Xiao Zhao sighed when she saw how accessible and easy Ding Shan was. She did not say anything else and sent the electronic version of the appraisal results to Ding Shan. She stole a glance at Ding Shan’s expression.

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Ding Shan checked the documents and glanced at the results. She looked at the results that read, “Not related to Ding Wan and Wang Chun.” Her expression did not change. She took a screenshot and started to edit Weibo.

Xiao Zhao watched from the side and realized that Ding Shan did not care anymore. She did not try to suppress her sadness, nor was she heartbroken. Only then did she finally relax.

Although she had long been prepared, and this result could only be solved if they were not related by blood, when Xiao Zhao saw it, her heart still felt uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Sister Shan had moved on. If she did not have any desires, she would be tough. Sister Shan was now an influential person.

Ding Shan lowered her eyes, and her fingers nimbly danced on her phone’s keyboard.

She did not give a long speech as Ding Wan did. Ding Shan only said a few short sentences, “I have been in the arts for many years. I have had some unspeakable secrets, doing things against my heart, and complained about the unfairness of fate. The word ‘family’ once crushed me, but in the end, I realized it was just a cruel scam. “From now on, I’m only willing to be honest, and upright. I want to be a clean artiste. No one has the right to make any decisions for me. I’ve already done my best.”

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She didn’t say any nonsense, didn’t try her best to defend herself and didn’t argue with Ding Wan.

Although it was short, every word weighed a thousand pounds. From Ding Shan’s words, anyone could feel that she hadn’t been able to control herself all these years. The blood test that had just been done was right here, and the records of her childhood were also right here. Ding Wan no longer had any reason to point fingers at Ding Shan.

Just as Ding Shan had said, she had already done her best for the Ding family.

Only then did the netizens understand why Ding Shan had suddenly released so much news, why she had suddenly disbanded her studio and had a falling out with her family, and why so much dirt had appeared.

It turned out that Ding Shan had discovered that she was not their biological child! All the grievances she had suffered over the years were all because of this!

But even so, Ding Shan didn’t reveal it from the start. She only announced working alone and had transferred her wealth and earnings.

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Initially, it was okay if it had ended here, but the Ding family had pressed on step by step. After causing so much trouble, they forced Ding Shan to reveal that she wasn’t the other party’s biological daughter!

This farce finally reached its climax.

Yang Hua’s years of oppression, Ding Wan and his wife’s insults and punches, Ding Yuan’s slander, these few days of dirt, everything had a reasonable explanation.

It turned out that Ding Shan wasn’t their biological child at all. They just saw Ding Shan as a money tree! A tool to earn money! So after Ding Shan resisted, the dogs were desperate!

Just a moment ago, Ding Wan shamelessly said that as Ding Shan’s father, although his methods were wrong, he still loved Ding Shan. He also said that as Ding Shan’s father, he would help her bid farewell to the entertainment industry. Otherwise, he would force her to die. How could he have the face to say these words as her father?

Was he not aware of whether he was her father or not? He had done such a bad thing with his father’s false identity. Did he not feel guilty?

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This wasn’t some family misunderstanding, nor was it one of Ding Wan and Wang Chun’s affairs hiding the truth. According to the report, they weren’t related by blood to Ding Wan and Wang Chun!

Where did Ding Shan come from? Was she carried? Abducted?

No matter the case, it was impossible for them not to know that Ding Shan wasn’t biologically theirs.

Because Ding Shan wasn’t biological, they were willing to treat her this way!

Looking at the pictures that Ding Shan had posted, the date was several years ago. The language was still very tender, but every sentence struck the hearts of the netizens.

It was hard to imagine that such a young child would have a hard time in the entertainment industry and suffer from the indifference and oppression of her family. There was even an article where Little Ding Shan only posted a crying face with a sentence, “Am I not their biological child?”

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How sad must she have been for a child to ask such a question at that time?

Time had changed. Now that it had been proven that Ding Shan was not biological, how sad must she have been?

Her fans, who were mothers, were almost crying to death. They left comments one after another, wanting to hug little Ding Shan at that time. They wished that they could be little Ding Shan’s family. How could they bear to make her sad? The Ding family deserved to die!

The netizens were furious. They flooded Ding Wan’s Weibo to comment. Some swear words could not be sent out, so they used letters instead. They told Ding Wan to stop causing trouble and return all the money he had taken from Ding Shan all these years.

Ding Shan was not her biological daughter. She was not obligated to be respectful to them and help them. After so many years, they still exploited and abused Ding Shan. There was no need to mention the kindness of raising her!

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