Little Dandy, He’s a Little Good

Little Dandy, He’s a Little Good is a popular light novel written by Lin Buhuan . The story is translated to English and covers Shounen Ai, Yaoi genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Little Dandy, He’s a Little Good and can be read for free.


After Rong Zhuo’s death, it was written into a book. The original owner was introduced to the prince as a confidant because of his ability and political integrity. When he passed through, he was not familiar with the prince. In order to avoid the ending of the original book, he decided to be a dummy and ruin his reputation so that he would not provoke the prince. Unexpectedly, Rong Zhuo overturned the car on his first day as a dummy, and also met the prince’s nemesis by accident, and this person is the future emperor of this dynasty…

Rong Zhuo, the protagonist of this article, is not a brilliant genius, but a little sun full of justice and kindness in his heart. Under his influence, the playful friends around him “returned to the righteous” one after another, and even the cold and violent His Royal Highness King Yan was unknowingly warmed by him, and slowly walked out of the gloomy past.