Later on, he followed his father, Jiang Yan, as they fled everywhere to avoid being found by their enemies. In those days, he still had a younger sister. Then, she fell sick while on the run and passed away due to malnutrition. Soon, Jiang Yan also could not hold on anymore. Before he passed away, he sent Jiang Shu away to be raised by Jiang Jin, who had changed his name and gone into hiding.

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From then on, Jiang Shu and his second uncle, Jiang Jin, only had each other left. Jiang Jin never got married as he only had Xia Xiu in his heart. To Jiang Shu, Jiang Jin was like a father figure to him.

Section Chief Huang carefully observed the expressions on the faces of the members of the He and Xia families. If he was not careful, he might not be able to keep his job.

Ever since Section Chief Chu messed up the last time at the Xia residence, he had disappeared without a trace. After that, everything related to the search for restricted items had been handed over to Huang Fei.

They had all waited for such a long time earlier because not only were the He family members waiting for He Ning, he was also waiting for the Xia family members to arrive. There was no way this poor kid from the Jiang family would be able to keep the He family in check.

Jiang Shu looked at He Ning mockingly and said, “Things are different now. I only feel that I was very stupid back then. I should have persuaded my grandfather not to help your family earlier. Otherwise, how would we get bitten back by a heartless person like you!”

“What did you say! Say it again if you dare!” He Li pointed at Jiang Shu and shouted.

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Usually, everyone looked down on He Li. Only He Ning would take care of him and speak up for him. Over the years, as long as their family went to He Ning for help, there was nothing that they could not do. He did not know what kind of bad things that He Ning had done, but he knew that He Ning was sincere when it came to them.

He Li hated it the most when people badmouthed He Ning!

He Ning smiled as he looked at He Li. At least he did not dote on the kid for nothing.

“He Li, go back,” He Ning said.

He Li obediently put down the stick and stood beside his father, He Wei, as he looked warily at the people around him. Although he was not very clever and did not understand the twists and turns of the conversation, he knew very well that he had to protect He Ning.

Actually, he was protecting He Ning not just because He Ning treated them well.

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He Wei had previously said that as long as He Ning was well and still around, the He family would not fall from power. If He Ning was no longer around, the He family would be nothing. Those who flattered He Li and tried to curry favor with him would also leave him then.

He Li was used to being flattered by others. Only by protecting He Ning would he be able to continue having everything he had now.

“I wonder if you’re well after all these years? Where are you living? Why are you wearing such tattered clothes? Do you need our help?” He Ning said hypocritically.

“I’m in good health, so there’s no need for Mr. He to worry. As for you, why are you still not dead yet after so many years?” Jiang Shu said disdainfully.

Jiang Shu’s tone was filled with regret, but He Ning did not care about Jiang Shu’s curse at all. After so many years, there were many people who wanted him dead, so one more person would not make any difference.

“Thanks to you, I’m still alive and well. However, where have you been all these years? I’ve been asking around for your whereabouts. It must not have been easy for the Xia family to find you. I wonder if your father and uncle are doing well?” After saying that to Jiang Shu, He Ning turned around and looked at Xia Wen intently.

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When Xia Xiu found Jiang Jin, he was already terminally ill. He had been malnourished for a long time and still had to do farm work to support his family and his body was on the verge of collapse. Now that Xia Xiu had transferred him to a private hospital for treatment, Jiang Shu was here to seek justice on behalf of him and his father, Jiang Yan.

Jiang Shu had already suffered once, so there was no way he would fall for the trick a second time.

“You don’t have to try and trick me to give you information. I’m the only one in my family. The rest of them are all dead. Thanks to you, my whole family died when they were on the run,” Jiang Shu said through gritted teeth.

He Ning’s expression was solemn as he said regretfully, “What a pity.”

“What a pity? It’s not a pity at all. Your good days are coming to an end. You can go down and accompany them soon,” Jiang Shu said with a smile.

“I’m being framed. The things in the courtyard are not mine,” He Ning said.

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“We’ll all know in a while if you have been framed. Besides, who told you that I’m here to make a report against you?” Jiang Shu gave He Ning a meaningful look.

He Ning felt his scalp tingle. He had not felt such fear for a long time.

He Ning looked at the people in the courtyard, then at the crowd standing at the door and the eyewitnesses to the incident back then. He Ning instantly knew what Jiang Shu was going to do.

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