Chapter 212. <God’s Possession (2) >

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Translator: Seven ED: Sasha


A nation on the brink of collapse.

Ja Soo-jung raced through this rotten kingdom.

“Do as you please.”

She’d gained the favor of the Apathetic Duke, one of the six great nobles in the kingdom. She’d gained the protection of someone powerful. She no longer needed to hesitate.

The young girl immediately pointed her sword towards the era.

[Act 1.]

[Witch Hunt.]

The First Boss was the sub race terrorist.

The Black Witch who led the rebel organization ‘The Red Nails’.

Originally, the Black Witch ruled as the number one Wizard in the Magic Tower. She was an elite among elite. So why did a human, not a sub race being, suddenly become a violent terrorist? The people of the world didn’t know.

“It’s not that they don’t know, it’s that they don’t want to know.”

The Witch of Darkness laughed.

“The longer you live, the more things you see. You see small children be placed in rice sacks and kicked to death. Tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of sub races are enslaved. We don’t intend to change anyone’s mind now. It would be more realistic to pray for a miracle from the gods than wish for such a thing from humans. We just…”

The [Red Nails]’ rebellion shook the kingdom.

“Want you to feel pain.”

In the Royal Capital, noble young ladies were captured and tortured. A Great Noble, who had reigned for over 700 years as the absolute being in the south, was attacked and killed while touring the territory. Members of the royal family’s special forces went missing in the southeast. Thousands of slaves escaped from a county and joined the rebels.

Nobles and commoners, regardless of status, the Red Nails tortured and slaughtered anyone as long as they were human. A bounty was placed on the Black Witch’s neck, but no one was able to claim it. Those in power were terrified.

“This is fun.”

Ja Soo-jun smiled brightly.

“Let’s make it a little more fun.”

Using the connections of the Apathetic Duke, Ja Soo-jung approached one of the princesses without permission. Princess Cham Beol-sa(惨罰死)*. The Head of the Royal Special Forces, and an Ascendant who was known for her cruelty.(*: Severe Punishment and Death.)

Her hobby was to cut off criminals’ right arms and keep them.

“This one will grant you victory.”

Ja Soo-jun seduced the princess.

“It is clear that the Red Nails are giving Your Highness a headache.”

“They’re not just a headache, they’re a toothache too.”

“The reason your teeth ache is because your gums are loose. Your Highness.”

Ja Soo-jung whispered.

“The reason the sub races are agitated is because the kingdom didn’t support them. Only a few of the sub races were blind enough to actually participate in this genocide for revenge. If you can guarantee their lives, equality and honor, the Red Nail’s influence will certainly diminish.”


[King’s Tutor]

Rank: B+

Effect: Natural tactic. Wit to assist a King.

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Those who possess this skill can instinctively spot an enemy’s weaknesses. Furthermore, they are able to think of the necessary actions to poke at those weaknesses.

They are literally the Wisdom Behind the Throne. From politics to warfare, there are few schemes they cannot see through.

※However, it only activates when there is enough information.



The Crown Princess looked quietly at the noble that had approached her.

“The Viscount’s proposal is reasonable, but it is difficult to implement. The sub races have already turned their backs on the kingdom once. If we were to embrace them again, the humans and the nobles would not sit still. I cannot afford the opposition of the humans while trying to stop the sub races’ rebellion. It would be putting the cart before the horse.”

“Is it because a lowly person like this one tried to advise Your Highness?”

Ja Soo-jung was not in a hurry.

Princess Cham Beol-sa had lost dozens of siblings since she was young. The princess was known for her cruelty, but that cruelty stemmed from the cruelty of her own childhood. Ja Soo-jung instinctively knew how to dissolve the unhappiness that came from her childhood.

“This one is also a noble.”

Ja Soo-jung decided to become a real sister for the princess.

“All nobles are allowed to have vassals, enlist an army, or accept territorial subjects. So there is no need for Your Highness to personally accept the rebels.”

Warm eyes. A benevolent smile. A gentle touch.

In this way, Ja Soo-jung slowly corroded Princess Cham Beol-sa.

As the ice melted, the sweet smell of poison rose.

“Your Highness.”

When she lamented about her life, she listened calmly.

When she was frustrated, she patted the back of her hand.

How amazing the Crown Princess was, how precarious the kingdom’s situation would be without her, Viscount Amethyst whispered these words whenever she found an opening.

“…Ja Soo-jung.”

Over time, as the place she patted changed from the back of her hand to her shoulder, from her shoulder to her bangs, from her bangs to her cheeks, the princess stopped calling her [Viscount] and started calling her [Ja Soo-jung].

“Tell me your plan.”

“It’s simple. The Red Nails have a point to point organization. This one will lead my elite and crush the enemy’s dens one after the other. Every time we trample them, this one will accept those who surrender as vassals or territorial subjects. This one will embrace those abandoned by the kingdom on Your Highness’ behalf.”

“You mean that instead of me, you will be the one attracting the attention and discontent.”


“And what shall I do?”

“Please love this one.”

The poison was sweet.

“…as long as it’s in private.”

It was also fatal.

With the favor of the Apathetic Duke and Princess Cham Beol-sa, Ja Soo-jung captured the sub race rebels. Ja Soo-jung guaranteed ‘absolute safety’ for the rebels that surrendered. The former terrorists became the Viscount’s soldiers, the Viscount’s citizens, the Viscount’s slaves.

“That crazy bitch again!”

Of course, the conservative faction could not tolerate such an act.

“That man is a low life who plundered my estate. Please give him to me!”

“Years ago, when my brother was walking down the street, a slave cut his leash and escaped. My brother lost both eyes and was killed after. I hear that the slave has become your vassal. Please give him to me, I have enough money.”

“Why are you collecting the national enemies? If you have any loyalty to the kingdom, you will dispose of the rebels you captured!”

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From all of the kingdom, lords, merchants and priests swarmed like bees.

Ja Soo-jung smiled.

“I’m quivering.”

Ja Soo-jung was strong.

“Regardless of their past, they now serve this one. They are this one’s slaves. According to the law, their ownership belongs to this one. Nevertheless, if you still want to take them away, please challenge this one to a duel or declare a family war.”

Three duels and one family war, she won them all.

She didn’t give up a single sub race being that had come under her command.


[Guardian of the Subrace](TL: Calling them ‘sub race’ feels weird, but it’s literally ‘other people’)

Rank: B

Effect: It is easier to gain the trust of the sub race.

Those who have cried under racism long awaited your arrival. Break of the chains of slavery and free the people of the kingdom. As long as you don’t betray them first, the sub race will always follow you.

※However, humans despise you.


The sub races, who were initially wary of Ja Soo-jung, gradually had their suspicions lifted.

Viscount Amethyst built a town in the vicinity of the large forest near the capital. The former terrorists of the Red Nails were given a place to sleep and various jobs. Every time a base of the [Red Nails] was destroyed, the town Viscount Amethyst made became more prosperous.


The Black Witch made her move.

“Yes, she’s finally moving.”

Ja Soo-jung used the Crown Princess as bait to attract the [Red Nails]’ main forces. They were completely surrounded. The terrorists had nowhere to run. If they ran away, they could not guarantee the future of the organization.

The Black Witch gritted her teeth.

“For a cheeky brat… you’re pretty good.”

“You’re pretty good too. For an old lady.”

“Do you think the Red Nails will break if you kill me? We are the blood from wounds. As long as this kingdom exists, we will never be destroyed.”

“This one intends to try something.”

Viscount Amethyst swung her sword.

“This one plans to create a new noble faction. Even if it takes decades, this one will abolish slavery, liberate the serfs one step at a time. I have already gained enough support. It will be simple.”


The Black Witch shed black blood.

“You’re still too young, I’m afraid you don’t know anything.”

“Huh. What are you talking about? If this one doesn’t know anything then 99.9% of the world are monkeys.”

“We don’t want anything in return. We didn’t ask for any compensation either. No matter how many times you promise to make a peaceful era, those who have already died will never return.”

The Black Witch’s eyes were bloodshot.

“The children who died because their backs were shredded by your whips. The slaves who drowned in their own blood because their ribs were broken and pierced their lungs. You don’t know, but we remember. The Kingdom’s Crazy Bitch! If you can’t bring back those dead children, then every word out of your mouth is bullshit!”


Ja Soo-jung paused.

Her purple eyes turned down.

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Her sword was stabbed into the Black Witch’s heart, her blood covered it.

“You don’t want compensation…?”

It was a shock to the one called Ja Soo-jung.

“Didn’t you hear that I would abolish slavery? It would take some time, but this one could also resolve the discrimination between the sub races and the humans. Because this one is talented. That would be the future everyone wants. Are you saying it doesn’t matter?”

“The future never mattered in the first place.”

The Black Witch roused the last of her magic power and counterattacked. As soon as she felt the surge of magic power, Ja Soo-jung twisted her sword. Puk! Her heart was cut once again. The Black Witch coughed a mouthful of blood.



“All of you… will… die.”

Ja Soo-jung felt the truth in the Black Witch’s curse.


And realized.

“As for the deaths that have already occurred, there is nothing this one can do.”

For the first time since she killed her father, Ja Soo-jung felt helpless.

“But something can still be done about those who are still alive. The Apathetic Duke adores this one, Princess Cham Beol-sa also favors this one, but… You’re right. This one cannot do anything about the misfortune of the dead. I hadn’t thought about that.”


“It seems this one is still incompetent.”

The Black Witch looked up at Ja Soo-jung.

“What should I do, Master of the Red Nail?”

“What are you….”

“How can this one take responsibility for those who have already died? How can I comfort those who live for the dead and not for themselves?”

Ja Soo-jung’s eyes were clear.


The Black Witch, whose heart had already stopped, was suddenly startled.

“Do you not know?”


“So you don’t know.”

Ja Soo-jung nodded to herself.

“Then I must have been killing the wrong people.”


“Murder is the ultimate incompetence. Kill those you can’t persuade, kill those you can’t convert, kill those you can’t control. Just like this one killed the father who imprisoned me.”

The witch’s expression was reflected in Ja Soo-jung’s eyes.

“In the end, this one was unable to change my father. Even after 12 years of hard work.”

There was no trace of the girl who asked for the love of the Apathetic Duke and gave love to the Crown Princess. Not even slightly. There was only a beast that moaned endlessly.

“This isn’t fun.”

Ja Soo-jung tilted her head to the side.

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“Miss Black Witch. Since you don’t know how to comfort those who are already dead, who would? Do you know someone like that?”

“A person like that… doesn’t… exist….”

“Certainly. I’m sure no human could.”

Ja Soo-jung nodded.

“Perhaps a Dragon would know.”

While dying, the Black Witch realized something.

“Thank you. Miss Black Witch. Thanks to you, this one realized my incompetence.”

That this noble, who was gently bowing to her, was fatally broken somewhere.

“Unfortunately, this incompetence cannot be resolved for the time being. The Dragon Emperor lives outside of the kingdom. If this one were to throw politics aside and chase after the Dragon’s tail, this kingdom would soon perish… Mm. Right. I’ll also need to learn Dragon tongue.”

Ja Soo-jung smiled brightly.

“Please wait for a while. As soon as this one figures out how to treat Death, I will repay Miss Black Witch first.”

“Mon… ster…”


Ja Soo-jung placed her sword against the witch’s neck.

“When you open your eyes again, a happy spring will await you.”

Viscount Amethyst rose to prominence as a hero.

All of the Red Nail executives surrendered to Ja Soo-jung, except for one. Those who were tired of terrorism moved to the forest village, and those who had become bloodthirsty, became soldiers for Ja Soo-jung.

The kingdom was on the verge of collapse. Even if it was no longer a fight between the humans and the sub race, there were still many bloody battlefields.

One by one, Ja Soo-jung collected the poison of the kingdom.

‘The Apathetic Duke’s Pet’, ‘Princess Cham Beol-sa’s Tutor’, ‘The Slayer of the Black Witch’, ‘The One Who Absorbed the Red Nail’.

Titles that were too bright to be said to have been obtained by luck at her young age.

But compared to the title she was about to get, all of those were mediocre at best.

“Hello, Mr. Gold Dragon.”

One year after the witch hunt.

“It’s nice to meet you. This one is Ja Soo-jung, a noble from the kingdom, and the Head of the Amethyst Family.” (TL: Ja Soo-jung family)

Ja Soo-jung bowed politely.

Behind her stood countless warriors.

These were the poisons she’d collected over the past year.

[The Royal Capital’s First Sword] The Ultimate Sword Duke, [The Head of the Capital Army] Viscount Se Ah-gwi, [The Executioner] Baron Yu Ik-mo, [The Last of the Red Nails] Ju Tan-ha, [The Phoenix] Princess Nan Lak-je, [Viscount Amethyst’s Flower] Viscount Sim An-chal….

Those who had once dreamed of the destruction of the kingdom, those who wanted it, those who tried to hasten it, those who welcomed it, and those who ignored it. A force capable of overturning the kingdom stood behind Ja Soo-jung. Their swords were stained with blood. The blood of the soldiers who’d jumped to protect the Dragon.

“It is rude of me to ask this at our first meeting.”

Ja Soo-jung smiled brightly.

“But do you know of a way to treat the dead?”

That day.

Ja Soo-jung slew a Dragon that had lived for thousands of years.

[Act 2.]

[Dragon Emperor Hunt.]

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