Qiang Jin Jiu

Chapter 213

Liang Kunshan was not wearing an official robe, and a jersey was worn with an old sheepskin mule, and he was paired with green shoes. He is the exact opposite of the "Chongshen Master" in the rumors of the market, with a short beard and a square face, because his skin is tanned because he travels all day. It doesn't look like holding a pen in both hands, it's like holding a hoe. When he stood under the post lantern to meet Kong Yan and Cen Yu, Cen Yu nearly regarded him as a miscellaneous servant.

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"How does Chongshen look like this?" Cen Yu exclaimed.

Liang Yanshan led them upstairs and waited until they were seated. Then he said, "It's a long story, the two adults are willing to come, and the officials are really dead without regrets!" Save me in the water and fire, this favor, Xiaguan is memorable! "

Xue Xiuzhuo wiped his hands with the hot pad in the room, and sat beside him, saying, "It's urgent, please talk to the two teachers in detail."

"What's the matter," Kong Yan looked at Liang Yanshan, "it's a day, you should only arrive at the capital later."

"The back is pressed tightly and I dare not delay on the way to Xiaguan. Don't hide my lord, this dress is also to hide people's eyes." Liang Yishan said, taking the account book out of his arms, and rested gently on Cen Yu's hand. Check it out, you've seen it, you save one province. "

Cen Yu opened the ledger, looked at it for a long time, and hesitated, "Isn't this the ledger that Luancheng presented to the household at the beginning of the year?"

"Yes, it is the book of Helianhou of Wucheng City. At the beginning of the year, it was handed over to the other seven cities to the Ministry of Households for review. The inspectors next to the Metropolitan Institute of Auditors had to clarify the details of their taxes and expenses. There was no problem at that time." Having said this, Liang Minshan took another ledger out of his arms. "This was reorganized by Xiaguan in recent days."

When Cen Yu looked at the beginning, he changed his face and asked Liang Yunshan: "How did you figure out this book?"

Liang Yanshan looked dignified, and sorted out his thoughts a little, saying, "The queen mother planned for the month before, and Pan Shilang wanted to go to the palace next to the Dali Temple to check the accounts of Chatan City. The salt tax is in Yongcheng. "

Within a few days, Liang Maoshan received a post from Juxi Duliang Road in the station. He did not see him when he was on business. However, the Duliang Road took the opportunity to leave a “thin gift” for Liang Maoshan. It's gold.

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"Juexi is accessible to Tancheng and Hezhou waterways, and the superintendent of Grain Road is in charge of food and transportation. It is a fat poor, but because the junior officials are in the Juexi Chief Secretary, there is the Chief Minister Jiang Qingqing, So I dare not fight against the grass. "

The position of Governor Liangdao is similar to the position of Liang Yishan, except that he does not have the power of both places, but it has a considerable influence on Juexi. Liang Xieshan did not dare to attack the grass because he suspected that the man had been offered by Jiang's Qingshan to pay bribes.

Liang Yishan is very cautious. It is not easy for him to make it out, so he is very careful in walking officialdom. He wanted to be a noble minister, but also to ensure his life. Juexi was the site of Jiangshan's Qingshan. If he immediately played the impeachment of the governor, he would be detained if he could not get out of Juexi. In addition, Shan Xiande opened the warehouse for four years, and he was shocked by the fact that he was responsible. He was well-loved in the 13 cities of Juexi. Based on this, Liang Yushan had no chance of winning against him, let alone a person with a good eye. Everyone knows that Jiang Qingshan is Xue Xiuzhuo's knife.

"Xiaguan turned around in the post, and naturally the gold could not be collected, but he hurried back and worried about burying the calamity." Liang Minshan said here and glanced at Xue Xiuzhuo. The mission was not short, and he knew a little about him. Therefore, the lower officials simply summoned the governor to the front. "

This is a risky move. Liang Xieshan, who was afraid to move, had to find other traces from this breakthrough. At least he had to figure out whether the person standing behind Duliang Road was a river.

"The superintendent of Grain Road transports taxes through the thirteen cities. It is not difficult to get money," Kong said, "but the royal history set up by the Dudu People's Procuratorate is also keeping accounts, and the ship's origins are clear. How can he hide the sky and cross the sea?"

"Xiaguan's doubts are here," Liang said. "Xiaguan didn't dare to pretend. He had to supervise Liangdao to bring the gold back, and he told me that the gold went very clean, not on Juxi's account. . "

"He manages luck, since it's not something on Jue Xi's book," Cen Healing put on his account book, "that's ..."

Tancheng or Hezhou.

"Yan Heru of Hezhou is a thief with a thief. He inspected Hezhou Yunyun last year. He had paid bribes, but he has a lot of money, so he doesn't have to take the risk to draw money from the internal account of the court." When it comes to Tancheng, he is even more careful. "The current state capital of Tancheng is Fei's partial house which is a family of extravagant flowers. It is very queen queen's eye-catching. In recent years, the achievements of the government have been excellent. Climbing and biting others can only deal with that governor's road, hoping for more details. "

Bribery is about doing things, especially sitting in Liang Yishan's position. He originally thought that Duliangdao was from Jiangshan's Qingshan. He came to pay the bribe for the Juexi salt tax that they checked at that time, but he soon realized that it was not. Since this gold was not on Juexi's account, That means that there is another person behind Du Liangdao. This person can only be a member of the family who is close to Wucheng.

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Liang Yanshan will never say the city of Huacheng, because that is the queen mother's family. At the time, Hua Siqian fell, and the court that was copied by the court was only the house of Hua Siqian. After a year, the queen was resurrected. Now it is the main government affairs Liang Liangshan was brave enough to dare not bite the queen mother.

But Liang Qiaoshan can understand what this gold is for as long as he thinks about it. At that time, the Empress Dowager planned to inspect Liangcheng Mountain with the Dali Temple. Who was most worried about this? Dancheng Pan's most panic.

Cen Yu has understood here, and in such a large circle, in fact, in order to preserve Pan's family, He Lianhou used the hand of supervising Liangdao to bribe Liang Yishan. Helianhou's daughter Zhaoyue Jun was married to Pan's son, and his partial housewife pointed to the flower girl, only he was the most suitable, but this move did not go well.

Pan Yan had a promotion of Liang Yanshan. This kind of kindness was originally conferred by Xiao Chiye, but later it really was because Liang Yanshan had the ability to endure, Pan Yanken made him come forward. Liang Yishan was a little selfish, and for this affection, he had to think twice about Dancheng, which was something he couldn't refuse. But now, Helien Hou sent someone to pay a bribe. As long as Liang Yishan didn't report the matter, even if he paid back Pan Yan's kindness, as for Dan Cheng's account check later, he was no longer burdened.

Not only that, along with this bribe, Liang Yanshan secretly re-examined the Eight City Books, and repeatedly checked the account books of Fei's in Helian Hou City. The so-called money that cannot be found on the books is actually that when the ships or caravans pass the domestic checkpoints, the family will set up invisible checkpoints in their own city. In order to transit, businessmen can only pay private taxes to the family at double the price. Later, a person like Yan Heru appeared and wanted to return the silver he had taken out, so he took over the position of the Clan, and began to sell copper and iron salts in the territory for the family and these local officials, bypassing the tariffs. Dunzhou ’s Xiaohu City was established.

Cen Yu reopened the books led by Liang Yishan and looked at the dizziness of those silver quotas. In recent years, they have been entangled with the family in Lidu. In order to check the accounts, how many capable officials have been discounted. The two books of Hua Siqian and Pan Rugui recovered by Hai Liangyi in Xiande years are just the tip of the iceberg!

Although Yongyi ZTE is short-lived, the taxation system left to all regions is the largest part of the annual revenue of the treasury. Da Zhou was able to succumb to this quickly in just a dozen years. The whole department was on bad debts, and the interior was hollowed out. All of this silver flowed into the pockets of the family.

Cen Yu wasn't sitting securely, and he was shaking as he held his ledger.

In addition to taxation and farmland, Cen Yu didn't even have to calculate carefully, he could already imagine how big the outflow was.

"Xian Denian left the army and did not have a military battalion. Xiao Jiming had to rely on the food from the North Army Tun to run south to fight against the Biansha cavalry." Cen Yu breathed quickly, shaking his hand and turning the page, "At that time Qidong There was no military battalion. Lu Guangbai took Qi Zhuyin's dowry to the north to rescue him. Qi Shiyu lost all the land property to the garrison in these years. In the first year of Tianchen, the green mouse department hit the frontier of the county. Yellow sand! "

Every time, every time.

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Both the north and the south were brought in for money, and Qi Zhuyin was forced to mingle with the hooligans who put tiger skin money in Ludu. Lu Guangbai could not even see Emperor Xiande in Xiande Nian. How many people died during the drought in Juxi? □□ Shan gritted his teeth to open the warehouse to put in grain, and his eighty-year-old mother had to weave the debt. In the six states of Zhongbo, helplessness and emptiness, Zhou Gui, Luo Mu, Huo Qing and others were forced to lie low in front of the bandits.

This is the poor who cried.

Cen Yu hated between his teeth and threw the ledger on the desk case, saying, "The private fields that the Eight Cities have encroached on have not been counted in, this is all blood and silver ..." He said here, choked with a mute voice, " Ge Lao chased to that point ... Xian Denian will die ... Can this still be saved? This can't be saved! "

The room went silent, Liang Yanshan said nothing. He was a rootless and bottomless duckweed. If he wanted to go deeper, he had to rely on a big tree. He first ventilated with Jiang Qingshan to get Xue Xiuzhuo's interview, and then saw Kong Yan and Cen Yu. He did not accept the gold of Helien Hou, but it was useless to just keep it in his hands. Someone had to guarantee it, otherwise he would die in Dancheng as long as he did not make false accounts in accordance with Helien Hou's intentions. Can't protect him.

Xue Xiuzhuo's scarf was cold. He said, "I should have avoided this, but it was a matter of deep security and security, and it involved Dancheng field investigation. So I could only discuss with the two teachers here." Cen Yu and Kong Jing each poured cups of tea. "Today, when we heard about Qidong's use of soldiers, the Ministry of Households must shirk again. Bad debts everywhere are mixed up, I'm afraid that it will delay spring ploughing and Qidong's military food.

Kong Xi was very frightened of Xue Xiuzhuo. Xue Xiuzhuo was too thrilling in the matter of Chu Jun, and relied on Tai Xue storm to squeeze the officials in the cold. Now the hardworking faction is in full swing, and Kong Xi is not in the taste. Relying on his instinct of serving in the Ministry of Criminal Affairs for many years, he determined that Xue Xiuzhuo would never be helpless, and said, "You must call me here, presumably not just to look at the account book."

"One discussion is complete, one is complete." Xue Xiuzhuo changed his name to Kong Zhe. "Yuan Fu did not question the commander ’s use of soldiers and mice in the discussions at Mingli Hall. It was agreed, but because the state treasury was empty, the Ministry of Household Affairs did. It is difficult to bear military expenses, so I have not discussed it with my queen mother. "

"Yes," Kong Yan was more stable than Hai Liangyi at the time. "At this moment, the commander is using the soldier and mouse department to seem to dissolve the North's troubles, but it is to clear the Dazhou's troubles. Amur wolf's ambition, no cover under the nest After finishing the egg, helping the north now is helping Da Zhou. "

Xue Xiuzhuo took a note from his sleeve and pushed it to Kong Yan, saying, "This is the Qidong Army ’s expenditure I just roughed out. It is not cheaper to use long-range troops than in previous years in Bianjun County. The consumption of grain vehicles can eat up last year ’s white horse. Statewide tax and silver. "

Kong Zheng looked at the discount and said, "Last year, we used some of our money, and now it is near the beginning of spring. Whether the eight cities can be successfully implemented is also a big problem. The family refuses to return the farmland and pay the field tax, and there is no way for the cabinet. It would be useless to approve the command of the marshal to send troops. "

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"I have a way," Xue Xiuzhuo looked at Kong Yan. "This time Qidong Army can be borne by Xue."

As soon as this remark came out, not only Kong Jing and Cen Yu, but even Liang Yishan were stunned.

As we all know, Xuecheng of Quancheng showed weakness in the previous generation. His sister-in-law Xue Xiuyi was a fake and high, and he was coaxed by gangsters to owe money. His family has only one Xue Xiuzhuo who can still stand in the chapel. Xue Xue Where is the money?

There was a sudden flash of light in Liang Bishan's mind, thinking of Shen Zechuan, and then thinking of Yun Hongxuan.

Confounded, Xue Jing looked at Xue Xiuzhuo and said, "I am just giving you the IOU as the first assistant of the Cabinet, and I may not be able to pay it back."

"This money Yuan Fu doesn't have to give me an IOU," Xue Xiuzhuo poured a cup of tea for Kong Zheng, and said in full color: "I only ask Yuan Fu to work with me to check the Yachengtian tax."

The lanterns outside the station shook, and the windswept notices on the walkway. The sound of Sheng Le on Donglong Street in Badu faintly passed through the station's long road, blocked by the palace wall, and disappeared between the heavy eaves. Inside the palace wall, Li Jianting sat on the couch, thinking of Qian Chen in the sound of the iron horse tapping.

Feng Quan was hanging down for Li Jianting, and suddenly he heard Chu Jun ask, "Are you wearing an earring?"

Li Jianting soaked his shoulders and arms in Wufa. She looked at the deep dormitory, as if to answer for Fengquan, and as if to answer for herself.

"I hate earrings," she turned to Fengquan with the eyes of Emperor Guangcheng, smiling slowly in the dim, "wearing like a domestic animal, letting people slaughter."

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