Although he was not sure whether it was the sequela of addiction, Gu Huan was really powerless now.

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He stood up unsteadily, looked for the position of the washroom in the ruins and walked over.

Most of the mirror in the washroom was broken, and he could barely see his figure.

This was the first time Gu Huan had seen the face of this body.

It was actually the same as his half-elf one in the magic world, but more thin and pale.

After carefully confirming that his haggard appearance after “taking drugs” was not very obvious, Gu Huan lowered his head again, rolled up his sleeve, and at the moment when he saw his arm, he took a breath of cold air.

The pale skin made the purple needles eyes even more terrible, and the whole skin was densely covered, even the blood vessels below were obscured

What happened in the video was really true.

Gu Huan shook his head helplessly and put down his sleeve.

“I can also really do it.”


No matter how hard he tried to recall, the memories he could remember and were related to this were all from the ambitious Uncle in the article. The other party would provide him with some kind of injection, but he didn’t know what it was, because as long as when he thought about it deeply, his head would ache.

Gu Huan lowered his eyes slightly.

If you really want to know what’s going on with yourself, I’m afraid you have to ask the Imperial Uncle, Duke Chu Fengyuan.


Thinking of that man, Gu Huan was a little scared.

That’s a total squint eyes-monster.

. It was not enough to describe his fearfulness when he hid a knife in a smile.

An ultimate boss that could only be defeated by the protagonist group after surviving to the end, what kind of good could it be?

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If he can… he really doesn’t want to contact the other.

But it is impossible to avoid contact. Even if he did not go to the duke, he would come to him. Because before he crossed over, the original owner had reported the prince’s disappearance into the black hole to the duke.

A conversation was unavoidable. He could only try to protect himself.

Just when Gu Huan was silently worrying about his body, the opening of the security shielding device in the General’s Mansion had spread to the whole Jialin Star through the interstellar security network.

For a moment, the flying police cars, flying ambulances, and the flight cameras of many multimedia stations surrounded General Gu’s residence in the capital of the Canaan Star System’s, Jialin. There was no space left. The soldiers pulled up layers of warning lines, the military headquarters and even the warships were parked in outer space.

Compared with such a big scene, the whole General’s Mansion was too calm.

It was like waiting for a big transition.

The interstellar netizens were glued to the live feeds in the star network, afraid of missing something that could not be missed.

It turned out that they were right.

[F*ck… What beauty is this?]

Like understanding the audience’s preferences, the live broadcast satellite had suddenly shortened the distance of the camera. The camera was shifted from the huge crowd around to the person who appeared at the gate of the General’s Mansion, and a super close-up view was also provided.

The young person’s delicate black hair, like knitwear, fell gently on his shoulders, the beautiful jaw was slightly raised, the golden eyes we slightly drooped, and the eyelashes cast a fan-shaped shadow on the pale eyelids.

Looking down from above, the beauty is breathless.

It was just like a prince who had lost his home. There was incomparable nobility and loneliness hidden in the gloom.

Countless netizens stayed in the live broadcast room and talked crazily about what just happened to Gu Huan. It was not just them, but actually people inside the security line were crazier than them.

“Your Excellency Gu!”

“Lord Gu, are you all right?”

Such worried voices keep rising one after another, which seemed a bit chaotic.

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They were all Imperial policemen and soldiers of the Imperial National Defense Forces. These people had more profound feelings for soldiers on the front line than ordinary people, so they were more enthusiastic. Seeing Gu Huan’s real person, they couldn’t wait to jump on him at once, but the person in the center of the encirclement was always so cold and quiet. His thin lips, which were almost faded in color, always kept a straight arc.

The deputy director of Jialin Star Police Station, Wu Da, walked forward and looked at the dark-haired man with deep and quiet eyes in front of him. He could not help admiring in his heart.

He’s really worthy of the rank of General. I’m really not surprised.

If he had this spirit, he would have gone to the battlefield.

He gave a military salute and inquired respectfully.

“Something happened in your home. I wonder if you were injured?”

Gu Huan looked at the layers of reporters, police and medical staff surrounded by the outside. Finally, he realized how popular the general had been, and how popular he was. He shook his head slightly. There was no surprise in his paralyzed face. He calmly replied.


To be exact, he didn’t suffer any injuries except that his arm was punctured by himself.

Seeing that Gu Huan was not injured, Wu Da was relieved.

They all knew how strong the security measures in the General’s residence were. If there was an enemy that can destroy the General’s Mansion, the whole Jialin Star could sound the air defense alarm. Fortunately, nothing happened to the general.

When Wu a knew that the general was fine, he was concerned about who had caused all this. He promised Gu Huan with righteous indignation:

“It’s really malicious that someone has destroyed your mansion! Don’t worry, we will catch the murderer and punish him with the most severe punishment!”

Gu Huan couldn’t let go. In order to avoid being locked in by these hot-blooded fans, he frowned and confessed the truth.

“It was me.”

Wu Da was about to command the police to search when he heard such a sentence. He suddenly felt it was silly.

How was that possible? If it was not the Zerg invasion, it must be caused by some high-risk weapons. Seeing the tragedy behind Gu Huan, Wu Da felt that it must be one of the two reasons.

However, the young general just repeated it with his cold but charming voice, and Wu Da felt that he seemed to have heard a helpless emotion.

“It was me.”

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[I looked at the general’s expression, and it’s like he’s asking you again. What’s up. I made a meal and it caught fire. Why are you all here?]

[The sister upstairs has described it quite accurately.]

[cool! I looked back at the good opportunity repeatedly. I saw the general’s innocence when he came out. I may be lame.]

[You still have time to look after the general’s face!!! I’m already intoxicated just by looking at his face!! My mother! How can there be such a powerful and beautiful alpha? I can’t help feeling estrous just looking at his face.]

[chicken coop warning!. ]

[It’s not just omega… The general’s beauty has surpassed gender. I’m an alpha, but I’m greedy for his body. I’m mean. orz]

[It’s useless to have an idea. Have you ever beaten a general? Can you mark the general on the bed? Young man, be realistic.]

He didn’t know what was being talked about on the Internet. After the police, doctors and reporters left, the soldiers of Gu Huan’s troops came to the scene one after another.


The adjutant walked behind Gu Huan and stopped him. He looked at the cold sight that was immediately delivered to him. The adjutant winced. As an adjutant, he should not have questioned the officer, but he couldn’t help asking.

“Are you hiding something?”

The police did not have the right to search the General’s Mansion, so they listened to the General’s statement. Knowing that the “prisoner” was General Gu himself, and that General Gu really did not use any high-risk weapons, he left in a trance and shocked after only spiritual training.

However, people like them with high-level mental power were different. He knew that it was not “mental power practice” that could make the house such a miserable situation. Even if the general’s mental power could reach the SS level, the damage was beyond the extent of practice.

Because if the general was really practicing, he must be training in a special mental training room. The security of that place must be stronger than that of the ordinary room in the general’s office. How could it be destroyed like this.

Looking at the short black-haired little brother in military uniform next to him.

Gu Huan suddenly remembered.

He seems to have asked this person to write an examination yesterday. He seems to be called… Yue Yang?

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Seeing that Gu Huan was slow to speak, he looked at him silently, and Yue Yang confirmed his guess more and more. “Spiritual violence is not a trivial matter! General!”

In this world. The stronger the spiritual strength was, the more likely it was to cause spiritual riots. Gu Huan had always been famous for his outstanding mental strength in the army. His mental strength could reach the SS level, which was simply a high incidence group of such mental diseases.

“Work can be put aside first, but mental health is the most important.”

Hearing this.

Gu Huan suddenly had a new idea in his mind.

If he left directly, the Imperial Uncle would certainly not give up his powerful chess piece so easily. But if he was worried about his mental condition, he would retire from his position before the prince came back… stay away from here and escape to the Free Star Field outside the Imperial Alliance Star Field, so that he could escape from the plot forever?

“I’ll think about it.”

Yue Yang wanted to persuade him again, but when he heard the answer he thought he would never hear, he suddenly froze.

The general said. He’ll think about it?


Not long after Gu Huan left.

The General’s Mansion, which was protected by security shielding devices and the robot that was preparing to clean up the scene, was surrounded by another group of people. The golden protective net that only a few people in the whole empire had the authority to open was easily opened.

A tall alpha with three-dimensional facial features walked slowly to the front of the general’s mansion. His eyes were deep, blue like the deep sea, with an arc of insight. His short blond hair was scattered in disorder, revealing the crisp jaw line. His overall momentum was amazing like the sun that both burns the heart and makes people cannot help but be attracted to him. The only thing that was somewhat cloudy was his arm, which seemed to be injured with bandages.

The people behind him rushed into the General’s Mansion at the moment when he stood at the gate. The General’s Mansion was soon turned upside down.

The blond man in military boots followed the crowd, stepped on the lens of the ruins, stopped suddenly, lowered his head, and seemed to be attracted by something. He bent down and picked up the things falling on the ground with his other uninjured hand.

It was a syringe.

Through the white gloves, he rubbed the moist liquid on the outer wall of the syringe, and the blond man narrowed his eyes slightly.

Just listening to the reaction of the people nearby.

“Your Highness, we have found evidence. General Gu Huan is indeed connected with Duke Chu Fengyuan.”

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