For some random person to anger the chief of the Tiandu division, the only result was death. After all, the Tiandu division was a god-like existence that was respected by the myriad races.

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Thus, in the eyes of the Tiandu division staff member, Yuchi’s fate was sealed in stone.

In the end, the only response he got was a slap on the face.

The force of the slap sent him flying 30 meters, smashing into the wall. With a loud thud, the wall shook.

His face was covered in blood, completely dazed and confused.

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Tian Luohe’s words were filled with killing intent, “You fool, don’t drag me into your foolishness. Do you know who that person was?”

“Do you know how terrifyingly strong that person is? That’s Yuchi! The very same one we briefed everyone about!”

“You useless piece of trash, get lost! I don’t want to see you here when I return.”

After venting his anger, Tian Luohe hurried off to deal with the matter at hand.

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This guy was left lying on the ground, trembling.


The Yuchi who had killed Andrew?

Why was that lunatic here?

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Still, why was Tian Luohe so frightened? Tian Luohe was far stronger than Andrew, so Yuchi should not be a threat.

How could the dignified chief of the Tiandu division be so frightened by someone like Yuchi?

This person felt lost, and could only crawl up and leave.

Tian Luohe would never tell anyone about Yuchi’s terrifying battle in the desert. This was a secret between him and Yuchi!

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If he were to reveal this information to the public, it might offend Yuchi, which would get him killed

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