Himekishi to Camping Car

Himekishi to Camping Car is a popular light novel written by Miki Nazuna . The story is translated to English and covers Comedy, Fantasy genres. lightnovelreader.me releases the latest English translated chapters of Himekishi to Camping Car and can be read for free.


The protagonist, a former corporate slave, and the RV he poured everything he owned into remodeling, were both sent to another world?! Upon first arriving in the fantasy world, a princess knight stammered, “K-kill!”… Powered by a solar battery, the custom RV roams the new world. Fitted with Japanese-style tatami mat flooring, upon them are enshrined the table-heater Kotatsu and oranges. The noble and gallant princess knight settles into a leisurely lifestyle, as body and mind slowly deteriorate…

Rising in popularity on Shosetsuka ni Narou, a slow-life novel.