Chapter 276 Lu Yu’s Request

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When Lu Yu stated his condition, the five presidents were all stunned.

“What? 50 million per person? You must be dreaming!” Liu Ye yelled.

The other four presidents were also unwilling.

“This price is too high!”

“50 million to exchange a person is too outrageous!”

“I don’t think we can accept it. This is too expensive!”

“I think we should negotiate it further.”

The five presidents tacitly expressed their unwillingness, as they all felt this price was too high.

Of course, the most important thing was that they were trying to cut the price down and save a buck.

It would be worth it if they were to spend 50 million to buy a captain-level club member.

But if they could lower the price, that would be for the best.

“Why don’t you lower the price so we can afford it?”

“How about 10 million per person? 10 million is already quite a lot.”

The five presidents looked at Lu Yu, hoping that Lu Yu would agree.

Lu Yu ignored the five and looked at the five captains.

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“Are the five of you that cheap? Only 50 million per person?”

Fang Hai, Liu Yan, and the others lowered their heads speechlessly. They didn’t dare say anything more as they knew the presidents were bargaining; they weren’t really thinking it was too expensive and wouldn’t save them.

“One person, 10 million. How about that? When we came out, we only had this much money on us.”

Liu Ye said shamelessly as if he was saying he only had 10 million, whether Lu Yu wanted it or not.

Lu Yu stared at Liu Ye and asked seriously, “Do you really want to lower the price to 10 million?”

Liu Ye nodded. “I think 10 million is just right.”

The four presidents behind him also nodded. “It adds up to 50 million, not a small amount.”

“If it’s 50 million per person, it would cost over 100 million, which would greatly exceed our budget.”

Lu Yu shrugged. “If that’s the case, I can reduce the price to 10 million. However, you have to abide by the other conditions!”

The five looked at each other and looked at Lu Yu curiously.

“What do you mean?” Liu Ye asked.

“I can reduce the price if you want, but I have other conditions!”

“The condition is that all members from your five clubs cannot enter the entire wild forest secret realm. If anyone enters, they will be punished!”

Hearing this, the five presidents were dumbfounded.

This condition was even more ridiculous than the last!

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The wild forest was a resource-rich secret realm. If they were forbidden to enter, the earnings of the entire club would shrink a great deal.

Moreover, the five major clubs didn’t only have their largest five strongholds here, as there were also other scattered small strongholds inside the wild forest that belonged to them.

If they agreed to this condition, wouldn’t it be equivalent to giving up these small strongholds?

Thinking of this, the five of them unanimously chose to reject the condition.

“We can’t accept this condition. You want us not to be able to enter the wild forest? This proposal is too crazy,” Liu Ye rejected.

“That’s right; we can’t accept this ridiculous condition. We can’t lose the wild forest!”

Lu Yu shook his head calmly. “You guys were the ones who suggested reducing the price to 10 million. I didn’t offer that, so you guys don’t have the right to reject my proposal now.”

“Or else, our negotiations will be over, and I will deal with these five captains personally.”

As soon as these words were said, the five presidents jerked and started to get nervous.

Lu Yu’s tone was firm, not allowing them room to maneuver.

They naturally did not want to give up on these five captains, as giving them up would weaken the strength of their clubs and, more importantly, weaken their morale.

If their club members saw that they did not save their own for the sake of monetary benefits, would these members still be willing to work for the club?

From the corner of his eye, Liu Ye saw a cell phone stand that seemed to be facing them. Obviously, their negotiations were being broadcast live.

Since that was the case, the five presidents couldn’t give up and could only agree to Lu Yu’s request.

However, this request was too heavy for them to accept.

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“I… I think 50 million isn’t that expensive, and we can pay for it.” Liu Ye gave in. There was no anger in his eyes.

“That’s right. It’s just 50 million, and we’ve prepared the money. We can trade at any time.”

“That’s right. We can take out 50 million right now!”

At that moment, Lin Kang walked out unhappily behind Lu Yu.

“You old foxes. Didn’t you say that you came with 10 million just now? How come you have the additional money now?”

“How interesting. You were the ones who wanted to lower the price, and now you want to raise the price again? Have you not figured out what kind of situation you are in?”

Hearing this, Liu Ye clenched his fists in anger, his knuckles cracking.

If it weren’t for Lu Yu, how could Lin Kang, a mere freshman, have the right to stand here and talk to him in such a tone?

But since Lu Yu was standing before him, he could only endure it.

He revealed a stiff smile. “So, it seems like there’s no room for discussion?”

Lu Yu nodded. “That’s right, there’s no room for discussion. Do you have a problem with that?”

“How can that be? Since that’s the case, we will definitely agree. We’re not the kind of club that would turn our backs on a member in danger.”

Saying that, Liu Ye looked at the four people behind him and said, “Take out your money.”

The five presidents lit up their storage rings. Soon, 500 credit cards appeared.

Liu Ye gripped the 500 cards and handed them to Lu Yu.

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“There’s a total of 500 cards, and one of them holds 100,000 dollars. This adds up to 50 million.”

Lu Yu took it and put it into his pocket watch. He had nearly 100 million after adding his initial assets.

“Is that enough?”

“Now, I want you to do one more thing. Call the members of your clubs who are still in the wild forest and tell them to leave this secret realm!”

Liu Ye looked at the four presidents.

“Everyone, go ahead…”

Although Lu Yu had broken through five major strongholds, these small strongholds were still there as a threat!

If the members of the Featherwing Club went out to gather resources in the future and ran into the members of the five major clubs, it was inevitable that there would be conflicts.

Therefore, Lu Yu’s request could ensure the rapid and safe development of the Featherwing Club.

Liu Ye took out his phone and started to make the first call.

The other four presidents also started to make their calls, notifying their members to leave their strongholds.

This scene was broadcast live.

Almost all the students at Clanorth University witnessed this.

“Lu Yu’s move is brilliant! He chased all the members of the five major clubs out!”

“Sheesh, the wild forest will be the territory of the Featherwing Club from now on!”

“Such a huge amount of resources is enough for the Featherwing Club to squander for a long time!”

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