The Qin family!

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At this moment, a large straw shed was set up in the Qin family’s courtyard. Under the shed were some daily necessities and cabinets.

Yes, there were cabinets for storing clothes and blankets, and some pots and pans. To put it simply, they moved all the furniture in the house to the courtyard, which was the furthest from the house.

Some time ago, because Tao Po had taken over the Qin family, no one in the Qin family dared to enter the house now. They even paid for someone to take out these things.

Initially, the Qin family wanted to try entering the house. After all, they had had enough of the smell in the cowshed.

Although there were no more cows, they felt that their bodies were filled with the smell of cow dung. Even the breath they exhaled when they spoke was the smell of cow dung.

They had had enough of this smell.

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However, after they boldly entered, they suddenly felt a gust of cold wind in the room. It was summer, but they felt goosebumps on their skin. There was even a trace of snow on their hair and eyelashes.

This frightened them greatly. They ran out like a swarm of bees and did not dare to barge in again.

Qin Xi saw that they were all gathered under the cowshed and eating at a big table.

Moreover, there seemed to be something cooking in the big pot at the side.

Qin Xi’s eyes lit up and she walked in slowly with a faint smile. She glanced at the chowder in the pot and mocked, “Yo, everyone is here apparently. Didn’t you say you wanted to treat me to a meal and have something to tell me? Why did you start without me?”

Xu Wan sat on the stool and had no intention of moving. She snorted and picked up some potatoes with her chopsticks to put into the bowl. She mocked, “Heh, you’re a big boss now. Of course, you don’t want to eat the food we eat.”

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She wanted to humiliate Qin Xi, but Qin Xi nodded seriously. “You’re right. I really don’t like this pot of pig food.”

Not to mention Xu Wan, even the others were dumbfounded. None of them expected Qin Xi to say such a thing.

Qin Guobiao’s face darkened. He slammed his chopsticks on the table and scolded, “You unruly thing!”

When he said this, Qin Gang put down his chopsticks and jogged to lock the door, as if he was afraid that Qin Xi would run away.

Qin Xi raised her eyebrows. “What’s going on? Is this a trap?”

“It doesn’t matter if it is a trap. Little b*tch, aren’t you very capable? Let’s see how you can escape today.” Qin Gang smiled maliciously.

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Qin Xi shrugged with a smile. “Escape? Why should I escape?”

“It’s best if you don’t.” Qin Gang said with a sinister smile.

Then, he looked at Lin Keke and Xu Wan and said maliciously, “Haven’t the two of you always wanted to vent your anger? What are you waiting for? Go up and teach her a lesson. Let her remember the rules of our family. I’ll watch over her. If she dares to fight back, I’ll slap her.”

As he spoke, he broke a tree branch from a tree and swung it in the air, making a sound.

It had indeed been a long time since Xu Wan and Lin Keke taught Qin Xi a lesson.

During this period of time, Qin Xi had been in the limelight. While they were jealous, they also felt resentful.

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No one liked a person who had once been trampled on by them without any dignity suddenly turning the table around.

This feeling made them feel terrible, as if it had become their inner demon.

As the two of them approached, Qin Xi still had a smile on her face. “Old Master Qin, is no one going to do anything about it?”

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