Tian Luohe was very unhappy. He had been absorbing the Heavenly Dao elements in the desert, but had been suddenly interrupted by an urgent message transmission.

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Left with no other choice, Tian Luohe returned to the Tiandu division in a terrible mood.

Good cultivation locations and opportunities were few and far between, and this matter was wasting his precious time.

However, when he saw who it was, he was so frightened that he knelt on the ground.

It was the senior from the desert back then!

Why was he suddenly here at his Tiandu division?

Yuchi was also a little surprised.

The person in front of him looked a little familiar. After searching his memories, he realized that this person he had met at the desert after that battle with the mysterious woman.

“Stand up. Why are you kneeling?”

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“Yes, yes, Senior.”

Tian Luohe obediently stood up in front of Yuchi. He hesitantly asked, “Senior, why are you here? I will do my best to fulfill any requests you have.”

“There’s no need for such formalities. I came here to deal with a certain matter.”

“Still, let me introduce myself first. I’m Yuchi.”

After Tian Luohe heard this, he was shocked.

Yuchi? The one who had killed Andrew?

No one from the Tiandu division had been willing to fight Yuchi, preferring not to fight this lunatic.

He was this strong now? Tian Luohe could not even gauge his strength.

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Yuchi then detailed his request.

“The red snake race offended the greedy wolf race during the hunt. Unfortunately, the greedy wolf race has taken things too far in seeking revenge. I’m hoping that the Tiandu division can intervene and make the greedy wolf race take a step back so that the conflict can be resolved amicably.”

“If you could do that, I would be grateful.”

“But if it’s not possible, I’ll think of some other way.”

Tian Luohe’s replied almost instantly.

“Please have a seat for a moment. I will immediately get to work and settle this matter for you. It won’t even take two days to resolve. I promise you this.”

The other party’s answer was as expected.

Since that was the case, there was no need for Yuchi to stick around. He would rather be fishing.

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“Thanks for agreeing. This will make things easier. I’ll take my leave first”

“Take care, Senior.”

When Yuchi finally left, Tian Luohe’s entire body was drenched in cold sweat. He let out a long sigh of relief and sat on the ground. When he finally regained his composure, he started cursing.

“F*ck! The greedy wolf race is courting death. They actually turned Senior away.”

“Are they relying on my backing? These troublemakers really put me at risk. I told them not to provoke others willy nilly.”

“Now they’ve attracted the devil. They should have done things in moderation.”

The situation just now had been too dangerous. If he did not agree, then who knows what Yuchi would have resorted to in order to resolve this situation. Most likely, the Tiandu division and the greedy wolf race would be completely annihilated.


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“Just wait till I get there. I’ll teach you a good lesson.”

“Of all people to provoke, you had to provoke Yuchi!”

“Friggin’ idiots!”

Tian Luohe left his room, cursing and swearing. The other members of the Tiandu division were still unaware of the situation.

One of them came over and asked, “My Lord, that peasant just now was making a fuss about wanting to see you. He even used the urgent message talisman. Did you teach him a lesson?

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