Chapter 128 – Catching the Tail

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Tauro and the others took the shortest route to the slums, which was very far away from the station.

There were some suspicious back streets, but Tauro’s “Presence detection” allowed them to avoid them and with Shin and Rumeya also present, they made it to the entrance of the slums without getting tangled up.

There were few signs of people around here, so we decided to keep our distance and keep watch.

Tauro, Shin, Aeris and Rumeya took turns in shifts of two.

When Tauro was keeping watch, he saw two men with lowered swords running into the slums in a hurry and a few minutes later, Ruhi came out of the favelas with them and headed somewhere in a hurry.

After asking Aeris and Rumeya to stay and keep watch, Tauro and Shin decided to follow Ruhi and the others.

Tauro used his “Presence blocker” and instructed Shin to follow him at a distance.

This way, unless he was spotted, the other party wouldn’t notice Shin’s presence.

Even if the other party had an “enemy spotting” ability and Shin was caught, they would know by his movements that he was not following them.

They wouldn’t be able to tell since he was chasing Tauro.

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Ruhi and his three minions walked with a great deal of caution of their surroundings, but they were unable to notice Tauro’s tail, and when they entered a corner of the commercial district, they entered a business association from the back.

“… this their employer’s home?”

The building itself was large and its construction gave the impression of a long history on the front side, but the back side of the building looked shabby and unkempt.

I asked Shin to wait at a distance, then approached the building from the back, listening carefully through the walls.

From time to time, I could hear voices.

“The guards know we’re here!”

“My men were taken out…”

“This is really bad! I want them loaded on a ship tonight and sold to the…”

“”I… got it.”

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What I could hear was not enough, but it was enough for me to confirm that this merchant company was the employer.

The only thing left to do was to rescue the kidnapped children.

Tauro left the building as quickly as possible and joined Shin to return to Aeris and the others.

When they returned, they found Aeris, Rumeya and four other men they didn’t know.

“…Who are you?”

Tauro asked, since they didn’t look like guards.

“These men are the “Naniwards”, the O’Circus Adventurer Guild’s rank C+ team.”

Rumeya had run to the guild to ask for backup.

He heard that Ruhi was listed in a bounty, and that this “Naniwards” had been following him as an irregular quest.

“Thank you, brothers. I heard that Ruhi is a kidnapper, right? We’ll have to catch this local disgrace and turn him in to the guards as soon as possible.”

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The leader of the “Naniwards” answered strongly.

While this was going on, Aeris informed everyone that I was back.

When I looked, Ruhi was hurrying in through the entrance of the slums with two of his minions.

The leader of the “Naniwards” signaled to his companions and a man who looked like a theif followed him.

Tauro followed at a distance.

Ruhi and his men entered a large building with a sense of security, their previous caution gone.

A carriage was parked in front of the building and a guard was standing there, but there was no sense of tension.

“….There are sixteen people in the room.”

Tauro called out as he approached the man who looked like a theif.

“Half of them are kids. …By the way, you’re really skilled at blocking signs! It doesn’t even let my “Search” skill detect you!”

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“…I’m somewhat confident.”

“I’m sure you are. It doesn’t affect my other skills either, so I don’t even feel comfortable talking about it right now.”

“I can understand that somehow. …Oh, I’ll come back and report to the guys.”

“Okay. I’ll be back to report also.”

Tauro nodded and went back to the place where everyone was waiting.

When Tauro came back, he explained the situation and there was a discussion on the spot, and the idea of calling the guards came up, but when they found out that there were eight of them, they decided that it would be faster to go in and take control of the situation rather than lose a man to call them. It was decided that it would be faster to go in and subdue them.

The only trouble was Ruhi, and we concluded that if we kept an eye on him, it would be easy to subdue him.

Besides, the guards were still loose at the moment.

It would be better to take them by surprise during this time.

Team “Naniwards” and Team “Black Golden Wings” took up positions to attack from the front and back, respectively.

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