fan took a moment to think and said with a smile, “Elder Blue, I think it’s best if we wait a bit longer. Mr. Shui has traveled far to come here, and I’m sure it has not been an easy trip for him to make. Why don’t we let Mr. Shui take a look at you, and if that doesn’t work, you can give me a call right after. I live nearby anyway, so it’ll be easy for me to make my way over.”

Blue Shield was also helpless. After all, Blue Arrow was his son, and Mr. Shui was the grandson of the distinguished Shui Tianyi. It was also logical for Xia Fan to take a step back from this.

“Let’s head back. There’s still classes to attend.” Xia Fan pulled Traveling Buddha up to his feet just to give the father and son of Blue Clan some space.

Blue Arrow had been flustered this entire time and had not noticed Traveling Buddha, so at the time he stood up, Blue Arrow promptly froze and asked in a small voice, “Old Buddha, why are you here?”

“Accompanying my friend,” Traveling Buddha casually pointed at Xia Fan.

The moment Traveling Buddha did that, the expression on Blue Arrow’s face changed slightly. Though he was still eyeing Xia Fan with displeasure, he did not say any additional words and just watched the two cadets leave.

On the morning of the next day, Xia Fan woke up early as always to practice the Startip Mantra, and got ready to attend his classes after.

Just as he got to the entrance, he saw the old servant from the Blue Clan was coming up the stairs in a hurry.

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The moment he saw Xia Fan, he began to tug at Xia Fan’s hand in a panic and hoarsely cried out, “You need to come with me and take a look. The old master!…”

Xia Fan could tell that something was off, and without wasting another word, he quickly got into the hovercar.

“Wait a minute, I’m coming as well!” No one had any idea where Traveling Buddha had popped up from as he got into the backseat of the car, rubbing his still-drowsy eyes.


The hovercar roared away, quickly arriving at Blue Shield’s home. Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha were greeted with the sight of Blue Arrow pacing back and forth in the courtyard, his footsteps hasty, and worry was visibly etched onto his face.

“How could this happen, didn’t you say that his illness would be gone once he takes the medication?” Blue Arrow spoke quickly, asking Mr. Shui.

Mr. Shui remained adamant as he insisted, “Skies, clouds, and sea, renewal in a single stroke. The way the Shui Clan’s medicine has always worked is just that; all illness will be gone the moment the patient takes the medication. It is as the saying goes, a severe illness requires a more aggressive medication, which is exactly what I did. That is why it’s normal for the old master to appear a little unwell after that, so it’s best if you wait a bit more.”

Blue Arrow had no way of refuting what Mr. Shui had said, so he could only nod his head helplessly.

“Why are you here?!” Blue Arrow asked angrily the moment he saw Xia Fan.

“The old master asked me to go look for him,” the old servant answered on Xia Fan’s behalf.

Xia Fan knew deep down that Blue Shield had definitely said no such thing and this was all the old servant’s own volition, but he had no intention of exposing that right there.

When Blue Arrow heard that it was his father who had asked Xia Fan to come, he did not say another word. He looked over at Traveling Buddha and nodded as a greeting to him.

“The old master is in his bedroom.” The old servant led Xia Fan to the room, while Traveling Buddha remained in the courtyard, taking a seat lazily as he instructed the wife of the old servant to serve him a pot of clear tea, and four dishes of snacks.

Xia Fan got the fright of his life when he entered Blue Shield’s room.

In just the course of one night, Blue Shield looked much older than before. He was terribly pale in the face, and even his wrinkles seemed to be more distinct. There were many dark liquids on the floor that had yet to be cleaned and on closer inspection, they were blood!

“You’re here…” Blue Shield said feebly.

“Yes. Don’t rush. Let me take a look at you,” Xia Fan answered with a smile.

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Going by the observational techniques that Chef Grandpa had taught him, he closely examined Blue Shield’s body, and then asked him about how he was feeling. Blue Shield told him that his chest felt congested, like there was a huge rock pressed down on it.

By this point, Xia Fan more or less got an idea of just what the situation was.

Without another word, he left the bedroom and waved at Mr. Shui, “Hand over your prescription for me to look at.”

Mr. Shui was startled, but soon furrowed his brow, “Forget it. That’s a secret prescription handed down by my ancestors, how could you have a look just because you asked?”


Unexpectedly, Xia Fan actually lowered his stance and diverted strength to his legs. Exploding forward, he dashed all the way to Mr. Shui’s side and kicked him right on the chest, sending Mr. Shui tumbling down to the ground. The explosive move from a speedster was so quick that not even Blue Arrow managed to stop him in time.

“Handed down from your ancestors?! I’ll hand your grandma down to your ancestors!”

Xia Fan cursed even as he beat the man up. In a blink of an eye, he managed to deliver eight punches, and while he did not use his full strength with any of them, it was still enough to turn Mr. Shui’s face into a sauce jar. Blood, bodily fluids, and other sorts of liquids were flowing freely.

Blue Arrow and the old servant hurriedly pulled Xia Fan away, while Traveling Buddha continued to eat his snacks from the sidelines, not caring at all what had happened, as if he was watching a comedy sketch.

Blue Arrow accosted Xia Fan and demanded, “Why did you attack Mr. Shui?!”

“Enough with your nonsense!” Xia Fan spat at Blue Arrow’s face and loudly cried out, “Where did you find this quack? Do you know that he nearly cost your father his life!?”

Turning around, Xia Fan said to Traveling Buddha, “This person is definitely not a descendant of any supreme doctor. Question him!”

Traveling Buddha set the snacks he had been holding in his hand aside and nodded. He strolled over to Mr. Shui and lifted him up, then took him into the forest nearby.

“Old Buddha, just what are you doing?” Blue Arrow tried to stop Traveling Buddha in a panic.

“Make way, or your face might get splattered with blood,” Traveling Buddha said insouciantly.

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