Chapter 4 - They Both Apparently Know About My Life Situation.

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 My family are ordinary people, called "commoners".

 My family's business is a ramen shop called "Shinryu" located on the corner of an old-fashioned shopping street.

There may be ramen shops all over the country with similar names like mine, but our shop is simply a combination of our family name and my father's name, Ryuji.

 My father started this ramen shop when he was young, and there are no inherited traditions from his ancestors.

 There's one in every city, a cheap and delicious Chinese restaurant for ordinary people.

"I've heard stories about your situation. I heard you're now living in a tower block somewhere."

"Why did you already know if this was happening?"

 I was still in the living room of Tsubasa's house, sitting on the soft sofa, on the phone with my father.

''Just in time. Look, Wakaba is already in the middle of his first year of high school. You've long said that you don't want to be in the same room as your little sister. She'll probably smell you."

"To hell with it. You know, my pants are washed separately because Wakaba asked mom to do it, you know?"

"What the hell, when did that happen already?" "What about you, what about your pants?"

"Too bad my pants are still in the wash along with Wakaba's."

"You've got to be kidding! You have no idea what's in the pants of a high school student with a huge sexual appetite!"

"My pants are clean! You don't need to care about that!"

 It's not that I was a child who rebelled against her parents, but my father was a prankster, so if there was a conversation between us, it was bound to be rough.

 My father's masculinity, I believe, is a fine line between rudeness and cuteness, and that's probably because of him.

I'm not sure if it's my father's fault or not. But to me, young leaves are as important as ramen soup!

"Don't put them together with your pants."

 "Wakaba is my younger sister, who started first grade this year."

 She's the self-proclaimed "Typical Shinryu Princess" and wears a Chinese dress she got from somewhere and works hard to serve customers in our shop.

 The fact is, that not a few customers who were there, came there just for Wakaba.

 Is our town a pedophile den?

 The people in town don't understand at all. ...... My younger sister is not a pretty "billboard girl" at all.

 She just has a good outward appearance. ......

No, as I said myself, let's leave the story of Wakaba for now.

"I won't let my son live in the house of someone I've never met."

"I don't care if you're my high school son. The truth is, it doesn't matter to me. You can be a child of the Tsubasa family."

"Real parents aren't like that." "You may be good, but you may be a nuisance to the other party."

"I'm sure Tsubasa-san will be fine."

"What are you talking about? You don't know anything about Tsubasa's family, do you?"

"What do you know about Tsubasa's family? I thought there was a difference in our conversation earlier." "Don't you know anything about Tsubasa-san?"

What is ......? Wait, do I have anything to do with the Tsubasa family?

 Listening to the twins, I knew that they had a special way of thinking.

「Hey Dad, If you have something to say about the Tsubasa family, hurry up and say it!」

『No, I don't have anything to tell, really? It's not like the humble ramen shop owner doesn't know the people who live in Tawaman.』

「Don't say anything suggestive then! Die!」

『Ah, if you told your own parents to die, decades later, when I'm slowly getting weaker in the hospital bed, you will definitely regret it thinking, 'Why did I tell you to die?...'』

「You shouldn't make bad predictions....」

 But that's not a sentence I should say even if it's not to your parents. Imagine how your parents would feel if you said something like that.

『Again, when you become a middle school student, don't talk about such trivial things. You have a long life ahead of you, and sometimes you might be taken care of by a family you don't even know』


 Being raised by another family might be common in comics and dramas, but when I'm actually forced into that kind of environment, I get confused.

『Well, you can come back anytime... I'm not saying that you'll be there forever』

「Say, this is my home」

『I'll call you when the shop is busy, so come here』

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「it's too good for you!」

 Our ramen shop isn't a place that would get five stars because there are only log dining tables, but it's good enough.

 Of course, my mom and dad were always given busy hours, not just Wakaba, but I also joined in as his fighting force.

 Although, compared to my younger sister, who was popular as a sign girl, I was only useful in the shop for washing dishes.

 I'm not good at cooking. Chopping leeks was clumsy and useless for me too.

『Ups, the store is getting crowded, so let's just hang up. At least you're okay, son』

「Ah, I hope mom and Wakaba are okay.」

 He suddenly hung up the phone.

 That father of mine should be a little less energetic.

 But he was surprised...

「Oh, are you done with the call? I caught a glimpse of your conversation, but Maki, you're pretty mean when it comes to your father.」

「Papa, what a cute creature...」

 Yuzuki appeared in the living room and walked over to me and sat down next to me.

「No way, does Yuzuki know that my parents already discussed it with your family?」

 Surprisingly, it seems like Tsubasa's family has already talked to Maki's family, me.

 I was just guided to this house a while ago, but the story progressed too fast, didn't it?

「Healthy. The Tsubasa family is fast when it comes to handling any task. Our parents and us」

「Are your parents not going to be here?」

「First of all, there is no room for parents here. Even if they come here, they have to sleep in the hallway.」

「At least let them sleep on the sofa」

 I don't know if this apartment is for sale or rent, but my parents are paying for it.

Would children abuse their parents in the Tsubasa family?

 I glimpsed into the darkness of the rich man's house... how scary it was.

 I don't think the upper class knows what goes on behind the scenes.

「Don't you think it's nonsense?」

「Don't worry, I'll go crazy if I think clearly in a situation like this」

「I'm still curious. But Maki, you don't look so upset right now.」

「It's hard to show my true face. I feel like people will get scared when I move my face too much」

「I'm not afraid of you」


 Yuzuki looked at me intently.

 This must be the first time a girl has looked at my face like this.

 If she was a girl I had never met, she would have trembled and turned away from me... well, it would have been a little painful.

「You know, Maki-」


「Maki, don't you like me, who would be afraid of you if you like me?」

「oh yeah, that's right....」

 If you say it frankly, it's really embarrassing.

 However, I don't know why I could fall in love with Yuzuki.

It's a simple reason, but it's very easy to see.

「Hmm, that's right. Looks like it's not just my younger sister who's lazy」


 It should be difficult for me to express my thoughts.

 Maybe Yuzuki was happy to see it, she looked at me while grinning.

 An expression that was a little hateful but also funny.

「......Ouh huh? Yuzuki, did you change your clothes?」

「Are you paying attention to me now? I can't always wear a uniform when I'm at home」

 Still grinning, Yuzuki crossed her long legs to show them to me.

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 A white t-shirt with some sort of English lettering printed on it, and her chest was wide open.

 The bottom was a pair of shorts that exposed her thighs making it look very erotic.

「......You are very erotic at home」

「It's nothing, the reason I don't wear skirts at home is because it will hinder the freedom of movement of my thighs and it can make my thighs wrinkle」

「That's why you're not wearing it」

 I replied while looking away from her long legs.

 Is my younger sister who is different from other girls, even when she comes home, she still wears a uniform.

「Oh, you've finished calling. It's handmade with pears on it, so it should be fine?」

「Why doesn't that term sound like katagi」


TL/N: Katagi is character, spirit, trait * 1.honest, obedient (katagi na). katagi na shoubai=businessmen who obey customers. 2.spirit. gakusei katagi= student spirit.


 This time, Fuuka also appeared.

 She was wearing a white sleeveless dress.

 The dress was long enough to reach her ankles, and the hem swayed.

「My older sister seems to have a different nature than myself.」

「Fuuka wears it in order to attract men. This girl usually wears a towel around her neck and only wears pants underneath.」

「Do you dress like an old man after taking a bath?!?」

「Eh, I'm not! I just feel more comfortable wearing a skirt at home!」

Ah, how surprised I was...

 It's up to individuals how they dress at home, but it would be a problem if pretty girls' clothes are too revealing.

 In that sense a man's dreams can be shattered.

「Yuzu-nee, please don't say anything inappropriate... ah, no. When your call is over, I'll show you your room now.」

「Room? You mean my room?」

「Of course. Therefore the 3LDK house from this will be inhabited. Me, Fuuka, and Maki, three people in three rooms. the math is perfect」

「Your calculation is correct, but I feel it's wrong in common sense....」

「Let's go. Well, I don't have much stuff to put here」

 Yuzuki ignored my tsukkom and stood up, grabbing my hand and pulling it.

 We left the living room and walked down the hallway, where Yuzuki opened a door in one of the rooms.

「In here. It's almost the same size as mine and Fuuka's room.」

「This room is very bright. It's already dark, so I don't know」


The room that was shown to me was about fifteen tatami mats.

 Carpeted floor and clean white walls.

 A desk, bookshelf, TV, table, and of course a bed.

The furniture is simple yet sturdy-looking.

「Ok, I can go in the hallway to sleep there」

「That's not good!?」

「Not good! Why should it be? I won't get in trouble if I have to sleep in the hallway! ......My body can't accept such a luxurious room. It's still cool even though there's no air conditioning...」

「The whole thing is air conditioned. Look, there's something like an AC vent on the wall, right?」

 Is there a pipe that goes through the wall and the wind blows from there?

 There's barely any sound here...even though my sister and I have an air conditioner that makes a roaring sound like a murky snore.

「Again, it's not suitable for me...I'll sleep at the entrance」

「You'll be kicked out by the security guard. In fact, I'll get mad at you」

「That's right, Yuzu-nee will be mad at you」

「Fuuka, I'm ready to run away from you....」

 Are you going to use your older sister as a shield while saying that she's exactly the same as you?

「Well, use this room normally. Phew, that's the story」

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「Let me know if you need anything else. Ah, your luggage from your parents' house should have been delivered here. I've arranged for a shipping contractor」

「It's growing in tons of beats...I don't know」

「Because we didn't expect this to happen today. I have to hurry and prepare our neighborhood and Maki to live together. I'm like this because Maki suddenly confessed to me?」

「Do I have to take responsibility? ......?」

 Well, it's better than destroying it.

 To be honest, I thought that 90% of the total plan would be a great success, so, me being here, in Yuzuki's house and me being told that she likes me seems like a dream come true to me.

 However, it feels like I've crossed the ceiling instead of diagonally above my expectations...

「For now, there's no point in just talking. It's almost seven o'clock」

「Yes? It's about time」

 After being told by Fuuka, I finally realized it.

 It's been about three hours since I confessed to Yuzuki after school.

 I was followed, kidnapped at a hotel, and finally brought to the apartment where the high school's twin sister lives, and we'll be living together from now on.

 I don't think I've ever had such a time-packed three hours in my life.

「For now, let's have dinner. Maki-san still seems to be confused, so I think it's better to eat and relax first.」

「Yes, I'm hungry too. Maki, wait a moment」


 Yuzuki and Fuuka left my room and walked down the corridor.

 I'm sure I'm hungry, but I wonder if I'll ask for delivery.

The Tsubasa family's kitchen is well equipped.

 A marble top plate, a three-burner stove that seemed to be hot enough, and a built-in stove that could cook meat and fish over an open flame.

 The refrigerator is a large type with plenty of storage capacity, and of course, it also comes with a water purifier and dishwasher.

 Even if it was a restaurant, wouldn't it be more expensive than Shinryu's equipment?

「Look around, Fuuka. Hurry up when getting dressed. The temperature of the oil is just right.」

「Yes, Yuzu-nee. Then, let's fry it.」

「Be careful of oil splashes. I'll leave the hot pot to Fuuka. In the meantime, I have to prepare the sauce and chop the cabbage.」

「Please, I have cabbage to chop over there too.」


 What a perfect combination.

 The two of them shared roles such as cutting the meat and preparing the dough, and proceeded with their work smoothly.

 It seems that Tonkatsu is the main dish for the Tsubasa family dinner today.

Maybe the menu they made is suitable for me who likes to eat a lot.

「Hey, hey, you two」

「What's wrong, I can't let go of my hand right now」

「Our sauce is also homemade. We need a good tuning」

 The two of them are very serious.

 Even at school, I've never seen Yuzuki so serious.

「Do you two need help too. I think I can do a little homework.」

「It's okay, you don't have to help us, it's faster if it's just the two of us. You helping will only make it slower」


「Otherwise, both of us may become nervous and it will reduce our work efficiency. Please just sit down, Maki-san.」


 It's like being called a direct interference.

 However, I certainly don't have the confidence to interfere with the combination between the two.

My parents have been running a ramen shop for a long time, so they have a good division of roles, but maybe it's more than this.

Are twins better together than a married couple who have been together for 20 years?

 Well, maybe these twins are just too special.

 It was true that I would get in the way of the two of them helping out, so I quietly returned to the living room.

 I turned on the 80-inch TV that looked like it, and watched a variety show that I wasn't particularly interested in.

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 While relaxing alone in the living room, leave the cooking to the girls...

 I don't know what it is, it seems like I've become a pimp.


TL/N: A pimp is a person who acts as a caregiver, middleman, and/or owner of commercial sex workers. The prostitute may not live with the pimp, but is in constant contact with him/her. (Source; Wikipedia )


「Maki, please wait a moment!」

「Sorry for making you wait」

 After waiting for a while, the dishes that had finished cooking began to line up on the dining table one after another.

 Tonkatsu with the main dish, accompanied by two kinds of sauce, a pile of shredded cabbage, potato salad, miso soup, and rice.

 The pickles served in a small bowl seemed to be homemade. It was too complicated.

「Please, Maki, let's eat before this gets cold.」

「Please eat, Maki-san.」

 They both told me to eat while smiling, and I said, "Itadakimasu," and immediately took a bite of the tonkatsu meat.


「Of course」

「Of course if it's delicious, hmm.」

 Yuzuki and Fuuka don't seem to have two characters of humility.

 However, it was delicious even without flattery.

「Yay, these chopsticks can't stop eating it......!」

「Oh yes」


 The two of them seemed to be impressed by something, but that wasn't the case.

 The batter of the cutlet was crispy, the meat was thick but tender and easy to bite, and the meat was juicy.

 There are two types of sauce, one with sesame seeds and the other with added miso, and they go well together.

It's already delicious, but if I change the flavor with two types of sauce, I may eat too much.

 It's unbearable to bite into the juicy tonkatsu and immediately slurp down the hot white rice.

 Of course, there was plenty of shredded cabbage, which is indispensable for tonkatsu, and I accelerated my chopstick movements.

Potato salad, miso soup, and pickled vegetables to rest my chopsticks when eating tonkatsu. Whatever I choose, it's the best.

「......Phew. Thank you for the food, it's really good」

「I ate too much. I think I've made too many dishes....」

「I eat only about once every three days...?」

 They were both stunned.

 I'm not fat, but I'm tall, and most importantly, I'm growing.

 I ate a fair amount, though it wasn't as good as an active sports club.

「I-this... I'm looking forward to it, Yuzu-nee! I need to study this recipe more than ever!」

「We don't eat too much. I don't care about the volume of food, but I should continue the approach from there!」

 I think they were surprised, but they both seem to be full of motivation.

 The Tsubasa family, aren't they too positive about everything?

「Yes... I want Maki to have more energy. Having a strong appetite is a wish come true」

「They said that eating eels and soft-shelled turtles would work well. Find the supply route」


 Moreover, it seemed like the two of them were planning something.

 The two of them are talking softly, but I can hear them.

 Well, if I can eat something delicious, I have no complaints.

 Yuzuki and Fuuka finished dinner beautifully, and dinner was over.

 Besides, it wasn't my turn to clean up the leftovers afterwards.

 The dishes were washed thoroughly and I waited while relaxing on the sofa.

 Hey, now that I think about it, am I really on my way to becoming a pimp...?

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