Chapter 275 Negotiations With The Five Major Clubs

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Lu Yu opened the gate and saw Lin Kang outside.

“You’re here so quickly. Come on in.”

Lin Kang took two steps forward as he pulled the rope in his hand, and the four behind him began to move forward.

“Hurry up and deal with these four people. We leave them in our stronghold daily, and it’s a waste of resources.”

Lu Yu looked at the four captains who came in one after another. Each of their faces was filled with haggardness as they lowered their heads and walked forward weakly.

“Don’t worry. I brought them here today to deal with them.”

Hearing this, the four captains raised their heads and looked at Lu Yu in surprise.

“What are you going to do to us?”

“You’re not going to kill us to silence us, right? Our club won’t let you off!”

“I advise you to think twice. You better not have any bad intentions toward us.”

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The four looked at Lu Yu nervously, afraid that Lu Yu would silence them once and for all.

Lu Yu shrugged. “What are you all worried about? If I wanted to silence you, I would have done it the moment I caught you!”

“Don’t worry; I have already contacted the presidents of your club. They will come to redeem you soon, so just wait.”

The four captains looked at each other and lowered their heads again, remaining silent.

At that moment, a member of the Featherwing Club also brought Liu Yan to the front yard, and the five sat together as a team on the grassy fields.

“Behave yourselves. Someone will come to trade for you later!”

Lin Kang chastised them, and the five of them bowed their heads.

It was obvious that the four of them had already been taught a lesson by Lin Kang to the point that they no longer intended to talk back. Otherwise, they would have retorted angrily long ago, based on their tempers.

Among them, Liu Yan was the quietest and the most cowardly. After all, out of the five captains here, only he had personally witnessed the power of the Dragon Fist.

“Next, we’ll wait for the five clubs to come over. Oh, right, turn on a live broadcast. I want everyone at Clanorth University to know the strength of the Featherwing Club!”

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Lin Kang immediately took out a mobile phone stand and began a live broadcast after hearing Lu Yu’s orders.

He chose a place with a wide-angled view and aimed at the entire front yard as he started the live broadcast.

As soon as the live broadcast started, tens of thousands of viewers instantly entered. Many paid close attention to the Featherwing Club’s every move. Therefore, the popularity of Lin Kang’s live broadcast immediately soared when it started.

Due to Lu Yu’s spectacular battle results, he attracted much attention at Clanorth University. Countless people flooded into the live broadcast channel as soon as it began.

“The Featherwing Club started a livestream!”

“What are they planning to stream? I’m so excited as I haven’t seen any news about the Featherwing Club for quite some time. I wonder what their situation is like now.”

“I have some gossip that the Featherwing Club has consecutively broken through the strongholds of the five major clubs in the wild forest. Their potential sure looks promising.”

“Damn, that’s ridiculous. Their strength is about the same as the five major clubs then.”

“If the Featherwing Club continues on this track record, we have witnessed the rise of a legend!”

“I don’t believe it. That’s impossible. If the five major clubs were to attack the Featherwing Club together, how could they lose?”

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“I don’t believe it either. The Featherwing Club has just been established, so how could they have the strength to go against the five major clubs?”

The audience inside the live broadcast channel was discussing the conflict between the Featherwing Club and the five major clubs excitedly.

“Look, there are five people tied up there.”

“I know those five. They are captains of some of the strongholds in the wild forest!”

“I often do missions in the wild forest, so I am familiar with them. These five are the captains of the five major clubs in the wild forest!”

“Liu Yan shouldn’t be one, but he has a high position in his stronghold. Why did Lu Yu tie up these five people?”

The audience in the live broadcast channel became curious.

They didn’t understand why Lu Yu tied up these five people in one go.

This was Lu Yu’s goal. Lu Yu wanted these people to watch the transaction between him and the five clubs.

He wanted them to know that the Featherwing Club was no longer inferior to the five major clubs!

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Lu Yu and Lin Kang sat in the shade, looking at the five captains while waiting for the five presidents to come and exchange them.

Soon, five figures walked over from the entrance of the manor.

Outside the manor, the five people led by Liu Ye gathered here. They looked at the entrance and didn’t move for some time.

“President Liu, what should we do in this situation?” Du Peng asked helplessly.

“Sigh, what else can we do? We must negotiate. If we can trade for them, then let’s do so!”

“There’s nothing we can do. Even if the five of us fight, we might not be a match for him.”

“Right now, the entire wild forest is considered the Featherwing Club’s territory. Even if we bring all of our people in to besiege him, we won’t be able to do much.”

Liu Ye lowered his head and pondered for a long time before he sighed helplessly.

“That’s right. Right now, the entire wild forest is their territory. Even if we invade on a large scale, we will be discovered, and Lu Yu will have plenty of ways to deal with that. Whether escaping or fighting head-on, it will be difficult for us to do anything substantial…”

“Judging by the current situation, we are being held down by his decisions.”

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