“It seems that you already understand the meaning of the latter part of my words?” The white monkey asked after observing Zhou Mingrui’s expression.

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“Yes, I think I roughly understand.” Zhou Mingrui nodded slightly.

“Now, is there anything else you don’t understand?” The white monkey put down his walking stick and sat in front of the stone tablet.

“You’ve seen me and explained the stone tablet to me. Are you going to leave now?” Zhou Mingrui stared at the other party and asked.

“Thank you for your concern. I’ve already been guarding this place for so many years, and I’m already used to it. I won’t be leaving the stone tablet from now on.”

The white monkey was like those old monks. He was extremely calm and said in a slow tone, “If you don’t have anything else to ask, you can leave. Our fate has come to an end.”

“I still have a few last questions.” Suddenly, Zhou Mingrui spoke again.

“Speak.” The white monkey said indifferently.

“What is this white fog?” Zhou Mingrui asked.

The white monkey immediately replied, “It’s a barrier that protects our race. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. Once we leave the white fog, we can only wait to be slaughtered.”

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After a pause, he continued, “Of course, the ones you killed before were just disobedient guys. I don’t mean to blame you.”

“You’re not the chief or the leader?” Zhou Mingrui was puzzled.

“I’m not interested, and I don’t have the mood to care. I can only tell them the general direction they want to go. My greatest ability is to ensure that the race is not exterminated.” The white monkey said indifferently.

Zhou Mingrui finally understood. He walked to the stone tablet and reached out to touch it gently.

A special feeling began to appear on his palm, and then it began to spread to his entire body. The next moment, the entire stone tablet suddenly lit up with a faint fluorescent light.

Then, in the fluorescent light, cracks began to appear. From one or two cracks, they gradually increased and finally covered the entire stone tablet.


After a crisp sound, the entire stone tablet suddenly broke into countless small pieces and then continued to break down into countless yellow light spots under the light.

Like fireflies that filled the sky, the light spots quickly gathered and transformed into a beam of light that shot into Zhou Mingrui’s body.

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[A mysterious substance has been detected entering the host’s body. Beginning analysis.]

[The mysterious substance is detected to meet the host’s physical needs. Beginning conversion and breaking down.]

Upon hearing the system’s voice, Zhou Mingrui felt a surge of energy emerge within his body. Following that, his experience bar began to rise.

At the end, when the light from the stone tablet dissipated, Zhou Mingrui’s level reached level 46.

At the same time, Zhou Mingrui could clearly sense that his physical fitness had improved. Even his spiritual state had improved significantly.

Although he was only at level 46, the increase in his physical fitness this time would probably require him to be level 50 and above.

This was an improvement on the foundation, and the effect was very big.

At this time, the stone tablet had completely disappeared, leaving only the empty ground and the white monkey sitting on the ground.

“Alright, you can leave now.” The white monkey said.

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“Thank you,” Zhou Mingrui said.

In any case, the other party had dispelled his doubts for free. Even if the other party was not human, it was enough for him to express his gratitude.

“Your presence here is the greatest gratitude to me,” The white monkey closed its eyes after it finished speaking.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Mingrui did not disturb him any further. Instead, he turned around and walked straight out of the white fog.

After Zhou Mingrui left, the white monkey opened its eyes.

However, at this moment, his eyes had lost their previous brightness and translucency, and only emptiness and exhaustion remained.

“It’s been two hundred years. I can finally rest.”

As soon as it finished speaking, the white monkey closed its eyes, and all the fur on its body began to wither. After all its life force dissipated, there was no longer any breath left.

The white fog filled the air again and swallowed the white monkey’s body as if it was indicating that it would go where it came from.

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Along the way, no other white monkeys attacked Zhou Mingrui. Furthermore, he did not need to rely on his senses. After walking for a few minutes, he arrived in the outside world.

As he watched the white fog quickly dissipate behind him, Zhou Mingrui sighed softly in his heart. When he was walking, he could naturally sense that the white monkey’s original vitality had also dissipated with the disappearance of the stone tablet.


At this moment, Yan Wuyue appeared in front of him. Seeing that Zhou Mingrui was unscathed, she revealed a look of joy.

[I told you, it’s fine.] Zhou Mingrui chuckled and raised his arm to gesture. [It’s me we’re talking about.]


Thank you for reading on

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