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Qian Yun slapped Yun Lian on the face. One could see how angry she was from Qian Yun’s trembling hands.

“Good for you, Yun Lian. It’s such a big deal now, and you dare to make your own decisions. The child was found to be mentally retarded, and you actually hid it from your family! If this delays my grandson’s treatment, can you afford to compensate him?!”

Qian Yun, who was traveling overseas, immediately found out that Xingxing was found to be mentally retarded.

It turned out that Grandpa Zhang’s eldest daughter-in-law and Qian Yun were classmates. The two of them had a very good relationship, and they could be considered close friends!

Grandpa Zhang’s eldest daughter-in-law directly told this matter to Qian Yun. Qian Yun and her family only knew that Yun Lian did not tell her family at all.

“What?! This child was found to have mental retardation?!” Zhou Mo was also very shocked!

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He had never paid attention to everything about this child, but when he heard the words ‘mental retardation’, he still had some doubts. His family had previously suspected the bloodline of this child, thinking that it might be related to the foolish son of the Yuan family.

Now that this child had been found to have mental retardation, it was even more likely that he had directly inherited the foolish genes of that foolish son of the Yuan family.

“Mom, don’t be so agitated. It’s not good to be angry!” Zhou Mo stood behind Qian Yun and helped her to calm down.

“How can I not be angry? She even dared to hide such a big problem from her family. From now on, even if our Zhou family’s child dies outside, as a grandmother, I still won’t know about it!”

Qian Yun was still very angry.

“Mom, do you think this is a misdiagnosis? After all, our entire family doesn’t have anyone with mental retardation, so how could this child get such a disease?”

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Actually, Zhou Mo really wanted to say that this child’s illness might be related to that foolish son of the Yuan family. However, such words would sound strange if they came from him as if he had cuckolded himself. Therefore, Zhou Mo could only say these words indirectly!

In his heart, Zhou Mo still hoped that this child would be the foolish son of the Yuan family. He did not care that he was cuckolded. As long as this child was not his flesh and blood, he would be able to break up with Yun Lian!

Although Yun Xi was already engaged to his uncle, the two of them still did not get the marriage certificate. As long as the law did not recognize their relationship, Zhou Mo still had a glimmer of hope!

“That’s right! Your words remind me of that foolish son of the Yuan family. I’m afraid this child is not…”

Qian Yun also stopped talking in time. Everyone had feelings. After spending some time together, Qian Yun was filled with anticipation for this grandson of hers. However, everything had pointed out to her that this child was very likely not a child of the Zhou family!

“Mom, that’s not true. This child is really a child of the Zhou family. The problem of his mental deficiency is very likely because the two of us got pregnant after drinking. When I was learning about pregnancy, the teacher also talked about this problem! The midwife also knows about this.”

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Yun Lian looked at the midwife again, hoping that she would speak up for her.

“No matter what, this child is really sick! Quickly take this child to the hospital and rediagnose it to see if it is a misdiagnosis. If it is not a misdiagnosis, quickly prescribe medicine and treat it as soon as possible!”

The eldest son of the Zhou family, who had been standing behind Qian Yun, spoke in silence. After thinking for a long time, the eldest son of the Zhou family added on. “Do a paternity test while you’re at it! Our Zhou family doesn’t lack the money to do the test. If it’s our Zhou family’s child, we’ll definitely do everything we can to help him treat his illness! If it’s not our Zhou family’s child…”

Before the Zhou family’s eldest son could finish his sentence, Yun Lian started to retort.

“No, dad. If people find out about this paternity test, it will also affect the child. This child can not do a paternity test!”

Actually, if one listened carefully, one could hear a slight tremble in Yun Lian’s voice.

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She was afraid!

However, the eldest son of the Zhou family had already made up his mind. He immediately ordered the driver at the door to bring the child to the hospital for a paternity test!

The matter was already set in stone!

Yun Lian felt her vision darken and immediately fainted on the floor!

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