It was a photo.

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Su Wan turned on the magnification and quickly turned off her phone after taking a look. Her eyes were filled with shock.

Jing Chen noticed Su Wan’s condition and asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Su Wan glanced at Jing Chen, not knowing what to say.

The current Jiang Xin was Jing Chen’s sister in name and called her sister-in-law, but why did Jiang Xin treat her like this?

Could it be that she could not forget Jing Chen?

At the thought of this possibility, Su Wan felt a little afraid. Jiang Xin was already married to Kang Xu, but she was thinking about another man. They had clearly reconciled back then. Was it all fake?

Jing Chen was puzzled by Su Wan’s gaze. He walked up to her and said earnestly, “Wan wan, you have to tell me what happened. Don’t keep it to yourself.”

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Su Wan shook her head. She had yet to think of how to tell Jing Chen about this. Let’s wait for a while. It was not impossible for the person following her to accidentally capture Jiang Xin.

However, there were only two people in the photo. Su Wan didn’t believe it herself.

“I’m fine, Jing Chen. Don’t worry,” Su Wan said, pretending that nothing had happened.

If she had to tell Jing Chen, she had to produce evidence.

If Jiang Xin really wanted to harm her, she couldn’t just sit back and wait for death.

Qin Lan brought Jing Yu and Jing Hao out for a day and finally reached home.

As soon as Jing Yu and Jing Hao saw Jing Chen and Su Wan, they let go of Qin Lan’s hand and ran towards them. “Dad, Mom!”

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When the two of them heard the sound, they opened their arms to catch the two babies who were running over.

Su Wan felt the small and soft body in her arms. In an instant, her fatigue from the day dissipated and she temporarily forgot about the unhappiness from before.

Su Wan smiled and gently scratched Jing Yu’s nose in her arms. “Did you have fun outside with your brother? Did you listen to Grandma?”

Jing Yu’s voice was soft as he replied seriously, “I’m happy. Grandma took us to the supermarket and mall and bought us a lot of delicious food. She even bought us clothes!”

Jing Hao nodded crazily. “In the afternoon, Grandma even brought us to the amusement park to play!”

Qin Lan’s hands were empty. When she looked up, she saw that the two of them were already in Jing Chen and Su Wan’s arms. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She had brought the two brothers around for a day, but they immediately abandoned her when they came back.

“I see! Then shouldn’t Yuyu and Haohao thank Grandma? After all, Grandma took care of you for a day. She has had a hard time,” Su Wan said patiently.

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Jing Yu and Jing Hao thought for a while and felt that Su Wan made sense. They nodded repeatedly. “It’s hard on Grandma, just like how Mom takes care of us.”

At this moment, Jing Chen said, “Then shouldn’t you do something to let Grandma feel your gratitude?”

The two brothers frowned and thought for a while, but Jing Hao was the first to move. He turned around and ran to Qin Lan. He pulled Qin Lan’s hand to the sofa. “Grandma, sit!”

Jing Hao was not good at talking. After asking Qin Lan to sit down, he clenched his fists and started to massage Qin Lan’s legs.

Jing Yu saw the cup on the table and immediately went to get it and brought it to Qin Lan. “Grandma, you’ve worked hard. Grandma, drink some water! Yuyu will massage your shoulders later.”

Qin Lan looked at the two little fellows surrounding her and looked at Su Wan with relief. It seemed that Su Wan had taught the two children well during the four years they were overseas.

She took the water from Jing Yu, who immediately went behind Qin Lan and massaged her shoulders.

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Although the two children weren’t very strong and the feeling of them falling on her body was very light, Qin Lan was still very happy. This day was worth it. “Yuyu and Haohao are so obedient! Grandma will bring you out to play next time, okay?”


At the mention of going out to play, Jing Yu and Jing Hao were naturally happy. They worked even harder, making everyone laugh.

At night, when they were sleeping, Qin Lan successfully kidnapped the two brothers to her room. She liked her two grandchildren too much! Of course, she also gave Su Wan and Jing Chen more time to be alone. The two of them had not seen each other for four years. They definitely had a lot to talk about and things to do. She understood.

After taking a shower, Su Wan lay on the bed and blushed as she looked at Jing Chen, who was not wearing a top.

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