Jiang Tong and Song Chengjun casually exchanged a few sentences and felt that they had gotten much closer. After all, they had a senior-junior relationship since they were in the same school. This kind of relationship was not special in the school, but it was special outside the school.

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“Senior, we haven’t officially met. Song Chengjun…” Song Chengjun smiled and reached out his hand to Jiang Tong. He was a boy who loved to smile, and he always had a smile on his face.

“Jiang Tong,” Jiang Tong said with a smile and shook hands with Song Chengjun.

“Senior, did you bring something? Is it a USB drive or handwritten?” Song Chengjun asked Jiang Tong again. Jiang Tong pondered for a moment and said, “Well… did you bring a pen and paper?”

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“Yes, Senior, what are you going to do?” As Song Chengjun asked, his hand subconsciously touched the bag on the chair next to him. Inside the bag was his computer bag, which contained a pen and paper. Occasionally, when he had inspiration, he would record it down.

“What else can I do? I’ll write the song for you,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“Write it for me? Write it down now?” Song Chengjun’s expression didn’t look right.

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“It’s all in my head.” Jiang Tong pointed at her own head.

“Senior, you’re not here to trick me, right? You’ll make me hate you if you’re really doing that,” Song Chengjun said in a joking tone. As he spoke, he had already picked up his laptop bag. He took out a piece of paper and a pen and handed them to Jiang Tong. The paper that Song Chengjun handed over was very thick, and half of it was Song Chengjun’s own lyrics and songs. The moment he opened it, it gave people a chaotic feeling. It was full of inexplicable words, paragraphs, and some musical symbols.

Jiang Tong did not look at it much. She had seen it too many times in the loop. She directly flipped to the blank page at the back and started writing the lyrics. The first thing she wrote was the title of the song, “Medicine”. Song Chengjun slightly poked his head out and looked at it. He even muttered, “Medicine?”

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Jiang Tong wrote the lyrics very quickly without any pauses. After ten minutes, she finished writing a few hundred words of the lyrics. After that, Jiang Tong did not stop. She wrote the corresponding music score on the lyrics. She composed the lyrics and music too! Writing the numbers on the lyrics was even faster. She finished it in a few minutes. However, Jiang Tong did not stop. She actually wrote a mixed music score! She even marked the musical instrument used for the mixed music.

Song Chengjun kept looking at it. His expression could be said to be getting stranger by the minute. Although Jiang Tong had written it on the spot. Jiang Tong had expressed earlier that the music was in her mind. Song Chengjun originally thought that she had memorized some simple lyrics or something like that, and as the two met in a hurry, Jiang Tong didn’t bring the score with her. Therefore it was normal that she could only write it on the spot. However, Jiang Tong didn’t just write large paragraphs of lyrics. She also wrote melody scores and mixed music scores, and directly labeled all kinds of musical instruments. Mixed music was a very professional type. It was different from composing lyrics and music. Mixed music was usually made after the song had been decided. During the production process, it could only be completely confirmed at the later stages of the production. It required constant trial and error, only then could it be confirmed. However, Jiang Tong had written it directly. This…

If it was a professional music producer, they might be able to write everything down by relying on their memory even if they lost the original. However, the key was that it was impossible for them to write so quickly without any pauses! Especially the mixing part. It was very complicated. It was impossible to remember every little detail so clearly. It required repeated attempts in order to ‘remember’ what sort of sound they wanted. However, Jiang Tong did not stop at all. This feeling made Song Chengjun wonder if Jiang Tong was fooling him…

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Song Chengjun felt that Jiang Tong must have some musical background, so she came over to play with him! Song Chengjun had been fooled before. Under the influence of his mother, Wu Rong, he had a musical dream since he was young. Although Wu Rong had always opposed it, she did not forbid him to treat music as a hobby, because that was also Wu Rong’s current hobby.

Song Chengjun studied business administration at Z City University. He followed his mother’s arrangement for his studies. However, he spent most of his spare time doing things related to music. He liked to write songs and wanted to become a singer. He was famous for this Z City University. Song Chengjun started collecting songs not long after he entered Z City University. This was because Z City University had a music academy and many professional students. He also wrote songs and posted them anonymously on the major music platforms on the Internet. However, it did not cause any waves. The reason he posted them anonymously was that he knew that if he showed his face and started singing, or even entered the broadcasting industry, he would quickly become famous. However, there were two reasons he did not do this. Firstly, he did not do so because his family did not allow it. Secondly, he did not want to become famous by relying on his face!

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