Jiang Ying took a deep breath, his mind replaying what had happened after the drought.

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Back then, when there was a drought in the few prefectures that Prince Qi and Prince Ning had sealed off, they did not accept each other’s refugees.

He had thought that it was because they did not get along, but now that he combined it with the investigation, it was just an illusion!

They were probably planning something big under the pretext of discord.

Jiang Ying frowned and guessed that the big plan of these two people might be a rebellion!

At the thought of this, he sucked in a breath of cold air. These two people were too bold. They actually wanted to rebel under the Emperor’s nose.

“What’s wrong? Did you think of something?” Ning Yue asked Jiang Ying.

“You’re right. Prince Ning and Prince Qi are plotting a rebellion!” Jiang Ying’s expression was a little ugly.

“No, I have to tell Uncle Emperor to prepare early.” With that, Jiang Ying was about to leave.

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Before she could take a few steps, she was stopped by Ning Yue.

“Calm down. You don’t have any evidence now. If you tell the emperor, will he believe you?” Ning Yue said angrily.

Now, everyone in the world believed that the Prince of Qi and Prince Ning were on bad terms. If Jiang Ying jumped out and said that the two of them were working together to plot a rebellion, who would believe him?

“Then what should we do? Do we have to let them fight to prove it?” Jiang Ying asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry. As long as they have dealings with each other, they will definitely leave evidence. It won’t take a day to attack the Imperial City. They will definitely plan well. We just have to find their evidence before they do anything,” Ning Yue said.

She did not tell Jiang Ying that she had secretly installed a listening device and a pinhole monitor after entering the secret room.

Although she couldn’t take out those high-tech gadets, she could record the contents of their conversation or the letters they exchanged.

At that time, she would record the contents and what they were plotting and tell the emperor. Once it happened, it would be evidence.

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“What will you do if these two princes rebel?” Ning Yue asked.

“I don’t know what to do. If we have to fight, we’ll fight.” Whether to attack or not was also the emperor’s decision. The two generals, Prince Jin’s Residence and General Zhenbei, could only listen.

“By the way, I’ll bring Grandmother back first. Since we’ve already investigated this, it means that it won’t be too peaceful soon. It’ll be good for everyone if I bring Grandmother back to the palace,” Jiang Ying said.

“Okay, thank you,” Ning Yue told Jiang Ying happily.

“By the way, Yueyue, your cousin and second brother both want to become martial arts top scholars. Do you have any plans?” Jiang Ying asked.

Hearing Jiang Ying’s question, Ning Yue was stunned for a moment.

Prince Qi and Prince Ning wanted to rebel at this time. This was the easiest time for them to make contributions.

If they stayed in the capital now, they could develop their skills better.

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However, they were just ordinary people who were unfamiliar with the capital. Would those high-ranking officials ostracize them?

Seeing Ning Yue’s silence, Jiang Ying seemed to guess what she was thinking.

“Are you worried that it will be hard without anyone to take care of them?” Jiang Ying asked.

“Yes.” She didn’t try to hide it.

“Don’t forget that the General’s Residence is here. Who would dare to make things difficult for them? Just let General Ning speak.” Jiang Ying said.

Actually, Jiang Ying could directly get someone to take care of Liu Xuan and Erlang, but there were some things that he still hoped that Ning Yue would face herself.

For example, regarding the matter with the General’s Residence, he could tell that Ning Yue more or less wanted to escape.

“But I…” Ning Yue frowned. She had no intention of looking for Ning Feng.

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Just then, An Ning arrived.

“Yueyue, the General Residence has done so many things to let your mother and you down. He should have the responsibility to help your second brother and cousin!”

An Ning had said this as soon as she entered. Actually, she had wanted to mention this to Ning Yue when she returned.

However, she did not expect Ning Yue and Jiang Ying to be chatting about something important in the hall.

She did not mean to eavesdrop, nor would she publicize these things.

“Grandmother, is this really good?” Ning Yue asked with a frown.

If it was only Liu Xuan, it was still acceptable. After all, Liu Xuan was from her mother’s family.

But what about Second Brother? To the general’s residence, Second Brother was neither a relative nor a friend.

Would Ning Feng take care of Erlang? Ning Yue was uncertain.

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