Arc-1 Chapter-7: What is the First Woe?

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 "Why didn't you answer any of my messages?"

 That was the first thing Akari said to me.

 "Right now I'm dating someone else, and as you know, I'm a single minded guy. I won't contact people of the opposite sex unless I have to."

 It was the same when I was dating Akari. I kept my interaction with other girls to the bare minimum.

 I believe this to be considerate to the other person as well as the right thing to do.

 "The person you're dating, is it Takamine Yukiho?"

 "The rules of my agency doesn't allow me to give an answer to that."

 "Saying something like that, isn't it the same as admitting it?"

 "I can't answer that either. Agency rules."

 Akari said, "Disgusting." While clicking her tongue.

 I didn't have any idea as to what was disgusting about it.

 "By messages did you mean on LINE? If so, then I'm sorry, but I won't be responding to your messages anymore."

 "No, wait!"

 "What is it now?"

 Akari approached me and said "Daikichi, why don't we start over?"


 I couldn't make sense of it.

No, I could understand why she would want reconciliation.

It takes thousands of steps, not hundreds, to understand, but, I understood.

 Maybe if I was free.

However, I have a lover now, and that's Takamine Yukiho. Evern kindergartners will understand could see the results.

What kind of nerves does she have to even suggest that?

Something must be fundamentally wrong with this girl is the conclusion I arrived at.

 "I was wrong, I was wrong about you Daikichi."

 "Ho, is that so?"

 "You can't stay with an Idol anyways. So, lets get back together, please."

 I answered without a moment of hesitation.

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 "That's impossible."


 "It's impossible."

 "Hey, can I ta--"

 "I can't do the impossible, what's impossible is impossible."

 Akari froze.

 "Hey, wasn't there a handsome senpia you're dating? What happened to him, Akari?"

 "I broke up with him since he was having an affair."

 "So, did you think getting together with me, who is dating an Idol, would boost your confidence?"

 "That way of sayin--"

 "It's a painful story, isn't it. The woman who cheated on me and left me is now being cheated on and abandoned. And I have the best girlfriend ever. What is this life? Isn't it too good to be true?"


 I then said with a big smile.

 "Thank you! Akari!"

 "Eh, thank you....?"

 "Yes, thank you! Thank you for leaving me and telling me I'm not manly enough! Because of you, I met the best partner ever!"

 Akari collapsed.

 "Goodbye and don't ever reach out to me ever again!"

 Turning my back to Akari I started walking away.

 "Wait! Daikich! We've know each other a long time! Can't we just let one mistake slide!? Hey!"

 Akari clings to me.

The patience I had for Akari finally broke.

 "Let go, you filth."

 I said coldly and shook her off.


 "There's no second chance for a low life who cheats on her partner. Even if my life doesn't work out, I will never get back with you. Never. I'm not your insurance policy. You've got a nice face and I'm sure you'll find someone else soon. Go get along with that guy and leave me alone."

 Akari was crying, saying, "That's terrible..."

 I left the place without turning back.

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 After that, Akari kept messaging me on LINE.

I was starting to worry if there was something wrong in her head.

And so, I blocked her. She was getting annoying.

    Then I transferred to a high school with a performing arts department.

The school fees were all paid by the agency.

(I've heard about it, but... I didn't know how far it went...)

    The first class of the performing arts department was even worse than I had imagined.

There were only four students in attendance, including me and Yukiho.

There was only one class.

All of them were made up of idols and actors.

This is just a place to get a high school diploma.

Nobody was interested in studying.

Therefore, the teachers were lazy.

All he did was to play a video explaining the contents of the lecture.

The person in question was just flicking on his phone.

    It was the same for everyone except for me and Yukiho.

 One of them was playing with his phone, while the other was absorbed in her makeup.

    "Daikichi, aren't you going to take notes?"

    As I watched the video in a daze, Yukiho spoke up from next to me.

    "But this is middle school material. I can easily understand it."

    "Really? I haven't been able to go to school since then."

    "You're a former top idol."

    We sat in class with our desks close together, shoulder to shoulder.

In a normal school, I would be immediately punished, but in this school, it's fine.

In the first place, no one is watching.

    "Daikichi-kun, you're really nervous, aren't you? Your hands are shaking."

    Yukiko puts her hand on mine, and it feels nice and warm.

    "Of course. I have my first shooting after this."

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    After school, I have work to do.

I have to film for a show about deserted islands, which is aimed at replacing the hotshot BASH.

I will actually go to a deserted island to film.

    "Don't worry, just follow the plan."

    "You look so at ease, Yukiho-san."

    "I'm nervous too, you know. This is my first time to have my own show. And since I know the industry, I'm probably more nervous than you are. Because this is a tremendous opportunity."

    "Doesn't look like it."

    "I'm not the outspoken type."

    She rested her head on my shoulder.

I let her in and gently strokes her hair.

    "We'll be fine, probably."


    "No, definitely!"

    "Of course!"

    We flirted with each other without worrying about being seen.


    After class, we got a ride to the location.

A large number of staff members were preparing at the pier, our destination.


We changed our clothes on the film bus, from the school uniforms to jerseys with the show's logo on it.

    "First things first, Greetings! In the entertainment industry, greetings are vital! Please come with me!"

    "Oh, yes."

    Together with Yukiho, we went to greet the co-stars of the show.

There was only one co-star, and it was an announcer.

In the words of the president, our program is supposed to be "hard-hitting," and we don't have a so-called daisy chain.

For 30 minutes, they will focus solely on the development of uninhabited islands.

    "It's been a while, Doi-san!"

 Yukiho bows her head deeply.

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The announcer's name is Mikio Doi.

He is 45 years old and a veteran announcer who is popular with men and women of all ages.

I hear that programs he is in charge of has a high hit rate.

 "Hello Takamine-san! I'm sorry, I didn't have time to greet you sooner!"

 Yukiho and Dio-san are chatting in a friendly manner.

I'm just standing on the side.

 "Takamine-san, is that him?"

 Doi's line of sight turned to me.

 "Yes!" Yukiho nodded.

 "This is my boyfriend, Yoshikawa Daikichi!"

 "I'm Yoshikawa, pleased to meet you."

 "I'm Mikio Dio, pleased to meet you too! I know this will be your first time on TV, but don't worry! I'll show you the ropes and the excitement!"

 "Y, yes. Thank you very much."

 As Yukiho said, Dio-san seems reliable.

    "Makeup is ready!"

    Someone from the staff shouted, but I couldn't understand what they meant.

    "Ah, I have to do my makeup, so see ya later, Daikichi-kun!"

    "Oh, okay, got it."

    Yukiho disappeared into the film bus.

It looks like she's going to do her makeup there.

Doi and I were also called to different buses.


    "Well, Doi-san, I look forward to working with you today."

    I bowed my head again.

    "Please do the same for me as well! Takamine-san's confession at the press conference is attracting a lot of attention in the industry, it can be said to be a revolution not only for the Idol world, but for the whole entertainment industry. Not only as a man, but also as a person in the same field, I wish you and Takamine-san a long and happy life together."

    "Thank you very much! Doi-san!"

    Doi-san smiled and said, "Well then." and headed for the other bus from the one with Yukiho.

(As Yukiho said, Mr. Doi is a very nice person.) With that in mind, I followed the staff into the bus.

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