Qiang Jin Jiu

Chapter 214

The sun was shining brightly on the day, and the gate of Duanzhou City was chaotic. The snow on the ground was wet and splashed with horseshoes. The heavy-duty cart slipped between the slabs, dragging the horse crooked and hissing, blocking the road, and the North Rail behind couldn't ride in, so he had to dismount to come and join hands.

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"This bird weather," Yin Chang was anxious, twisted his pants belt, and blushed. "When it changes, it will change. I also froze to death a few days ago, and I've got Laozi's **** hot today."

Horses ran along the road, and the wet snow splashed all over. Fei Sheng wore his robe, put it in his belt, raised his hand and twisted his nose, and complained, "Why are these sand horses so stinky!"

"They are all running on the Gobi. If you want to pull, pull them," said the Taihu Tiger, and the front side pony pony raised his tail to pull the dung, and the dung fell into the tide snow, steaming. Huantai Tiger shaved his army boots and tried to pull this horse farther. Before he even started, he flew over several people and splashed hot feces on them.

Fei Sheng's complexion was blue, and he smelled like a jumper. When he saw the fresh feces attacking, he hid behind Yin Chang, so that the old man blocked it completely.

"Run!" Yin Changchong yelled away from the North Rail Rider, wiped his face again, and said to Fei Sheng, "Hide yourself!"

My sister-in-law Yu Lema, turn around and go back here, and Hu Taitai waved his hand and cursed, "Your mother, get off!"

My sister-in-law Yu Xin changed her boots and saw that they were all dirty. They refused to go down, slowed down the horse, came to the front, and said, "Why are you two? Elder and the governor?"

"Go ahead," Fei Sheng couldn't breathe, and squeezed his throat. "Why didn't this snow get packed up early? It's all blocked up now, you see what it looks like, my master's blue and white robe came down to the ground Scourge! "

Xunzi Yu won the battle and was so proud of the spring breeze that he was thinking about asking them to drink a few days when he was free. He was scolded and was not annoyed and said proudly, "I'm busy."

Before he laughed on this side, the snowball on the other side hit his face.

Gujin couldn't stand his nose. His complexion turned blue, and he scolded the sister-in-law for the remaining ball: "You laughed! The sky was so hot, the snow in the city followed, and you waited for this bad official ditch in Duanzhou. By that time, there will be all stinks inside and outside the city. "

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Gu Jin is usually taciturn, because he bears the responsibility of raising Ding Tao, so he rarely swears. He was not stigmatized by Guo Weili's humiliation at Tudalong Banner last year.

Xun Ziyu used to be quite attentive in the past. This time, she was stunned by the victory, and exposed in trivial matters. If Chen Yang was still here, he would definitely remind him, but now he changed to Gujin, and it was more straightforward to scold him.

The three people still standing behind were dumbfounded. Yin Chang was holding a row of urine and Hutaihu standing in a row, waiting for Gujin to order immediately to start working.

Fei Sheng whispered, "This **** is familiar."

Huantai Tiger said vaguely: "Well."

"Well," Yin Chang Mao said, "I didn't teach it!"

Xunzi Yu has rolled off his horse honestly.


Duanzhou has never encountered a fire like Dunzhou, and the street appearance is still the same as it was seven years ago. The shop restaurant has been closed for a long time. Achi has only kept a few cooked meat shops. Scorpions love to eat stewed beef here. Biansha's heavy soldiers lived here for a period of time, emptying all the civilian areas on the east and west sides, but retaining the ghost town area north.

"Lei Jingzheng is here to trade with scorpions," Shen Zechuan stepped on the old debris pile, jumped onto the collapsed courtyard wall, and stood on top of it to see the districts on the north side. "This place was used to be bought by Master. Something you can't see on the market. "

"What's south?" Xiao Chiye stepped up, looking south, "... Biansha's horse farm."

Shen Zechuan exhaled and said, "This is an empty city."

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Shen Zechuan was in the two states of Ci and Cha last year. He once worried that there were too many refugees from Dancheng, but now it seems that the declining population of Zhongbo is a good place to carry the refugees from eight cities.

"It's time to revisit the yellow book," Xiao Chiye watched as he soared in the sky, and was lazily tanned. He was wearing no armour today, only wearing an arm restraint. "Last year was mainly controlled by the three states. The Chazhou and Dunzhou garrisons were scarce. Naturalization was co-organized by the officials. But now the six states are under the control of the civilians and the military. Separated."

Civil registration is under the control of the Ministry of Households, and military registration cannot be unified. Xiao Chiye served as the governor of the embargo in Batu, and the embargoed compound had a place to handle the embargo. This is one of the reasons for the incompatibility between the embargo and the eight major battalions. The Chinese masters are not so easy to do. The staff of Cizhou is not enough. All six states need government affairs and military command divisions, as well as relative inspectors.

"These things are not difficult, and Yu Xiao will be able to inspect the six state affairs. This is equivalent to an inspection. I want him to be a Zhongbodai. He has been excellent in the evaluation and evaluation in Badu. He knows the tricks of the local yamen. Although Cheng Feng refuses to follow me, he is willing to help the rest of the five states' government affairs, which can be regarded as solving my urgent need. "Shen Zechuan looked back and flew back, talking in his mouth "There is no shortage of public officials. As long as the public officials of various states are willing to open their doors, people will come naturally. Lack is an important member who can govern the affairs of the state."

Not only that, Shen Zechuan still lacks generals.

At present, Luo Mu is temporarily in charge of military affairs in Chazhou. It will only be a moment. Shen Zechuan will not let him stay for so long, because Luo Mu is now under the jurisdiction of three powers, and Jin Yiwei is temporarily replaced by Jin Yiwei. Intervening in the power of Chazhou government affairs, if Luo Mu moved other thoughts, as long as he did concealment, he might be able to hide Shen Zechuan's eyes. In order to avoid this situation from happening again, Shen Zechuan must determine the candidates for each state as soon as possible.

Suddenly fell on Xiao Chiye's arm, Xiao Chiye said: "The money treasurer is also lacking."

When Xiao Chiye mentioned this, Shen Zechuan thought of Liang Yishan. He looked at Xiao Chiye and said, "It's a pity Liang Qiaoshan."

"Liang Yeshan followed Pan Yu to do something, and it is not a waste." Xiao Chiye gave Mammoth flat feathers. "I heard the report a few days ago, Xue Xiuzhuo wants to check the land of Dancheng? If this can really be done, eight No city was spared, and that would be a great hit for the family. "

"It's not clear yet," Shen Zechuan said, jumping off the wall. "The details won't be known until everyone comes over."

The two of them walked back along the road. When they reached the house where they had settled, they didn't see a few bones. Only Fei Sheng was here.

"It's all going to Qingxue," Fei Sheng said in his mouth, and then said, "At this moment, Gujin and Xunzi are on top."

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What this meant was that he was not lazy and happened to be resting.

Knowing Fei Sheng's temperament, Shen Zechuan did not intend to pursue it. He only told Xiao Chiye: "The Guangou in Duanzhou should be re-examined. I don't know what it is, so we should plan it earlier."

Xiao Chiye glanced at Fei Sheng, but said nothing. Fei Sheng did a good job in Huo Lingyun's affairs. He pressed his temper without hitting the other side, did not look at his eyes and did not find Huo Lingyun's trouble, so Xiao Chiye finally remembered him.

Fei Sheng didn't dare to let the two of them stick at the door, leading the way, and let the prince sit down first. This place is the house of the original commander of Duanzhou City, that is, the Zhu family from Lei Jingzhang, who was left here and abandoned, and was picked up by Xunzi Yu to take the wind and settle down for both of them.

When Xueqing at the gate of the city arrived, they were all soldiers leading the battle, and Shen Zechuan never let them come all night. The kitchen prepares the food early, and everyone rests as they please. Fei Sheng lived in a house with Yin Chang and Huantai Hu. When the two took off their boots, Fei Sheng fell to the ground on the spot.

Shen Zechuan and Xiao Chiye finished their meals, and Gujin waiting outside came in.

Xiao Chiye saw that Gujin's look was not right, so he put aside his idle book and asked, "What is it?"

Gujin took the letter from his arms and presented it to Xiao Chiye, saying, "Li Bei has sent a letter to the master."

Xiao Chiye read the letter in two letters. One was an official letter written by Xiao Jiming, and the other was a private letter from Chen Yang. He first read Xiao Jiming ’s letter. His elder brother mentioned that horses can go to Luoshan at the end of February, and he also mentioned that Xiao Chiye would return to the battlefield at the end of February. These are things that Xiao Chiye had known for a long time. One is interesting.

After Gujin went out, Shen Zechuan rose from the back, pressed Xiao Chiye's hair, looked at the letter, and said calmly, "Big brother's surprise."

Xiao Chiye looked at the article several times and said, "Big brother transferred Guo Weili to my second battalion. This is to make the third battalion free for the master. Guo Weili is not used to Hasson's rhythm, and staying at the third battalion is also aggrieved . "

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In all fairness, Guo Weili does have the talent to lead troops. He can keep Tu Dalong's banner for so long. But this person is fierce, rushing, and difficult to get along with, especially when he is not convinced. Gunpowder smell. Last year, he injured Gujin, and also lost Gujin's military rank. Therefore, he had a delicate relationship with Xiao Chiye. After Xiao Chiye laid the third battalion in Shasha, the banned army and Guo Weili's soldiers repeatedly rubbed in the third battalion.

The leaders of the three major battle camps in the battlefield will rotate this year, and Xiao Chiye and Guo Weili are not used to each other's soldiers. Guo Weili has basically not used the embargo to the second battalion. He feels that the embargo is both oily and bad. Because of Xiao Fangxu's incident, he now can't get used to Xiao Chiye and hasn't broken his face anymore, but Gu Jin's incident hasn't passed at all. This is a thorn that runs across the two sides.

This person is not easy to use.

Xiao Jiming ’s arrangement is also very meaningful. The other two major camps can communicate with Guo Weili. Whether it is Zuo Qianqiu, Lu Guangbai or Zhaohui, they will not have disputes with Guo Weili, but Xiao Jiming chose to transfer him to Xiao Chiye. In the second battalion.

Xiao Chiye said silently, "Big Brother is Big Brother."

This arrangement is almost straightforward.

Xiao Chiye had a weight in the battlefield after Duanzhou battle. He is not harmonious with the North Rail Riding, and the two sides can slowly adapt. Just like this time, no soldier will refuse a general who can bring himself to victory, not to mention Xiao Chiye not only has a clear reward and punishment, but also must do what he says. However, if he wanted to use the North Rail completely, he had to pass Guo Weili's pass, otherwise his misalignment would be a disaster.

Shen Zechuan was sleepy indoors. He half-concentrated his eyes and whispered, "Ce'an, Heina Baichuan, Rong Nai Da 1, this is the opportunity your big brother gave you."

Xiao Chiye was in the dim light, thinking of the bonfire in the snow. Xiao Fangxu held his fist right in front of him, and Dad asked him in the flash of fire.

"You want this position, but are you really qualified?"

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