When Qiao Mei saw that Xia Mao was embarrassed, she smiled and said sweetly to him, “I’m the one who begged Xia Zhe to bring me here as I had trouble sleeping. Father, don’t be angry. I just want to come and take a look!”

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When Xia Mao heard that Qiao Mei had trouble sleeping, he quickly asked, “Are you not feeling well? Do you want your aunt to come and take a look? When did you start having trouble sleeping?”

Facing a string of rapid questions, Qiao Mei did not know which one to answer first. Xia Mao turned to look at Xia Zhe and said, “Why aren’t you concerned about Qiao Mei’s health! How long has she been in this state! Is this how you treat her! I’ll call your aunt and ask her to come and take a look.”

After saying that, he wanted to go to the newspaper stand at the side to call Xia Fang. During this era, there were no mobile phones. Everyone relied on the phone booth or the landline at home to make phone calls.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing! I’m just tired from all the work at home last night. I’ll be fine once I get some rest,” Qiao Mei said as she hurriedly stopped Xia Mao.

Xia Mao also understood that Qiao Mei was talking about the matter of the food stamps and banknotes.

Xia Mao looked at both Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe suspiciously and asked, “Are you really feeling well?”

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“I’m fine, Father. Don’t worry,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

Seeing how assured Qiao Mei was, Xia Mao felt more at ease. However, he still could not accept the fact that Xia Zhe sneaked out with Qiao Mei, and even lied to him.

No one knew if the same tragic situation from 10 years ago would happen today. What if Qiao Mei got a shock, what if she was traumatized, what if…

Xia Mao’s mind was filled with the fear that something would happen to Qiao Mei, but since she was already here, there was no time to send her back. The women at home were not awake yet, so he decided to keep her by their sides.

The action had already started at the He family’s house.

“You brat! I’ll settle the score with you later!” Xia Mao still felt worried and went to the newspaper stand to make a phone call.

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He asked for another 10 security guards to come over to protect Qiao Mei. He wanted to be very careful today and not let anything happen.

Now there were a total of 30 security guards, almost enough to make up a company. With so many of them around, it would definitely arouse He Ning’s suspicions.

However, He Ning’s suspicions were not as important as the safety of his daughter-in-law. Over the phone, Xia Mao ordered them to protect Qiao Mei from a distance not too far away from her.

He reiterated that both the inner and outer areas had to be absolutely safe. Nothing must happen to Qiao Mei!

Qiao Mei looked at the busy Xia Mao and smiled. It felt so good to be cared for by her family.

In less than half an hour, a car arrived at the entrance of an alley not far from the He family’s house and 10 people jumped out one after another. Among them, five people quickly disappeared into the crowd in the vicinity, making it impossible to spot them at all. The other five were elite officers who lingered close to Qiao Mei to protect her.

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The 20 security guards who had followed Xia Mao here in the beginning were also lurking around and protecting Qiao Mei.

They only had one order and that was to protect Qiao Mei with their lives.

After making the necessary arrangements, Xia Mao brought them to the He family’s compound. If they did not go in soon, the kid from the Jiang family would not be able to hold on much longer.

The He family’s old house was about the same size as the Xia family’s courtyard house. The eldest son of the He family, He Guo, and the second son of the He family, He Wei, had both lived here. He Ning felt that as there were too many people around, it was too noisy and not conducive to his recuperation, so he moved out.

The main door of the He family’s house was wide open and one could see that it was filled with people inside. There was also a big group of people outside the door who had come to watch the commotion.Everyone found it really rare that someone would dare to cause trouble for the He family in this day and age.

After He Ning’s father passed away, many people came around to ask for their debts to be repaid. They said that He Ning’s father had gambled away the family business and even owed them large sums of money. Then they beat up the three He brothers when they could not receive any payment.

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After that, it was Old Master Jiang who helped to settle all the debts.

Later on, He Ning became famous after excelling in a battle. As his reputation grew, no one dared to cause trouble for the He family anymore. Those people who came to bully them in the past all disappeared without a trace.

As the saying went, even a goose passing by would leave a sound. However, those people disappeared as if they had never existed. It was just that these incidents were not as prominent as what happened to the Jiang family, so no one paid much attention to them.

This time, someone from the Jiang family had returned and even brought along a group of people who rushed into the He family’s courtyard to block everyone’s way and wanted to dig everywhere. The method was exactly the same as the one used on the Jiang family 10 years ago.

The Xia family members pushed their way through the crowd and approached the He family compound. They had to go in and support the Jiang family. Otherwise, He Ning would definitely try his best to stop them. Xia Wen stood beside Xia Mao, followed closely by Xia Zhe and Qiao Mei. The five security guards stood at the back to block away passers-by and keep people away from Qiao Mei.

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