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Hearing Lu Xiang’s words, Lu Yan could not help but clench his fists. He knew that saying these words would not do the Lu family any good at all. It would even make everyone doubt the authenticity of his grandfather’s illness.

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Lu Xiang was really an idiot. She was actually led by the nose so easily!

He was about to stop her when Gu Zheng acted first. He raised an eyebrow and said, “I thought you were talking about the Lu family paying respects to their ancestors.”

Lu Yan’s heart trembled, and his eyes were filled with horror. He suddenly looked at Lu Xiang, who had the same expression as him. They were both very puzzled as to how Gu Zheng knew about the ancestral worship ceremony.

At this moment, Lu Yan finally knew why he had been uneasy since he saw Gu Zheng. It was because Gu Zheng was too calm and looked confident as if he had everyone in the Lu family in his hands. It turned out that he already knew that the Lu family paying respects to their ancestors.

However, they had only discussed this matter in the Lu family’s mansion. Gu Zheng had never stepped into the Lu family’s door, so how could he know? Moreover, not many people in the Lu family knew about this. In order to stop Gu Zheng from participating, they deliberately wanted to pay respects to their ancestors in advance.

Those who could attend the ancestral worship ceremony were all descendants of the Lu family. Although Gu Zheng was also a member of the Lu family, Lu Yan did not want him to return to the Lu family. Old Master Lu naturally did not agree to have Gu Zheng attend as well, but now that everyone in Li City knew that Gu Zheng was Old Master Lu’s grandson and Lu Qingyun’s only son, if they did not invite Gu Zheng to attend, they would definitely be criticized.

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After thinking about it, Lu Xiang thought of holding the ceremony in advance. On that day, she would get the descendants of the Lu family to come and would not inform anyone else.

However, they never expected Gu Zheng to know about this and even say it in public.

Lu Yan bit his lip hatefully.

After a moment of silence, Qiao Xi chuckled. “I see! Young Master Lu, why didn’t you say so earlier? If you wanted to invite Ah Zheng and me to the Lu family’s ancestral worship ceremony, you could’ve just told me! You said so many unimportant things just now. I thought you were here to look for trouble with me!”

When she heard this, Lu Xiang hurriedly retorted in exasperation, “Qiao Xi! You want to participate in the Lu family’s ancestral worship ceremony? Dream on! It’s impossible…”

“Madam Lu, what do you mean?” Qiao Xi had an innocent expression as she asked with tears in her eyes, “Why can’t I participate? I’m Ah Zheng’s wife. Could it be that you and Young Master Lu didn’t come to look for me to invite us to attend the ancestral worship ceremony?”

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Lu Xiang had already completely lost her mind. She listened to Qiao Xi’s words and roared angrily. “Don’t even think about it! You don’t have the qualifications to participate in the Lu family’s ancestral worship ceremony. It’s absolutely impossible for Ah Yan and I to invite you and him!”

“Who are you referring to?” Qiao Xi asked softly, “Is the person you’re talking about Ah Zheng? Does your Lu family think that Ah Zheng and I aren’t worthy of attending the Lu family’s ancestral worship ceremony?”

Lu Yan felt terrible. He felt his blood pressure rise.

Qiao Xi frowned and had an aggrieved expression. “If Madam Lu doesn’t like me, I’m willing to withdraw my participation in the ancestral worship ceremony, but Ah Zheng’s mother is the eldest daughter of the Lu family. Why doesn’t he have the right to participate?”

Before Lu Xiang could react to Qiao Xi’s meaning, she heard Qiao Xi continue to question, “Miss Lu Qingyun is the daughter of the first wife of the Lu family and the legitimate eldest daughter of the Lu family. If even the son she gave birth to isn’t qualified to participate, who is?”

Qiao Xi glanced at her indifferently. “Madam Lu, what right do you have to say these things to us? Do you think you’re worthy?”

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It was no secret that Lu Xiang was an illegitimate daughter. If an illegitimate daughter like her was qualified to attend the Lu family’s ancestral worship ceremony, why was Gu Zheng not qualified?

An illegitimate daughter wanted to climb over President Gu’s head? Who gave her the confidence?

Seeing everyone’s burning gazes, Lu Xiang gulped in fear and retorted with difficulty, “But Gu Zheng didn’t participate in the competition in the past, so—”

“He didn’t participate in it in the past because he was framed to be the illegitimate child of the Gu family. Now that his identity has been proven, everyone knows that he’s Miss Lu Qingyun’s biological son. There’s a paternity test from the Medical Association to prove that. If Gu Zheng isn’t worthy of attending the ceremony, then Young Master Lu is even less worthy because he doesn’t have a written test report to prove that he’s of the Lu family’s bloodline!”

Qiao Xi mercilessly interrupted Lu Xiang, then sighed. “I heard that Miss Lu Qingyun only gave birth to one son back then, which was Gu Zheng. Whose child is Lu Yan? What right does the Lu family have to let an unknown person participate but not Gu Zheng?”

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