Ye Jiuyue’s biological clock made him wake up basically on the dot even while sick. Yet his head didn’t hurt anymore, and his fever wasn’t so high either. It was just that he had entered a bit into the stage of illness where he felt completely devoid of energy due to being sick; he felt like he couldn’t muster up any strength. 

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He opened his eyes, his sight gradually becoming clearer. Yet, he paused, staring dumbly at Shen Weixing, who was lying by the side of the bed. 

Shen Weixing was sitting on the ground, lying against the side of the bed, silently sleeping. The morning sunlight streamed in from the window, gently falling on his face, creating slight shadows under his long eyelashes and making him look especially innocent.





Ye Jiuyue admired the sight with the gaze of someone looking at a work of art for a little while, reached out a hand to poke at the bridge of Shen Weixing’s nose. There were rumours on the grapevine that Shen Weixing had gotten plastic surgery before, from hair extensions, to his face then to his muscles, all of it was said as if it were true, and the focus was on his face. What’s more, those rumours took blurred pictures of Shen Weixing when he had just debuted and compared them to how he was now, saying that this part and that part had undergone plastic surgery. Furthermore, they said with certainty that Shen Weixing had gone to get plastic surgery in those years he had all but disappeared. 


To tell the truth, when Shen Weixing first debuted, he did indeed look a lot different from now. His whole demeanour and energy were different, his aura was also different, his features—were slightly different.

Towards these rumours, Shen Weixing’s fans expressed: obviously, of course he’s not the same. Are you the exact same at sixteen and twenty-six? If at sixteen you didn’t have enough to eat, endured the cold and hardships, could you look the same as when you were in a good environment? Then you’re sOoOoo amazing! What the hell can you see from that highly pixelated screenshot anyways?!

The Satellites weren’t weak, they got out the photos of Shen Weixing from back in the day and of him later in life in the same angle and pose, as evidence that Shen Weixing hadn’t changed at all, he had just grown into his features and was affected by changes in the mystical ‘air’ and charisma. 


There was once a trending challenge on Weibo where the Satellites all showed their childhood, teenage and adult photos and compared them. In the end, they came to a painful conclusion: comparison showed the truth, comparison showed that Shen Weixing had always been good-looking. It seemed like he changed a lot, but the result was everyone found that they themselves had changed much more and Shen Weixing had only grown into his features.




There was a fan who posted: I want to stop being his fan….I’m envious…..I only knew that he didn’t have enough to eat back then, but when I was a teen I had enough to eat, I even ate too much and ate until such a small, pretty face became much bigger, fuck, I’m sorry to myself…….. 




Shen Weixing felt that his face was itchy and frowned. He half opened his eyes and raised a hand to grab the finger that was poking him all over his face. Voice raspy with sleep, he asked, “What are you doing?” 

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Ye Jiuyue said, “Thank you.”

“I wasn’t staying with you on purpose, I just fell asleep while sitting.” Shen Weixing got up with a hand on the edge of the bed. His leg was a little numb, so he sat on the edge of the bed for a while. He frowned as he rubbed his sleepy eyes, yawned, then asked, “How are you feeling?”

“I feel like I’m all better.” Ye Jiuyue said. 

“Let’s measure your temperature again.” Shen Weixing gave another yawn. “If you’re all better, then measure it yourself.” 

Ye Jiuyue obediently got the thermometer from the bedside table and measured his own temperature. He asked with concern, “How about you go and sleep some more?”

“Don’t mind me, just take care of yourself.” Shen Weixing glanced at Ye Jiuyue, his expression strange. “Once you’re better, I have something to talk to you about.”


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


“Tbe’gf cba ubccj jrx ktja la lr?” 

Tf Alesef rjlv, “Tbe rjlv atja sbe’v afii wf bcmf P’w yfaafg, atbeut.”

Fuck, can’t you have any curiosity?! I’m so nice, waiting until you’re better to break your enthusiasm towards love. So early in the morning, and already Shen Weixing was angered by him; he gave him a glare.

Tf Alesef kjr erfv ab la jcv rajgfv yjmx lccbmfcais.

Whatever, whatever, I’ll just be enduring it for these two days, after we clear things, we’ll both be going our separate ways. Shen Weixing thought to himself.  

Ktlcxlcu bo la ilxf atlr, Vtfc Qflzlcu’r tfjga kjr offilcu kflgv. Lf yijwfv atlr ragjcuf, gfiemajca wbbv bc: Vlut, lc atf oeaegf kf mjc’a oemx jcswbgf. Vlut, gluta cbk Tf Alesef’r ralii rlmx, mjc’a fnfc tjnf j ygfjx-eq oemx. Vlut, cb wjaafg ktja, la’r Tf Alesef’r ojeia. Vlut, kts lr Tf Alesef rb jccbslcu?




Ye Jiuyue noticed that the gaze that Shen Weixing was using on him so early in the morning was very odd, and was a little grievous.

Ye Jiuyue carefully thought back on it; he thought that maybe the problem was that when a few days ago Shen Weixing wanted to stay over and fuck, but was met with his illness and couldn’t fuck. Taking into account Shen Weixing’s degree of enthusiasm for that matter, perhaps feelings of bitterness had sprung up from being sexually unsatisfied.

Told him to do it while it was hot, but he chose not to himself. Ye Jiuyue calmly thought, then thought that his idol was still maintaining his morals, seems like he could continue being a fan for a while longer.


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Shen Weixing realized that Ye Jiuyue was staring at him while eating breakfast. 

What bad luck, he loves me a lot to begin with, now that he’s eaten the food that I’ve made, he’s definitely basically added his name to my family register in his head! Things are getting worse and worse! What if in the future he can’t accept reality and tries to commit suicide?! Shen Weixing thought with great alarm. 





With apprehension, Shen Weixing ate the breakfast he’d made himself. As he did so, he planned how to end this sugar daddy relationship. He’d first give Ye Jiuyue some prior hints so that it wasn’t too sudden, otherwise, Ye Jiuyue wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Nowadays, young people are very scary, they hurt others and themselves out of the blue just because they’re dumped. Shen Weixing apprehensively said,  “Hey, Ye Jiuyue.” 

Ye Jiuyue swallowed a mouthful of noodles and asked, “En?”

“What plans do you have for the future?” Shen Weixing earnestly asked. 


“Don’t always say ‘en’! I don’t know what your ‘en’ means!” Shen Weixing asked, “I asked you, do you have plans for the future?” 

Of course I do, but why suddenly ask about it? Ye Jiuyue stared at Shen Weixing with a little confusion.

The reason that Shen Weixing asked this, was of course with a motive. He decided to use outflanking tactics as a battleplan, to trigger Ye Jiuyue into thinking beautiful thoughts about the future and get Ye Jiuyue to understand that apart from a failed romantic relationship, there were many other worthy pursuits and things to look forward to. For example, dreams! Don’t go down the wrong path because of a sudden, vague and insubstantial love that from the start was hopeless!  

I’m such a genius. Shen Weixing smugly thought. 




Ye Jiuyue thought about it, then very seriously responded, “Just to live well.”

Shen Weixing: “Huh?” 

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Ye Jiuyue continued eating breakfast, head lowered. 

Shen Weixing asked, “What do you mean? Don’t try to fool me, answer the question seriously, even if you fool me you can’t fool with your own life!”

Ye Jiuyue:“……”

Why is he making a fuss so early in the morning? Ye Jiuyue perplexedly thought.  

“Tell me.” Shen Weixing urged him. 

Ye Jiuyue slowly said, “I didn’t fool you, I said it very seriously. My plan for the future is to live well, to live a good life, to live earnestly and seriously.”


“That’s too empty and vague of you.” Shen Weixing looked down on him. “For example, take a look at me, my first phase goal is to be the male lead in a big screen film, my second phase goal is to get a national award for leading male actor, then following that get an international award; isn’t that a very good goal?”

Ye Jiuyue, standing from the viewpoint of a fan, happily put down his chopsticks and clapped for him. “Good luck!” 

Shen Weixing:“……”



After he’d finished cheering him on, Ye Jiuyue picked up his chopsticks again and continued eating the noodles.  

Shen Weixing held in his urge to spit out blood and persisted to say, “So now it’s your turn, what is your first stage goal? If you don’t have one, then I’ll help you think one out! People can’t not have a goal, my older sister said that. If your goal is somewhat big, then split it into stages. Going one step at a time, you’ll definitely be able to reach it eventually.” He offered weighty advice from the heart, “Young man, don’t give up lightly.”

Ye Jiuyue:“……”



Under Shen Weixing’s urging, Ye Jiuyue could only consider what his current first stage goal was. “I want to get the scholarship money.”

“Very good.” Shen Weixing commented. “That counts as a goal, that’s not bad, although it’s a little low-reaching; as a Zhuang Yuan, getting the scholarship money is what you should do.”

Ye Jiuyue:“……”

Shen Weixing guided gently. “Then what do you want to do once you’ve gotten the scholarship money?” 

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Ye Jiuyue stared at him, unspeaking. 

“What are you looking at me for? Tell me.” Shen Weixing urged him on. 

Ye Jiuyue slowly said, “Didn’t you want to go on a trip with me? I’m saving up money, I’m not comfortable using your money for it all. But the truth is I sort of want to go on an overseas trip as well. But my situation is sort of complicated, I’d originally planned to pay for everything myself for university; both the everyday living expenses and school fees. I’m not using anything from my parents anymore, so the speed at which I save up money might be pretty slow.”

Shen Weixing:“……” 




Shit, I’m done for.

Shen Weixing thought. 

Ye Jiuyue has definitely already fantasized about having two test tube babies with me, one will have my last name and the other will have his, and in the middle of the night, when the kids cry he’ll continue sleeping and I’ll have to go take care of them. 

After all, he’s already finished planning the honeymoon. 

He’s definitely secretly insinuating to me that this is a honeymoon trip, I can’t be wrong. 

I understand, his ‘live well’ meant living well with me! [emphasis on the ‘with me’] 

Who gave him this blind confidence?! Me?! What did I do to make him have such an absurd misunderstanding?!

Shen Weixing’s inner mind was in utter chaos. 

Why was it that we’re all being sugar daddies, yet other people aren’t faced with a situation as complicated as mine?! 


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