The Weibo system was about to crash due to the explosive emotions of the netizens. A steady stream of people also heard the news and rushed over to see for themselves.

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The movie Queen Ding Shan revealed that she wasn’t their biological daughter. Such news was unimaginable, even in a dream!

The netizens were all going crazy. It was too explosive, and they couldn’t wrap their heads around it. They were busy comforting Ding Shan, but they were also busy scolding Ding Wan.

Amidst the chaos, someone noticed the problem and asked weakly, “Um… let me ask, did Ding Wan get out of prison so quickly? It didn’t seem like a few days. I don’t understand. I’m just asking, don’t spray it!”

Only then did everyone react. That’s right. After working for a long time, they were shocked by Ding Wan and Ding Shan’s Weibo, but they had overlooked a severe problem.

Wasn’t Ding Wan detained for disturbing public order? Where did he get the phone to post on Weibo?

Oh My God, could it be that Ding Wan could still escape prison? Or was the punishment given to Ding Wan just a cover for the police’s inaction? If he bribed even the police, was there still any law?

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The netizens again swarmed to the police station’s official Weibo to question why Ding Wan had been let out.

It was simply too busy for the netizens.

After Ding Shan posted on Weibo, she silently watched everything. She had done so much and could finally enjoy the fruits of her labor. Ding Wan was about to die from anger. Just thinking about it made her feel happy.

Ding Shan was right. Ding Wan was indeed about to die from anger, and it was because of herself.

Ding Wan was about to start doubting his life. When did Ding Shan do the blood test? When did she start to doubt this?

It was over. Everything was over. He no longer had the right to care about Ding Shan as a father. Instead, he was scolded by the netizens for being shameless and abusing Ding Shan to earn money to support his biological daughter.

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Ding Wan was on the verge of breaking down. The last glimmer of hope in his heart had also been destroyed. He stared at the phone screen in disbelief. The curses that filled the screen were something that even a man like Ding Wan could not withstand. His psychological defense was broken. He did not know if he was angry or upset. His eyes gradually turned red.

Impossible! This was impossible! That incident had been done flawlessly. He had almost forgotten about it himself. He had never thought that Ding Shan would suspect this at all. How old was she at that time? How could she have remembered?

Moreover, she had relied on him so much before. It did not seem like she was faking it! How could she have known?

At this moment, he did not even have the strength to curse. It was as if all his strength had been sucked out. He sat dejectedly on the hospital bed. His mind was buzzing, and his entire body was cold. He felt as if he had seen a ghost.

Half a month ago, everything was fine. Suddenly, everything was lost.

Ding Shan was like a kite in his hand. No matter how angry and hateful Ding Wan was, he always thought Ding Shan was still under her control. He could still drag her back and teach her a lesson.

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Although Ding Wan knew very well how Ding Shan came about, in the eyes of the public, she was his daughter. This relationship was like the string of a kite. No matter what happened, as long as he spent some time and used some tricks.., Ding Shan wouldn’t be able to run far.

But now, this string was utterly broken.

Ding Wan’s daydream was shattered. Such a blow made him unable to react for a moment.

Just as he was still unable to figure out this matter, the netizens had already discovered that he wasn’t in the Detention Center.

Wang Chun pounced over and hit Ding Wan. He howled, “Are you stupid? Aren’t we already exposed? We still have to be arrested!”

Ding Wan was so stunned that he didn’t want to believe the truth. Wang Chun slapped Ding Wan repeatedly, but Ding Wan didn’t seem to feel anything.

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Wang Chun cried, “Oh my God! What sin! What sin did I do? Why didn’t you listen to me? That B*tch secretly went to do a test, then we… Oh my God!”

Ding Wan’s face became redder and redder; his eyes were bloodshot. It was as if he had finally caught his breath and shouted crazily, “Shut up! Why didn’t you stop me just now? Why didn’t you stop me? It’s all your fault! Why didn’t you die? You only know how to cry and cry!”

Then, he laughed crazily again, “Back then? What happened back then? Come on! Let her come at me! Arrest me! Shoot me! I’m not going to live anymore! Hahaha!”

Even though he said that Ding Wan’s entire body started to tremble, the smile on his face was uglier than crying. He was so emotional that tears were streaming down his face. No matter how arrogant he was on the surface, he was terrified in his heart.

When Wang Chun saw that Ding Wan was really about to go crazy, she helplessly curled up in the corner of the hospital bed and cried her heart out.

The two of them had never felt this kind of despair before. Even though CEO Jin kidnaped them, they were not like this. Their hopes were shattered entirely, and they were forced to turn into madmen gradually.

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