“I don’t know what Yu Huaqing was thinking. Why would we be afraid of him, or his angel race? He should have done some research to see who is backing us up. The angel race isn’t all that.”

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“Furthermore, the angel race’s territory is so far away. What was he hoping to accomplish? We aren’t even governed by the same Tiandu division!”

“There’s no way we’re going to let the red snake race go, unless they submit completely to us.”

The clan leader of the greedy wolf race was in a discussion with their grand elder.

After failing to recruit the red snake race’s genius, and having their team eliminated from the hunt, they gained the justification they required to suppress the red snake race.

The great elder of the greedy wolf race was relaxed, and he tossed chunks of red meat into his mouth.

“Clan leader, we shouldn’t be too concerned about this matter. It’s already a done deal. The red snake race is helpless. Once we’re done with them, they will be no different from extinct.”

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“Hmph! It’s just that Yu Huaqing pisses me off! To think that he would dare to come all the way here to try and mess with our plans.”

“Ini any case, we have Tian Luohe behind us. The Tianluo race might be trash, but he’s still a chief of the Tiandu division, and a bona fide third-grade Dao essence realm cultivator.”


They were talking and laughing casually.

However, they were blissfully unaware of Yuchi’s relationship with the angel race. The Tiandu division had not publicized Yuchi’s feat of killing Andrew, so hardly anyone other than the Tiandu division chiefs knew about him.

They were also unaware that earlier, when Yuchi arrived at the greedy wolf race’s territory and asked to see the clan leader of thegreedy wolf race, he had already been rejected.

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Earlier, at night.

Yuchi looked at the greedy wolf clansman in front of him. His tone was rather calm, “Is there really no way for me to see your clan leader? I have something important to discuss with your clan leader, so I hope that you can make an exception. After all, I would like to do things by the book.”

However, after this clansman heard Yuchi’s words, he did not relent.

“If someone random like you can negotiate with our clan leader, then every Tom, Dick and Harry can do so as well. Hell no!”

“Please have some self-awareness. Basides, I can’t sense even the tiniest bit of sincerity from you.

What was sincerity?

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Sincerity was money.

Yuchi was quite embarrassed. He touched his nose and nodded.

“So that’s how it is. Unfortunately, I have no money to offer you.”

No money?

Then why were you here?

The clansman’s expression became even more unhappy.

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“Since you don’t have money, get lost. Otherise, don’t blame me for roughing you up.”

“Well, alright then,” Yuchi replied.

He turned around and left.

This scene was also seen by another member of the greedy wolf race, who came over to check things out.

When he learned of Yuchi’s background and request, he could not help but laugh out loud.

What a strange fellow!

He was clearly a worm who was not aware of the immensity of heaven and earth.

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