Although the earlier battle had terrified everyone, the feeling Ye Xuan’s sword qi gave them was different.

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They were on completely different levels. Everything seemed to pale in comparison to that sword qi, and they could only stare in awe.

“Ye Xuan!”

“Who are you? You’re definitely not a cultivator from the Great Qian Dynasty!”

It did not make sense. There was no way someone from such a backward place could achieve this. It even felt comparable to the aura their sect master exuded.

Even Elder Gongsun would not be able to withstand this domineering sword qi!

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“Hahaha! I’m not an old monster!”

“I’m just an ordinary cultivator from the Qingyun sect!”

Ye Xuan stood in mid-air as he infused the destructive power of heavenly lightning intent into the sword qi.

“You guys should be on your way!”

He swung the azure divine sword and, for a moment, the world seemed to turn black and white, except for the blinding sword qi.

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“Hahaha! What a joke!”

“I can’t believe that the Nether God sect is going to fall into ruin because of a mere personal disciple.”

“Countless years of effort have gone down the drain because of some stupid kid!”

In the face of this destructive power, some of the elders revealed a look of despair, while others began to curse and swear.

When Ye Xuan revealed his eighth-level sword intent, the elders had already realized it.

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Even if the sect master himself came, he would definitely not be able to kill Ye Xuan.

There was no way for them to stop him from developing. It would not take long for him to become strong enough to lay waste to the Nether God sect. Furthermore, in time, he would definitely become the most powerful person in the Nanzhou Region.

There was no medicine for regret. However, at the very least, they would not see this come to pass with their own eyes.


When the destructive sword qi struck, the bodies and souls of the elders were instantly reduced to dust.

Ye Xuan waved his hand, and four storage rings appeared in his hand.

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Moments later, Ye Xuan appeared in front of Yue and the others.



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