Su Wan covered her lips in surprise. She felt a lump in her throat and tears welled up in her eyes. She did not expect that Jing Chen would bring her to this place without a word and prepare such a big surprise for her.

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This proposal came too suddenly!

She was not prepared at all.

He asked if she was willing?

Of course she was willing!

Although Jing Chen had proposed to her once four years ago, they had never registered their marriage. Su Wan had been waiting for this moment for too long. She looked up at the plaque of the Civil Affairs Bureau. When she thought of the few years she had missed with Jing Chen, her heart ached even more, but more of it was happiness and joy.

Su Wan reached out her fingers, her eyes filled with tears. She smiled and nodded vigorously. “Jing Chen! I’m willing! Of course I’m willing!”

Jing Chen couldn’t help but laugh. He quickly took out the ring from the ring box, lowered his head, and put the ring on Su Wan’s finger seriously.

As soon as he put it on, Jing Chen couldn’t wait to get up and pull Su Wan into his arms.

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Jing Chen sniffed Su Wan’s scent greedily and enjoyed it with his eyes closed, a sweet smile on his lips.

With the person she loved by her side, a hug could reassure her.

Su Wan hugged Jing Chen tightly, a familiar aura wrapped around her.

In the Civil Affairs Bureau, Jing Chen and Su Wan took a photo of their identification documents. The moment the seal was pressed down, the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

They finally got married again.

When they came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the two of them could not help but look at the two red books many times.

Kang Xu drove Jiang Xin to the Jing Family to visit Jing Hai and happened to pass by the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Jiang Xin had been looking out of the window. When she saw two familiar figures, her eyes widened and she shouted anxiously, “Stop the car!”

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Kang Xu was shocked. He quickly stepped on the accelerator and braked, thinking that something urgent had happened to Jiang Xin. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

The car stopped steadily by the roadside. Jiang Xin did not answer Kang Xu. She stared at Jing Chen and Su Wan at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Instead, she pointed at the two of them with a trembling finger and asked, “Are those two Jing Chen and Su Wan?”

She was asking the obvious.

But she couldn’t believe it.

Kang Xu frowned slightly. He turned around and looked out of the car window beside Jiang Xin. He narrowed his eyes. “I think it’s Brother and Sister-in-law. Look, they’re each holding a red notebook. They must have just gotten their marriage certificate.”

When Jiang Xin heard this, she clenched her fists angrily and her face twisted.

They actually registered their marriage?

How could they register their marriage?

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If Jing Chen wanted to register a marriage, it should be with her!

Jiang Xin stared at the marriage certificate in their hands, her eyes burning.

Kang Xu saw that Jiang Xin’s expression was not right. He frowned even more and felt a little depressed. “Aren’t you happy that they’ve registered their marriage? Are you still thinking about Jing Chen?”

He had investigated Jiang Xin before he married Jiang Xin four years ago. He knew that she had always liked Jing Chen, but she had never forced him. Later on, when they got along, Jiang Xin said that she treated Jing Chen as her brother, so they got married smoothly.

Kang Xu thought that after more than four years, even a rock would warm up. He did not expect Jiang Xin to still be thinking about Jing Chen.

“Stop imagining things!” Jiang Xin looked at Kang Xu impatiently, dissatisfied with his question.

Jiang Xin couldn’t admit it. If Kang Xu wanted to divorce her, she would be alone.

She had to leave herself a way out.

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Before she got Jing Chen.

“I’m imagining things?” Kang Xu felt a little confused and was amused by Jiang Xin’s words. “You keep saying that you treat Jing Chen as your brother, but what are you calling him? His name!”

Kang Xu roared at Jiang Xin.

Jiang Xin was stunned by his roar.

This seemed to be the first time Kang Xu had gotten angry at her since they got married.

Because in the past four years, Kang Xu had always been gentle and considerate. He was like a warm man at home, caring about everything. He was really different from the rumors.

But when she came back to her senses, Jiang Xin did not feel that she had done anything wrong. She was not to be outdone. “We’re not related by blood to begin with. Is calling him brother important? Why are you so petty? You even want to fuss over this?”

When Kang Xu heard this, he felt suffocated, as if a huge rock was pressing down on him.

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