Chapter 1981: Harvest, An Oversight

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Big Dipper spread his arms.

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Swoosh! The liquid symbiote suddenly unfolded from his back to form a ‘big bag’ more than 20 meters in diameter.

Big Dipper waited quietly under this ‘big bag.’ He stared mockingly at Werner, who fell straight down.

Werner: “Motherf*…”



Werner, who was speeding downward, didn’t even have time to finish his sentence before he was completely wrapped up in the liquid symbiote like a cannonball.

As for the wind man who was falling at the same time, the liquid ‘bag’ let him fall through

Big Dipper kicked down, and a liquid tentacle flew out from his foot to wrap around the wind man.

After falling over ten meters, the ‘big bag’ turned back into the bat wings from before, slowing his descent.

Tossing aside the wind man who had already been knocked out by the tentacle, the Big Dipper clone landed just as the impact of the fall was canceled out.

Bam! The sound of light footsteps rang out as seven or eight Inhumans lunged forward.

Big Dipper chuckled. “It seems you’re the last gift that Werner gave me. How considerate.”

Amidst the bellows and yells, the yellow figure charged forward.

Less than a minute later, the warehouse was silent.

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Without Werner to act as the core ‘CPU,’ the dozen or so Inhumans were nothing but a disorganized mess.

In the complete symbiotic form, the Big Dipper clone cut them down like harvest crops.

After subduing the Inhumans, he took out ‘body bags’ from his inventory and put them in one by one, including the bodies of the dead.

Was he angry at taking a beating? No way.

There really weren’t many chances to obtain a bunch of superpowers in one go. Was being bombarded hundreds of times a big deal?

Protected by the stretchy ability and the symbiote, the pain was nothing.

Big Dipper was like an old farmer collecting the ‘fruits’ of his harvest with the ‘body bags,’ while on the other side, the Joker and Haley had already wrapped things up.

Driving Gideon’s stretch Cadillac, the Joker hummed “You are my sunshine” and was in a relaxed and good mood.

Haley turned around and looked at the dozen or so people behind her. “Why only take these guys? Are we really leaving those Inhumans to Big Dipper?”

The Joker hummed in response.

Unhappy with the perfunctory response, the female doctor sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Two. Let’s just take two to play with.”

The Joker shook his head. “They’re a bunch of ordinary people who obtained superpowers and were locked up and raised in Afterlife. What’s so fun about them?”

As he spoke, he looked at the people in the rearview mirror and grinned. “These guys are bigshots. How many secrets do you think they have waiting to be uncovered?”

Haley still felt a little reluctant. “Those are superhumans!”

The Joker was unmoved. “Boring souls aren’t worth wasting time on. If superpowers are so much fun, why don’t you study Godzilla and the Muto?”

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Haley bit him angrily. “I’m not an animal psychiatrist.”

In fact, basically all the Inhumans still alive in Gideon’s manor were from Afterlife.

Only the Latin American woman who had been given an electric shock for stealing Big Dipper’s blades at the very beginning was a new face. However, her name was only a little red in the system, and wasn’t within the scope of the cleanup.

How could Luke leave them to Haley?

Thankfully, there were Gideon and his opponents.

Given Gideon’s status, any opponent who could go up against him wouldn’t have a simple background.

None of these people were good.

Even if they hadn’t killed anyone with their own hands, they had definitely done a lot of plotting and directing behind the scenes, and the fair system still gave them bright red names.

However, it was Werner who had captured them. Whoever wanted to cause trouble could do their best to look for him; it had nothing to do with Luke.

At that moment, all the Inhumans were thrown into Space 2, along with Shriek.

It swallowed Hive’s parasites in the Inhumans one by one, and Luke observed each of them separately.

He couldn’t be any more cautious with a disgusting thing like Hive.

As for Big Dipper’s agreement with Jiaying that he would let them go in three months at most, that wasn’t a problem.

Jiaying and those Inhumans hadn’t participated in Werner’s operation, so they wouldn’t be targeted.

Naturally, the Inhumans of Afterlife who followed Werner weren’t part of the deal. A longer confinement wouldn’t be considered a violation.

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Besides, these Inhumans had more or less left traces behind when they did bad things with Werner.

Confinement for a period of time would help them hide from rumors and talk, and make it easier for Luke to examine them in all aspects.

This was all for the good of Inhumans.

After all, what place on Earth was safer and less traceable than Space 2?

After getting rid of Hive’s parasites in the Inhumans, Luke immediately used his ability to question the Inhuman women about the details of Werner’s operation.

As Werner, Hive had a habit which his enemies would find annoying, and that was dividing up the aims of his operation and completing them separately.

None of the Inhumans under his control knew his complete plan.

Even Gordon and Clarice, the two main members who could teleport, only knew whom they had teleported and to where.

Neither of them knew what these people did after they were sent to those places.

Thankfully, Luke had taken down almost all the Inhumans who had been under Werner’s control. Although he had killed a lot of bright red names, he could still piece together 60 to 70% of Werner’s operation.

Werner had the ability to control Inhumans, which was actually very powerful.

If Hive had a few more months, even Luke would find it hard to kill it.

If it had been a little more cautious and prudent, and didn’t stick its head out, but just let its subordinates carry out missions, it would have definitely become the most difficult and powerful villain on Earth.

The weaknesses and shortcomings of superhumans would no longer exist under the rule of Hive.

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As long as there were enough Inhumans, they could complement each other perfectly.

At that time, Inhumans could fight, resist and escape, and could counterattack at any time. No government on Earth would dare take the risk of starting a war with them.

At that time, if Luke wanted to kill Werner, he would need to have the strength to crush all Inhumans.

It could be said that before tonight, Werner already had a good hand.

Once the critical period of the next month or two passed, nobody would have been able to beat his hand.

But this huge advantage created a flaw in his mentality.

This weakness was useless against other opponents, because even if they knew, they would still be powerless to capture Werner.

Unfortunately, Hive had run into Luke, a cheat player.

This weakness finally led to it making one mistake after another, and in the end, it fell into a trap and became a new resident of Space 2.

It would enjoy even better treatment there than on another planet.

There would be no more offerings for it to swallow, nor would there be a Monolith through which it could escape. What awaited it was remote-controlled robots and testing equipment that it couldn’t swallow, as well as endless experiments.

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