Chapter 1: Crossing to Other World

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November 23, 2022




■Crossing to Other World

The winter season was about to the end. The plum tree in the yard was already bloom, and in another month the cherry trees will eventually bloom too. After that I'm already 15 years old. Apparently my birthday was late than other of my classmates.

Because of this, my height was the shortest among my all friends. Eventually in highschool, I'm most likely in small side. It may be depressing for a man of my age, but I still have time to grow, so I have high hopes on my future.


That's the first thing comes to my mind, It may be already season for them to come out but I can't think of anything else that would emit light in the yard.

As I approached the branch to check the light source - or rather, I was being led into. 

I realized that the glow was not firefly, but instead a artificially processed stone. 

The stone was stuck in the branch. Suddenly a strong wind blow the stone off and fell into the ground.

Normally I wouldn't notice where'd it fall, but it caught my eye.

I picked up the stone without hesitation. It's not like I pick it up because it was beautiful, but it was making some kind of sound. At first, I thought my ears were ringing, but when I put my ears to listen, it's seems it was not. 


I was certain that I hear sound from the stone, but I can't recognize if it was voice or some kind of music. 

I pressed my ears harder into the stone and concentrate myself into the sound.

“Is...There...Anyone nearby?”

“What?!”, it startled me and the stone slipped out of my hand, rolling on the ground. But the stone still continued to emit a blue light.

I have heard that when a person encounter a situation that is beyond their understanding, they either run away or pursue the cause of it. Some may remain unmoved, but that kind of person is rare.

But if you're gonna ask me, what am I in those three? I'm actually the person who pursue it. 


It's because I'm scared. Ever remember when you a watch horror movie, where you can't take your eyes off, because your curious what will happen. That's kind of reason.

Once again, I pick it up and put my ears off the stone and concentrate on it, then.

“....That....Please, can you answer me?”

“The he**?!”

In the second time, the stone slipped from my hands again. But I was already certain that there's voice coming out of it, maybe I already recognize it, that's why I can hear it clearly now. 

It was human voice.

Now that I'm already certain that there's no danger from it, I've calm down.

How is it even possible for a stone to speak?

In the third try, I pick up the stone, put it in my ears and gather my courage.

“I, I can hear you. Are you really a person?”


I didn't expected that my thoughts will get answered immediately and I got startled a little. But this time, the stone didn't fall out of my hands. 

Normally, I would have enjoyed this, if it was in anime or in novel, but now that it happens to me, I can't keep up with my thoughts. It doesn't feel, I'm in reality right now.

“It's nice to meet you. I'm Lieselot. May I ask your name?”

I'm probably the only person in japan, nope, probably in the whole world, who has a stone that can introduce herself. Plot twist, in a polite way.

“I, I'm Yuuki Akito.”

At first, I thought I'm just talking to myself, so I tried to test it. Even though I'm just talking to a stone, her voice was calm and pleasant to listen. Because of that, My curiosity was overpowered my cautiousness.

The fact that I'm talking to a unknown stone make me even more curious, not because this stone has a cute voice girl. I mean, It's still stone.

“You must be Akito-sama. You can call me Lysette. It was nice to talk to you. I had almost given up hope that my voice would ever reach anyone.”

If I'm in her place I would have given up, especially talking to a stone. But still, talking to a stone right now is like premonition to me. It's like my desires is being fulfilled.

“You can just call me Akito. Also you can be formal to me, Lysette.”

To tell you the truth I'm a friendly guy.

“I understand, Akito”

“How can you speak in the first place?” I ask the stone since it's scientifically impossible for them to speak.

“It's because of magic.”

I guess that's acceptable now. Were talking about magic, it can do a lot of things including a speaking stone. If it's not magic, I'm mostly likely needed to be in a mental hospital right now.

Or maybe when a object have will, will it able to talk like human?

Is that idea acceptable? Yes!

In a world where magic is normally developed, science must be so far behind. At least, that's the norm in the worlds of anime and novels.

But if magic is existing right now, I would have learn how to use that instead of science. But currently, there's 0% that magic is existed in japan. That's the proof, that magic is not common.

If this was theory exam, I would have clutch it.

“How can you speak japanese in the first place?”

Another question came from my mind. I'm a person who can't shut my mind off.

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“It's because the magic translate it. Japanese must be your language, that's why you understand it in japanese. While to me, your thoughts was being translate into my language.”

Oh so it's a magic, I thought she was a talking to a stone all this time.

“Hm? Does that mean my thoughts is being conveyed?”

“It's a little bit different from conveying thoughts. Conveying thoughts is not enough, you also have to add intentions on what you are thinking, so that it will be transmitted into words. So please don't worry about mind reading. Lastly, you can't talk to someone who is not on your wavelength.”

What do you mean by wavelength? Is it like being on the same wavelength with a person?

“But if you talking to someone who is on the same wavelength as you, you will eventually be able to communicate with each other national language, so it's kind of useful .”

“You mean I can speak your language eventually? No no no. That has to be impossible.”

“Is it?”

Apparently I have same wavelengths as this stone. But if I see a dog or a cat talking, I would have probably believe her. But since she's a stone.... she's still a stone.

According to the stone I can speak to person and even a stone whom I have same wavelength to. But boasting that I can speak with a stone. I don't think I can do that.

“Hey Akito,” she said. “Can you tell me about yourself and the world you live in?”

“About my world? Well, if it's not something private, I can satisfy your curiosity, but in exchange can I also ask you something?”

“Oh so were same.” Lysette take her time thinking then, “It may be embarrassing but, I can do that in exchange.”

If it's embarrassing you don't have to tell me. But, yeah whatever.

“The first thing I want to know is, What kind of world you currently living right now, Akito?” she asked.

Then we ask each other consecutively. Then I notice that this stone is amazing than I imagined.

For normal person, I'm probably just a guy who got absorbed by a beautiful stone. It may be look idiotic to others but I'm currently not paying attention to that right now.


Two weeks has already been past since I picked up the stone in the yard. Normally, magic will not last for two weeks but it's still kicking even though I'm talking to Lysette everyday. You can call it we're already friends now.

And talking to her everyday, I also discovered that she's not a stone, but a real deal countess.

Last two weeks ago, this stone is too unrealistic to me that I can't think of anything else.

Well, that has to expected. Even if magic really exist in japan, it's still stone no matter how you look at it. And this stone is some kind of telephone to me right now.

Apparently Lysette's true name was Countess Lieselot Elvis von Wenheim. She's a genuine young lady without a doubt, and although we are the same age, she is a calm and responsible girl.

Another thing I discovered was, the world that Lysette currently living in was different from my world.

I mean, that has to be expected, since magic doesn't exist in my world.

After hearing this, my curiosity exploded. I keep asking Liesette about her world even though I'm already annoying to her.

What a troublesome guy I am.

Since the world Lysette currently living in is only exist in anime and novel, It wasn't long before I got hook into.

Later by later, Lysette answers my questions one by one. I'm actually expecting she was student because of her knowledge but apparently she was not.

“Well if you're talking about my work here, I'm actually a sorcerer.”

I absolutely didn't expected that.

That makes it more magical. Since I'm talking in a stone right now it doesn't seems magical to me. Maybe it's because I'm comparing it to a cellphone. But since she said she's a sorcerer, that explains why we can be able to talk in a stone.

“Speaking about magic, it's that kind of thing right? Like you can make flames in your hand or strike a enemy with a lightning or make a meteorites that can destroy an entire army.”

“Unfortunately, that kind of large-scale magic is only existed in legends I read in books. At best, there is something similar to it. It is known as the 'Heavenly Blessing'.”


“S-so there's no such thing!?”

“The most important thing to remember is that the magic is either manifested according to the rules of reason or embodied by a spirit in the form of an event in exchange for magical power.”

As expected it's not like those I watch in anime or read in novels. But if I use the knowledge here in Earth, maybe we can revolutionize it.

“How about using generator and battery and amplifying it your magic and turn it into electricity.”

“Did you just say electricity? The telekinetic transfer stone that I am using to talk with you is one of the magic stones.”

Apparently this magic stones are like electricity to them. It can do a lot of things that can make their life easier. But magic stone is not like electricity that can easily used by others, but it was still considered as necessity in daily life.

In other words, this magic stone have exceeded my fantasy world knowledge. But if I experiment this magic stone maybe I'll discover one or maybe two to revolutionize it.

Incidentally, there are people who specialize in collecting magic stones, and in the language of my world, they are similar to adventurers, explorers, or hunters.

As expected of fantasy world!

“Then, if they are adventurers in there, maybe it's possible that they have magic swords or cloak that can protect you from fire.”

If it's not existed, I'm just gonna rely on technical skill

“...... I'm afraid I can't meet your expectations. As far as I know, it doesn't exist.”

So it's not really existed. Too bad.... Oh maybe they're just not researching about magic that much. If only I can use magic I can experiment this and that, but unfortunately I can't. Maybe I'm watching too much anime, that's why I have this kind of mindset.

Let's change the question.

“If there is magic, are there magical creatures...... and monster?”

“In Akito's world maybe you call them magical creatures but here we call them demons. Comparing them to normal human, they have abnormal rate of magic in their body and they are much stronger in strength.”

My imagination is bit different but since they're still threat to humanity that means....

“Is a dragons exist in there too?”

“Yes, they exist. And dragons is one of 3 strongest races in this world.”

There are! I want to see them! Not in a movie or something, but in real life...... I shudder just by imagining it!

“The other two are spirits and giants. They do not share their living space with humans, and it is even rare for them to meet each other. The most popular is the spirit tribe because spirit magic is the most common magic nowadays.”


Giants and spirits. It is truly a fantasy world. It's a dream come true.

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“How about in your world, Akito? Are they existed in their too?”

“Unfortunately, they are not.... I guess in legends, they exist..... Oh, right I think they existed around Mesozoic Era, which is roughly 250 million to 650 million years ago, there were animals that could be called demons or dragons.”

“Your world history must be long.”

Well if it's about number it's maybe heck a long history. But basing on Lysette era. she's most likely around dinosaur era. That means if you can use magic in that era, you can even make a community that can fight as army. Adding the concept of magic, you can open a lot of possibilities.

Now here's Lysette, a girl who can use magic. What I mean possibilities is what I'm about to ask now.

As curious as I was, I asked about magic. As it turns out, there are several different systems of magic, and Lysette is good at summoning magic and ancient magic. And bad at spirit magic.

“I want to learn magic too. Please teach me.”

“I think that would be impossible” I was denied immediately.

Apparently they were few reason why I can't use magic.

Firstly is, Adaptation. This is the most important one, though you won't know until you try.

Second is, Lack of mana. Apparently all human can have mana. Some people who are already familiar with it, will more likely have more mana, but for an amateur like, it's most likely 0.

Also even if I train for a long time here in Earth, my mana will probably not enough to activate one.

Third is, Curse. According to Lislette, most nobles in her world has curse. The curse can be obtain by removing the curse of a demon seal, but those tools is too expensive in their world. Curse are hereditary, even if the parents lose the curse in their body, the child will most likely inheret it.

“It's a shame, really....”

Before I got to know Lysette, I already know that magic is just imaginary. But when I meet Lysette and know that magic exist, I actually got expectation. But it was not fulfilled.

“Hey wait, the first one is absolutely no to me while the second, is depending on training, the third one.... I'm mostly like not curse one, but it's still possible right?”

“Indeed, the curse may likely work in your world too.”

“Please teach me, Master Lysette!”

“Master, that sounds pleasing into my ears.”

I was actually half joking but apparently she got happy with it. I've been keeping her company for a long time now, but I wonder if she has been able to spend time with her family and friends.

“Hey Lysette, I know you've been talking to me all this time but, are you still spending your time with your friends and family?”

“Let see.... I think, I'm fine. What about you, Akito?”

It's actually my first time asking her about her family, but for some reason I feel like she's avoiding it.

Since I'm not a dense person, I already notice it. That Lysette may be alone.

“With my family? No problem, anyway what kind of magic you're good at again?” I asked.

“I would like to say Summoning Magic but It's actually Ancient Magic.

Lysette is apparently researching about summoning magic, since fairy magic can't be use in her research, she focus herself in summoning magic instead. And one of her experiment result was the walkie talkie stone that can transcend to other world lines.

But when I ask why she was researching Summoning Magic, she explain it in a lot of ways, but I actually know her true motive. Lysette probably have no friends and wants to summon a spirit so that it will be friend with her.

Of course she didn't say a thing. It's just my instinct, but I'll keep myself silent because I want to protect her pride.

“Oh so it's Ancient Magic.”

“It's like kids dream right? Don't tell anyone, okay.”

Lysette replied mischievously. I didn't go into too much detail either, instead I just kept on changing the subject.

The topic of magic never ceases to interest me, and I have a hard time holding my tongue to not annoy her.

After finishing the conversation leaving me unsatisfied, I put the magic stone at side of the desk and pick the cup of coffee that it's already cold.

When I taste the coffee, apparently it became more bitter than it used to.

Then I get up from my chair and open the window to let the night air into the room. The breeze, which contains the scent of fresh greenery, turns the slightly murky air of the room into something pleasant.

I look outside and see a cherry tree standing in a park on a hill, silently asserting its presence in the moonlight.

It was March, when the cold of winter still lingered in the air, when I met Lysette. The plum blossoms that had been in bloom had given up their role as the main attraction to the cherry tree.

One cherry tree for attraction is apparently too depressing to me. Why? it's because Lysette and the cherry is alike. She must be got hurt when I asked her about her family.

“You're too far away to ask for advice.” The words I can't say, leave me a load of amount of frustration.


Before entering highschool, I spent most of my time with Lysette. Saying this makes it's sound like were couple. But talking to the stone is only the extent of our relationship.

Reality and Fiction. Right now, I can't think Lysette as part of fiction anymore. I know that Lysette is living in other part of universe. So I had to come to terms with the two realities in moderation and cherish my relationship with both of them.

In a sense, the craving I've always been wanting was disappeared somewhere.... Until the other day come.

“I just happen to be busy for a week” but the communication with Lysette was lost. The magic stone that can detect her intention didn't utter a word.

What happen to Lysette? Is it already broken? Until the time passed.

It seems the existence of Lysette became stronger than I expected. Being not be able to communicate with her somewhat unmotivated me.

I couldn't bring myself to go outside. I cope myself in my room waiting. If only were in the same world, I could have save her and protect her when she needed. We could have been friends too.

“You're too far away, Lysette.”

Another world is not something I can handle. I tried to use magic on the stone but as expected it didn't work. I still tried it many times, until I realize that there is no way for me to contact her.

Passing the days, I found myself cannot sleep maybe because of depression. My hoobies that I've enjoyed in past, is uninteresting to me now. I just keep waiting for the stone to glow again. Falling to despair, I stand up to my bed and pick up the stone but when I was about to slam it in trash can, The bluish color of it emit at the palm of my hand.

It's just been a week but for some reason I feel nostalgia into it

“A-kito..... He-l-p.... M.”

I heard Lieselot's voice her voice was full of grief but for some reason her voice was fading away.

“Lysette, what happened?!”

“I'm sorry, A-akito. Forget about it.”

I know she's trying to hide it. I certainly hear her unusual voice earlier. I cannot let that aside.

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“How could I forget?!”

“Akito, I'm sorry for cutting the communication with you. I'm really sorry.”

I know she wants to say something else but she's trying to hide it.

“I'm not asking for apology. What happened, Lysette? Is it impossible for me to help you?”

“There's a reason I cannot tell and.... this is probably the last were gonna have conversation like this.”

If you're gonna listen to the words alone, you're probably just gonna think Lysette is being selfish but I know that Lysette is being force by someone, that means the cause is external of our relationship.

“Lysette, I know this is sudden confession but, I actually treated you as my friend. Am I the only who feel about it.”

“Of course it's not, it can't be.

“Then you must understand. There's no friend that will accept that kind of excuses.”

“Akito ......I understand. I will tell you everything.”

Lysette speaks with hesitation but apparently she's not in count's land and she was now confine in a provincial city.

“Is there a danger in the confinement?”

“No, instead of confinement this was being used to protect.”

“How did you even get in that situation?”

“In my world, every successor that turns 15 years old, must start on their succession. Well, you can say I'm turning adult now.”

As I recall, Lysette said she would be coming of age soon. The word succession must be happy story but for some reason, Lysette is not into it.

“Normally, the legitimate son/daughter who has reached his adulthood will likely succeed the title. But since I have brother in-law that means he's 2nd line successor, but if the heir or the head of family dies before the 2nd line successor reach his adulthood, the 1st line successor will get the title.”

“And someone didn't like that rule.”


The reason for her confinement was that Lysette, who rarely goes out, was attacked by a group of would-be assassins when she happened to go out on her mother-in-law's orders. It was apparently a strange behavior for a thief who steals things but she has escort in that time but many sacrifice their life.

“You're not injured right?”

“I'm unharm.”

I feel relieved when I hear she was not injured but I couldn't remain calm.

Since Lysette was about to get assasinate, they evacuated her in a place where her necessities were only needed. That means no books and other tools. Since the supply power to her magic stone is almost none, no wonder this will be our last conversation.

In order to relieve my frustration on not be able to do anything, I just keep asking her a question.

“What will happen from now on?”

“The succession will normally be own by a man or to my brother but if something happen to my father, I will be engage immediately and take the title.” she said. “And my mother-in-law will not likely love that.”

“Huh?! That means...”

Lysette words was like saying her mother in-law is the mastermind.

I actually already notice it but I can't say it to her since she was her family. Like said, even if you are family, it's not same blood.

Even though her mother in-law haven't touch her all this time, she's the possible mastermind behind this. We're talking about succession, that mother in-law will not likely let that happen easily.

Even if her mother-in-law didn't succeed this time, she will likely do it again. Let say Lysette knows her mother-in-law motive, even though she knows her motive Lysette cannot predict on how will she kill her.

“This is how my world works. No, this is the world I know.”

This is probably how Lysette describe her world.

“I guess families don't always get along.”

I, myself live in a happy family, that's why I often cannot notice them.

“Right, but thanks to this I was be able to used magic and be friends with you.... that's why I don't think it's that bad.”

I've heard that in order to use magic, you need to break the curse of the demon seal. But you need an expensive magic tools to do this, and they are not easy to obtain if you are a commoner.

“But it's too painful.”

I can't think a single word to encourage a 14-years old girl whose trying to get killed by her family.

“But there's nothing I can do, I'm in special case after all.”


“Yes, because I have black hair.”


“It maybe hard for you to understand but, this the legend of my world.”

Even though Lysette was born from noble family, having black hair in their world was being loathe by other nobles. It is said that the past Demon Lord has a black hair.

Lysette also said that the nobles in their country were descendants of heroes that exterminated Demon Lord.

Because of this, black hair became taboo for every noble in their country.

“But even so, it's just about the color of his hair right?”

“The event of the Demon Lord was this country's line of fire and definite fear.”

While in commoners case, they don't pay that much attention to their hair but around 700 years ago, when a certain noble pass this taboo to both nobles and commoners it became the country's taboo.

Lysette mother was known for her black hair, because of this she was being hated. At the same time, Lysette mother did not have a good postpartum period but she still protected Lysette until then end. When father see Lysette life, he left Lysette behind as sign of his atonement.

Lysette has no memory of her mother. Even so, Lysette was aware of the fact that her existence had indirectly taken her mother's life.

“Do you.... hate your father?” I asked just out of curiosity. “Sorry, I've gone too far.”

“I dont mind. Even if my father is not nobleman, he will likely do same. Since I'm alive here right now. That's enough for me.”

Does the position of nobility come above the relationship of parent and child?

Even though they were father and daughter, they can only see each other occasionally.

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“At first I thought my father was cold to me but apparently I misunderstood him. The guards may be did get a lot of casualties but, the one who arranged them was my father.”

Even though Lysette was eldest daughter, because of the black hair, her engagement was never been out socially.

In my era, 14-years old maybe too early to get engage but, basing the history of aristocrat, it's probably normal for them to marry early.

I want to ask her about her opinion but in the end I didn't do it.

Born as the eldest daughter of the Wenheim family, Lysette had the right to inherit the title after her brother-in-law when he came of age. Because of this Lysette life was in dangered many times.

“I wasn't thinking about your position at all. I was content to listen only to what interested me. I'm ashamed of myself for saying we were friends.”

“But because of it, you saved my life.”

At first I thought she was loner, but apparently not all person can socialize . Example, even if you have desire to socialize but your surroundings refraining you from doing that, you will likely can't.

It may be late now to say but I'm gonna pay attention to Lysette from now on.

“And I'm pretty good at magic you know.”

“What do you mean?”

The reason why Lysette is well verse with magic is not because she got private teacher that can educate her, but instead Lysette live in a mansion where full of books on magics. Thanks to this Lysette she became absorbed in the study of magic as her only pleasure.

Most of the time Lysette spend her time on knowledge, refining and researching the magical techniques. For this reason, Lysette's magical skills is unsurpassed by her generation.

But for Lysette, magic is the only way to protect herself from danger and it's the only way to get in touch with the outside world. So, it's only normal for her to get serious from it, unlike the aristocrats living peacefully.

“The most important thing as nobles, is magical power, it is also considered as status in this country. Because of this, my mother-in-law used rumors to make my brother-in-law stronger than me.”

“But that doesn't end it right? You're still in danger after all.”

“Yes, that's why they locked me up here. To protect me from immediate danger.”

“But, that is too much.”

“Since I'm not going outside that much, I'm already used to it, and listening to your stories really helps me a lot.... I should have been born in your world, Akito.”

“I'd love that!”

I feel Lysette true feeling. Because of this I answered her before I ever think of it. I'm not lying.

“Then, just come over here. You're good at Summoning Magic right? If you do that I can ask my family to make you live here. Don't worry, my family is actually wealthier than you expected. I can even transfer you to my school so that you'll get more friends.”

By adding her research in Summoning Magic and the Ancient Magic that she's good to, she will likely transfer her in my world.

“Transferring magic is still in progress, only I can do is Summoning.”

“Then, summon me!”


For the first time, I hear Lysette's startled voice but she eventually got back to her calm side.

“In the current stage of the magic stone, it's possible but I still haven't tried to summon someone from another world.... it's impossible for me to do it.”

“Just try it.”

“Akito, Please give up already. Even if I successfully summon you here in my world, I don't have a way to make you back.... You're gonna be stuck here forever.”

“It'll be fine. I have genuis sorcerer in my side. And I'll help you out too.”

“Please don't force me to do something reckless.”

“BTW, what will happen if you fail?”

“Nothing special will happen.”

Oh, so it's nothing.

When she said she would get me involved in danger, I was sure that if she fail, I would be sent to another dimension or the Summoning Magic would go out of control and I would become a monster.

“Really? Is there like explosion something when this kind of situation happen?”

“That's not failing magic, that's explosion magic. In general, if magic fails, it means nothing.”

So either it fails or succeed, nothing will happen?

“If there's no danger, why you don't want to do it?”

“As I said before, there's a lot of of danger. ① You may not be able to come back home anymore.② There's possibility that the magic will malfunction and harm me instead.③ Demons will feel the interference and attack humans.”

Certainly there are some of the dangers Lysette mentioned. But there was a part of me that wanted to save her from her current situation. I want to grant Lysette's request for help, even though she is not willing to do so.

But I don't think that's the only reason.

“Hey Lysette, why did you summoned a magic stone in my world?”


Since Lysette successfully summoned a magic stone in my world, it's possible that she can also transfer herself in my world. But for some reason, she don't want to do it.

“Since Lysette wish for me, and I wish for Lysette, the magic stone successfully summoned to earth.”


“If this is a legend, our story is already starting now.”

If the magic stone runs out, I will never be able to talk to Lysette again. So if I miss this opportunity, I will spend my days being consumed by craving and frustration once again. And I will probably can't relax about what happened to Lysette. I can't...... stand that.

“I've come this far, let's not hold back with each other. I'm not lying about my desire to help you. But it's not just that. I also want to see the world where Lysette lives in. That's all I've been thinking about ever since I found out that such a world exists.”


“Lysette, I want to know how your honestly feeling.”

“.... Akito.... will you come? No, please come. Please help me, Akito.... I can't stand being alone anymore....”

“Of course! I will surely save you no matter what happen.”

End of Chapter 1

I'm open for correction.

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