In the apartment, Xiao Zhao had been paying close attention to the situation. When she saw that the netizens had finally noticed that something was wrong with Ding Wan, she secretly gave them a thumbs up. This group of netizens was outstanding!

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However, as she scrolled through, Xiao Zhao suddenly realized something was wrong. All the negative news about Ding Shan on the Internet had disappeared. The black material had also disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only information that was beneficial to Ding Shan.

Moreover, Director Wang from before had also issued a statement saying that Yang Hua had threatened him and that he had received benefits before coming out to give false testimony. Back then, it was indeed him who had wanted to molest Ding Shan, but Ding Shan had rejected him. That picture had been taken on purpose by Yang Hua. She had even hinted that he could do so.

Xiao Zhao could not believe it. Although the situation was clear now, the negative news disappeared quickly. Director Wang’s apology was as straightforward as he was making a statement. No matter how she thought about it, she felt something was wrong.

Xiao Zhao thought for a long time. All of this had happened in just a few minutes. With such strength and efficiency, it was not done by the official website. They needed a topic to talk about; naturally, they would not take the initiative to delete those things just because of Sister Shan’s words.

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The only ones who could do that were more powerful than the official media that Yang Hua had found.

Xiao Zhao looked at Ding Shan in surprise, “Sister Shan? And you said that no one would help us! Look, all the dirt on the Internet is gone! The articles that were trending among the anti-fans were also gone! In an instant! I saw it with my own eyes! It happened in an instant! Who is so powerful?”

Ding Shan frowned in confusion. “I don’t know. What’s going on?”

Xiao Zhao went over. “It can’t be wrong. Even if the website wants to curry favor with you at this time, they won’t dare to delete the hot searches brazenly. They must have the capital to put pressure on you. Sister Shan, did you not find anyone to help you?”

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Ding Shan gave a weak and bitter smile. “I don’t know anybody with capital. I didn’t get anyone to help me.”

Xiao Zhao was thrilled, “Then perhaps some big shot was moved by you, Sister Shan, and decided to lend a helping hand in the face of injustice? In any case, this is a good thing. We have already explained everything that we should have explained. I was still worried that I wouldn’t be able to solve those scandals. If they stay there, there will inevitably be anti-fans causing trouble. What’s left now is beneficial for us to re-establish our image. The memory of the Internet is neither long nor short. As long as those things disappear, that’s good!”

Ding Shan couldn’t think of who it was, so she didn’t want to dwell on it anymore. She nodded but didn’t know to whom she owed a favor.

Xiao Zhao mumbled, “Why didn’t this big shot show up earlier? It would have been better if he had deleted all the dirt when it first came out. Yang Hua wouldn’t have been so arrogant all night! Now that we’ve clarified everything, it’s almost over, and he only made a move. Could it be that he’s been watching the show all this time and only helped out after he had seen enough?”

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Ding Shan shook her head, “I don’t think it’s that simple. Maybe I owed him a big favor. He was very thoughtful. It wasn’t that he only acted after seeing enough of the show, but he was thinking of me. If all the dirt were deleted as soon as it was revealed, that would be too suspicious. Instead, it would have confirmed the rumors that I had a backer and seduced the big shot.”

Ding Shan sighed. “Now that we’ve explained it clearly, most of the netizens are on our side. It was only then that he took action to deal with the dirt. It can be seen that he’s meticulous and thoughtful.”

Xiao Zhao’s mouth was slightly agape, “There are still so many tricks up his sleeve? Sister Shan, how did your brain grow to analyze so many things so quickly? I didn’t expect it at all just now. Now that you’ve said it, it’s true! It just so happens that the netizens are at their most enthusiastic, so no one will notice that the dirt has disappeared.”

Ding Shan was a little distressed. “Who exactly is it? It’s not that I’m narcissistic. This must be someone who has been paying attention to me.”

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Xiao Zhao giggled. “What’s so strange about that? The Internet is now filled with people paying attention to you, Sister Shan. How sensational is that? It would be abnormal if they ignored you. It’s just that this fan is a powerful big shot!”

Ding Shan clicked her tongue. She felt that something was strange. If he was a fan and had such a high status, he should have wanted to contact her after helping her out. He would want to take credit and get to know her. This kind of approach was prevalent in the entertainment industry.

However, no one contacted her. Ding Shan subconsciously took out her phone and opened her private messages. The messages were densely packed with fans. Ding Shan started to scroll down bit by bit.

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