Jiang Tong not only obtained Xie Wenkai, but she also changed Xie Wenkai’s authority in the Xie family. She also changed the internal power structure of the Six Blessings Corporation. She changed Xie Wenkai from waiting passively for the succession to taking over the power in the company. Jiang Tong didn’t ask Xie Wenkai to take over the Six Blessings Corporation and do anything for her. However, she just didn’t ask. It didn’t mean that she couldn’t get him to do anything for her. If she wanted to, she could ask at any time!

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Zhou Jingyun thought of himself again. If Jiang Tong took the initiative to ask him to do something for her, then… thinking of this, Zhou Jingyun’s hair stood on end. He felt that he had unknowingly entered a state where he could be used by Jiang Tong at any time! He just hoped that Jiang Tong would beg him! As long as Jiang Tong begged him, as long as she was willing to beg him, he would definitely fulfill her request!

Zhou Jingyun also thought of Qian Mang and many other people who owed Jiang Tong favors… these people were the only people that he knew and could guess. What if Zhou Jingyun didn’t know? The more he thought about it, the more terrifying he felt. He felt that this was very likely a trap. A trap that had been set up from the moment Jiang Tong called him until today!

Zhou Jingyun was lost in thought for a long time. When he finally came back to his senses, he looked straight at Jiang Tong and asked, “What on earth are you planning?”

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Jiang Tong had already put on her clothes when Zhou Jingyun came back to his senses and spoke. She tidied her sleeves and said, “Take a guess?” Then, without waiting for Zhou Jingyun’s reply, she smiled and said, “Stop guessing. Can’t you make your life easier? I won’t harm you… Alright, I’m leaving.” After saying that, she turned around and walked out.

Zhou Jingyun sat on the sofa and listened to Jiang Tong’s footsteps. He didn’t move for a long time until the footsteps disappeared. He fell into deep thought again.

A few minutes later, Jiang Tong pushed the door open and entered Xinrui Cafe. She stopped in her tracks and looked around. Then, she saw a short-haired boy wearing a cap and a mask sitting by the window on the right. He was dressed very mysteriously as if he was afraid of being recognized. Jiang Tong walked over, pulled a chair, and sat down directly opposite the boy. Then, she smiled and said, “Student Song, are you still so afraid of being photographed?”

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When the mysterious boy saw Jiang Tong sitting down and talking to him, he was stunned for a moment before he reacted. He habitually looked around and then pulled down his mask. He didn’t take it off completely. Instead, he hung his mask on his chin. In this way, his face and lower part were still covered by the cap and mask, only revealing the middle part. This was enough to let people feel his handsomeness, but because his face was mostly covered, people could not see how handsome he truly was.

“You can recognize me even like this?” The boy asked. His voice was very clear. This person was Song Chengjun.

“You are the only one in the cafe who is afraid of being seen. Besides, who wears a mask to drink coffee?” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

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“Wow, Senior, you are so smart. You are beautiful and smart,” Song Chengjun said half-jokingly. He sized up Jiang Tong and then frowned slightly. He said uncertainly, “Senior… I seem to have seen you before…” he found Jiang Tong familiar. This was not strange. After all, with Jiang Tong’s face and the fact that there were fewer girls in the computer science department, a good-looking girl like Jiang Tong was more likely to be noticed by others.

“Maybe we met in the cafeteria,” Jiang Tong replied with a casual smile. In fact, she had seen Song Chengjun eat in the cafeteria a lot when she was in university. However, every time she saw Song Chengjun, she would remember his face, but Song Chengjun would not remember her. Although Song Chengjun had only entered Z City University two years ago and had only completed his sophomore semester. He was going to be in his third year when school started again. However, ever since he entered the university, he had been the most famous and most talked about. He was the most dazzling male student! This was not only because of his background but also because of his good looks! It was also because of his good looks that Song Chengjun formed the habit of wearing a mask when he went out. He was not a celebrity, but wherever he went, there would be a group of people looking at him. When he sits in the cafe, a girl who was with her boyfriend at the next table would peek at him. There were even people who secretly took photos of him. This caused him some distress.

“Senior, you always go to the cafeteria to eat?” Song Chengjun chatted with Jiang Tong.

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“Yes, but I don’t go there anymore after graduating this year. I heard that the cafeteria has a new cooking auntie. I guess the cooking is not as good as before,” Jiang Tong answered with a smile.

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