The four inner sect elders of the Nether God sect had comprehended sword intent, axe intent, saber intent, fist intent, and fire intent respectively.

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What Ye Xuan was interested in were the axe and fire intents.

Like fist intent, the mastery of axe intent would also lead to an opportunity to comprehend strength intent. However, mastery of the axe intent would also give the cultivator a chance to comprehend the terrifying heaven splitting intent.

Although it was not a supreme intent, it was very close to one. When mastered to its limit, the heaven splitting intent would allow the cultivator to cleave chaos apart, and even create a world.

As for fire intent, it was one of the five core elemental intents.

Ye Xuan possessed the innate dual-spirit body, which had the fire and wood attributes, so it would be beneficial for him to comprehend fire intent.

“Not bad!”

It seemed that he would be able to reap a bountiful harvest today. Ye Xuan smiled as he immediately got to work.

After consuming the Buddha Spirit Fruits and the Dream Nebula Spirit Fruits, Ye Xuan’s comprehension value had reached 612 points, which made it easier to comprehend intents that were not supreme intents.

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First on the list was saber intent. Although swords and sabers were different, there were transferable elements between the two.

Thus, with his eighth-level sword intent as the foundation, it would be much easier for him to comprehend saber intent. Moreover, in order to speed up the process, Ye Xuan even started using a saber himself.

When the inner sect elders saw Ye Xuan take out a saber, they were stunned.

Could it be that this fellow knew how to use a saber?

However, as they fought him, they did not sense his saber intent, which made them happy. This fellow was clearly trying to toy with them. This would allow them to buy more time until the sect master arrived.

‘I hope that Sect Master and Elder Gongsun come soon…’

‘Our lives are on the line!’

‘Hopefully this guy keeps fooling around as well.’

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Similar thoughts flashed through their minds.

They were still worried that Ye Xuan would suddenly whip out his sword and end the battle instantly.

However, as time passed, the saber-wielding inner sect elder’s face turned ashen.

Ye Xuan had actually comprehended the embryonic form of saber intent!

It was at this point that they realized that he was not playing around with them, but was instead using this battle to comprehend the intents they had worked so hard on.

What a monstrous talent!

No wonder this guy could comprehend the legendary supreme intent!

Another fifteen minutes passed, and Ye Xuan successfully comprehended first-level saber intent.

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The saber-wielding inner sect elder was dumbfounded. Sure, he had comprehended fourth-level saber intent, but that was the result of 200 years of hard work.

As the fight dragged on, his face turned more and more incredulous.

Second-level saber intent!

Third-level saber intent!

This guy’s comprehension ability was mind-boggling!

The other elders were equally shocked and speechless. They also finally realized why Li Tiangang had survived for as long as he did.

How was this possible?

Although they had heard of some rare cultivators who could gain enlightenment in battle, it was usually to perfect their own intents, not their opponent’s!

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Moreover, even the master of the Divine Gate was not capable of such a feat.

In six hours, Ye Xuan had comprehended third-level saber intent!

Damn it!

Which blind fool from their sect provoked this monster?

Ye Xuan was not bothered by all this, and continued fighting them to glean insights into their martial intents.

The inner sect elders were also aware of this, but even so, they were helpless. If they did not use their intents, they would not be able to resist Ye Xuan’s attacks.

Now, they could only pray that the comprehension of their martial intents would take him longer.

As long as the sect master rushed over in time, even if Ye Xuan completely comprehended their martial intents, it would be difficult for him to escape death.

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