Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2022: 2022

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Even the sticky and grisly Blood Sea could not withstand the Black Tortoise’s gaze!

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The Black Tortoise did not come out of the tripod wall at all. The moment it opened its eyes, the blood light on both sides seemed to be unable to defend against it and rumbled continuously, opening up a path.

Su Zimo hid in the Hell Suppression Tripod and avoided the blood light of the Hunting Ranking.

The Hell Suppression Tripod charged in and smashed towards Prince Yuan Zuo!


Prince Yuan Zuo exclaimed in shock.

A year ago, Feng Cantian controlled this Bronze Square Tripod and shattered the Absolute Thunder Divine Pillar.

Although Su Zimo did not have Feng Cantian’s strength, if he was struck by the Bronze Square Tripod, he would most likely be smashed into pieces as well and would be doomed!

Prince Yuan Zuo’s reaction was extremely fast. He controlled the Hunting Ranking with one hand and blocked in front of him. With his other hand, he slapped his storage bag and took out a defensive talisman, tearing it apart.

Instantly, a defensive barrier was formed around him.


When the Hell Suppression Tripod collided with the Hunting Ranking, the pitch-black canvas collapsed instantly. Thereafter, it collided heavily against the defensive barrier before stopping.

Prince Yuan Zuo heaved a sigh of relief.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

But soon, he heard cracking sounds.

Although he managed to defend against the Hell Suppression Tripod, the defensive barrier on his body was shattered as well and cracks appeared.

After a brief pause, it collapsed!

When Prince Yuan Zuo saw that, he already had the intention to retreat and was prepared to escape.

However, the moment he turned around, he caught sight of a figure and was scared out of his wits!

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Unknowingly, Su Zimo had arrived behind him!

Su Zimo wielded a gray saber in his hands. With a cold gaze, he sent the gray saber into Prince Yuan Zuo’s body.

The two of them were so close that Prince Yuan Zuo could not react at all!

The fourth of the True Dragon Nine Flashes!

Actually, when Su Zimo broke through to the Earth Essence realm and his Essence Spirit reached the Level 3 Earth Essence realm, he could already activate the fourth flash.

However, he did not use that final flash earlier on.

That was because he had not found the best opportunity.

It was only when the Hell Suppression Tripod shattered the defensive barrier and Prince Yuan Zuo was still in shock that Su Zimo circulated his fourth flash and arrived behind Prince Yuan Zuo before releasing a fatal blow!

The gray saber that entered Prince Yuan Zuo’s body was the Time Saber.

At this distance, Su Zimo naturally had other killing moves. However, he was worried that Prince Yuan Zuo had other trump cards to protect himself. With that thought, he decided to release the Time Saber.

No matter how many trump cards Prince Yuan Zuo had, he only had slightly more than 30,000 years to live.

Time Is Like a Saber could sever 60,000 years of lifespan with a single slash!

Prince Yuan Zuo could not defend against it at all!


Prince Yuan Zuo’s eyes widened as he glared at Su Zimo indignantly. His hair, beard and brows turned white rapidly and his face was old and filled with wrinkles.

In the blink of an eye, he had already aged and was on the brink of death.

His lifeforce drained rapidly.

That slash severed his lifespan completely!

Prince Yuan Zuo fell slowly beside Su Zimo’s feet and died without a sound.

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Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

It was finally over.

Given his cultivation, he could not defeat a Grade 7 Earth Immortal head-on.

Apart from the Hell Suppression Tripod, True Dragon Nine Flashes and many other powerful trump cards, luck was also involved—Prince Yuan Zuo was caught completely off guard.

“Su Zimo,”

Right then, Feng Ziyi’s voice sounded with a grim tone. “Something doesn’t seem right.”


Su Zimo looked at Feng Ziyi and asked.

Feng Ziyi was staring at Prince Yuan Zuo’s corpse with a strange expression. There seemed to be a hint of fear in her eyes.

Instinctively, Su Zimo looked down.

Prince Yuan Zuo’s corpse laid on the ground with grievances. His eyes were fixed on Su Zimo and a strange smile appeared on his dead face.

That smile was utterly chilling!

Su Zimo could clearly and accurately detect that Prince Yuan Zuo was indeed dead and there was no longer any life in his body.

However, why would he reveal such a smile before his death?

Right then, Su Zimo felt an extremely terrifying power surge out from the side.


Su Zimo glanced sideways and his expression changed!

The Hunting Ranking at the side floated up slowly and hovered in midair. Endless blood light surged from the blood words on it and its aura rose continuously!

“How is this possible?”

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Feng Ziyi murmured softly with a shocked expression.

Under normal circumstances, now that Prince Yuan Zuo was dead, his Destiny Dharmic treasure no longer had an owner and could not circulate and float on its own!


Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi exchanged glances—both of them thought of the same possibility!

“Yuan Zuo isn’t dead!”

Su Zimo said slowly with a grim expression.


Right then, the blood light that burst forth from the Hunting Ranking interweaved continuously and gradually formed a blood-colored figure. Before his features could appear, a series of laughter sounded—it was the voice of Prince Yuan Zuo!

Su Zimo frowned.

The laughter gradually died down and the blood-colored figure was completely formed, identical to Prince Yuan Zuo!

“You’re smart.”

Prince Yuan Zuo looked at Su Zimo and said slowly, “What you killed earlier on was just a clone I cultivated!”

“Do you guys think that I can rule over a county with just the cultivation of an Earth Immortal? Do you think it’s just because of my father’s love for me?”

“You guys underestimated me! How dare two ants try to commit regicide!”

When she heard that, Feng Ziyi felt despair.

Even the clone cultivated by Prince Yuan Zuo was a Grade 7 Earth Immortal. In that case, there was a high chance that his Prime Body was an expert at the Heaven Immortal realm!

She was not the only one—everyone underestimated this young prince.

Prince Yuan Zuo used this clone to show himself all year round, as though he was indulging in wine and did not have the mood to cultivate. However, the Prime Body was already an expert at the Heaven Immortal realm!

The jade talisman was extremely important this time round. However, his Prime Body was in seclusion and did not appear.

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This was initially a secret of his. Now, it was exposed by Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi.

“You two ants shall pay with your lives for destroying my clone!”

In midair, the blood-colored figure, Prince Yuan Zuo, said coldly.

Although the blood-colored figure was only conjured by his Prime Body’s Hunting Ranking in seclusion and resembled a Weapon Spirit, it was enough to kill Su Zimo and Feng Ziyi!

The power released by the Heaven Immortal expert when he channeled the Hunting Ranking was naturally far stronger than his Earth Immortal clone.


Suddenly, Su Zimo hollered and channeled his spirit consciousness, blocking the Hell Suppression Tripod in front of him.

With a single thought, the Black Tortoise in the Hell Suppression Tripod opened its eyes and crawled out slowly.

Although the Black Tortoise’s movements seemed extremely slow, every single step it took released an extremely terrifying and vast might!

“This is…”

Prince Yuan Zuo’s expression changed starkly.

He had not expected the pattern of the sacred beast, the Black Tortoise, in the Hell Suppression Tripod to come alive and descend before him!


The Black Tortoise reared its head and howled!

Prince Yuan Zuo shuddered. Unable to withstand the pressure of the sacred beast, the Black Tortoise, blood light burst forth from his body!

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